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Senpai, Danjite Koidewa!1 min read

[HAREKAWA Shinta] Senpai, Danjite Koidewa!
[HAREKAWA Shinta] Senpai, Danjite Koidewa!
Artist: HAREKAWA Shinta
Language: English


Yanase has worked as a 3D CG designer all across the world. Now back in Japan, Yanase is training a newbie by the name of Kaneda Yuki. There’s only one issue, Kaneda is super unfriendly towards Yanase, leaving Yanase frustrated and disappointed. With a new project where they will have to work side by side, how can these two overcome their different personalities?

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We are a group of Fujoshi that translates Japanese Yaoi manga and translates Chinese BL novels. We strive to do our best while still having a fun time.

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It’s late but, thank you sooo much for the new project! This manga is so cute! ❤️❤️❤️

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