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Chapter 189 – The Ruse of Self-injury

After You XiaoMo repeated it so many times, Zhao DaZhou finally believed him.

Zhao DaZhou was giggling *hei hei* while holding the Six Winged Divine Tiger. He always thought that the possibility of him having a demon beast would be after a few hundred years.

For that opportunity to happen, he was to become a level six or level seven mage before his father would let him to do as he pleased, and then, he and his fellow disciples would leave the Tian Xin sect to go on an expedition. After that, he would finally be able to make a contract with his first demon beast, so it was totally unexpected for him that his Seventh-shidi would gave him this demon beast.

After he finished giggling for a long time, Zhao DaZhou suddenly thought of a question. He put both of his hands under the little Six Winged Divine Tiger’s arm, looking at the confused little demon beast, and asked, “Seventh-shidi, what is this little demon beast’s species, is it a low rank or a middle rank?”

You XiaoMo said without hesitation, “Isn’t it supposed to be a high level demon beast?” He even said low level, does he look like the type that would use a low-level demon beast to impress his senior?

Zhao DaZhou laughed at him, not believing his words, “You have a small body, how would you even manage to capture a high-level demon beast so easily? Don’t think that I know nothing, if this little demon beast is a species that was just born not too long ago, its parents would definitely be by its side.”

What he said was right, but……

You XiaoMo shrugged and said, “But it really is a high-level demon beast, ah…”

“Haha… I was only…” Zhao DaZhou wasn’t really clear about what he said, so after he laughed halfway, he stopped suddenly. He immediately turned his head so fast, it made You XiaoMo think that his head would come off, and then stared at him with wide eyes. “What did you just say?”

You XiaoMo repeated patiently, “I just said, it is a high-level demon beast.”

Zhao DaZhou immediately shook his head, “It’s wrong, you didn’t say it like that before.”

You XiaoMo, “Where did I say it wrong?”

Zhao DaZhou said, “Just a moment ago, you clearly said, but it really is a high-level demon beast, ah. I absolutely didn’t mishear that.”

You XiaoMo, “………” You deliberately want to find a fault, don’t you?

Zhou DaZhou didn’t notice his expression, he just stared at the little Six Winged Divine Tiger that he was holding, hardly believing it, and said, “Seventh-shidi, how did you get this high-level demon beast while no one else found it?”

You XiaoMo expected that he would ask about that, so he already prepared the excuse to answer him, “At the Paradise Realm, I encountered two demon beasts that were fighting intensely, then they both died, leaving only this little demon beast, so I just brought it with me.”

Zhao DaZhou showed a complicated emotion while looking at him, and said, “Your luck is really great.”

You XiaoMo laugh, “Now this luck is yours.”

Zhao DaZhou became silent for a while, and then opened his mouth and said, “I heard you contracted with a level eight Blue-blooded Wolf, why didn’t you take this high-level demon beast for yourself?”

You XiaoMo became awkward, what should he tell him, that he actually didn’t get PiQiu at the Paradise Realm? After he quickly thought of a reason, he explained, “This little demon beast was born less than a month ago, even if I took a contract with it, it hardly has any use to me for the time being. It is not as good as the Blue-blooded Wolf that can fight. You might not know, but I found many mature magic herbs thanks to this Blue-blooded Wolf.”

Matured magic herbs and the ones that were still growing were two different things, if he didn’t say that they were matured magic herbs, people would find out and come up to him, asking whether he had a field to grow those magic herbs.

Zhao DaZhou looked at him with half-believing eyes, watching him for a while until he believed that he didn’t lie, and then he admiringly fondled the little Six Winged Divine Tiger’s soft fur. “Since you say it like that, then I should accept it. Oh right, the thing that’s on top of his claw, is it its parent’s concentrated spirit?”

He had noticed it since before, the little demon beast had been holding the concentrated spirit tightly with its two paws. You XiaoMo nodded, “That is its mother’s concentrated spirit, if it can absorb this concentrated spirit, its early stage of cultivation should be higher than other demon beasts of its kind. By the way, you shouldn’t let other people know about this demon beast, by all means.”

Zhao DaZhou said, “Don’t worry, I know what I have to do.”

Since this little demon beast was too rare, You Xiaomo let him form a contract in his room because he had the experience of forming a contract several times, he could then guide him. Although the little demon beast is a high-level demon beast, its spirituality hasn’t developed yet. So even though the aura of a high level demon beast gives off an unusual pressure, for Zhao DaZhou, who’s already a third level mage, it was not a big problem at all.

Half an hour later, the contract was finally finished. Zhao DaZhou and the small demon beast’s bond is a life contract, so it takes longer, and they stayed for a while before leaving.

After sending Zhao DaZhou off, You XiaoMo tidied up his room briefly, and then he went into his dimensional space.

He already planted the magic herbs near he got at the Paradise Realm. In fact, most of them were Dipper herbs, and it has the ability to produce around a hundred seeds. Now that most of the seeds had fallen off, both of the Hidden Dipper stink bug were flying happily around the magic herb field.

You XiaoMo walked towards the lakeside and looked around. Aside from SheQiu and MaoQiu, who don’t really like water, the other two are at the lake playing around. He couldn’t help but getting a headache.

Come to think of it, the real reason he formed a contract with these demon beasts was so that he could get them help him from time to time. Such as watering the magic herbs with the diluted spirit water, and gathering the seeds. The magic herb seeds that he planted grew up at an incredible speed, and there were many of them, if he didn’t gather them for a while, it would piled up. He originally thought that these guys would help, but they were just lazing around.

You XiaoMo walked over, looking at SheQiu and MaoQiu who were lazing around, and then said to the two of them who were at the lake, “PiQiu, XiaoHei, didn’t I ask you to help me pick up the seeds? Why are both of you swimming in the lake instead?”

XiaoHei turned into a ruthless beautiful young boy, he rarely spoke and he often ignored him, just like now, even though he heard his words, he didn’t care, and just hid in the water.

PiQiu was better, he emerged from the lake, showing his white and tender face that looked like steamed buns,naively said, “XiaoHei and SheQiu said that it is your business, it has nothing to do with us.”

You XiaoMo’s delicate and pretty face suddenly darkened.

XiaoHei splash out from the water, staring at his face, and said, “Idiot, do you want to get spanked?”

PiQiu got scared, and immediately dived into the water.

You XiaoMo became angry, no matter what anyone said, he was the one who raised PiQiu until he grew up, although it was only for a few months, he already considered PiQiu as his own family. He didn’t expect that XiaoHei would deceive PiQiu.

There were many magic herb seeds, and he usually was busy so he didn’t have time to collect it. Even if he asked them to help, it was a task that wouldn’t take too much time. They played water, slept, and lazed around in the space, yet they didn’t have time to help him pick up the seeds?

He didn’t know why, but You XiaoMo suddenly felt so irritated.

As if responding to his feeling, the space that was peaceful before, suddenly blew a strong wind, the blue sky turned dark and thundered instantly, along with lightning that lit over half of the sky, the gloomy space suddenly became oppressive.

This phenomenon immediately woke SheQiu and MaoQiu who were taking a nap at the lakeside. XiaoHei and PiQiu who were inside the water also came out from the water, going back to the lakeside, and looking at the sky along with SheQiu. They guessed that it had some connection with You XiaoMo’s body.

You XiaoMo didn’t realize it at first, he only started to realized it after there were few lightning sounds. His irritable mood suddenly turned into a scared one. He looked around blankly, everything around him was blown upside down. After a while he suddenly remembered and he ran towards the magic herb field, and after he saw that all magic herbs were planted securely on the field, he suddenly relieved.

The four beasts didn’t say anything, but they could vaguely guess what happened.

PiQiu looked at his master’s figure from behind, and then looked at XiaoHei, SheQiu, and MaoQiu. He then shook his body of the water drops, then his two little legs ran off towards his master.

“Master, I’ll come to help you.”

You XiaoMo turned back to see the baby PiQiu hurried to come to his side, compared to the time he couldn’t walk after transforming, this was really an improvement, he can’t help but laugh, “PiQiu is a good kid, I didn’t spend the several thousand of gold coin to buy you mutton for nothing.”

PiQiu grinned instantly, revealing two rows of baby teeth. His spirituality formed early, so he knew that his master was really good to him.

Both of the master and servant looked at each other and giggled for a moment, and then began picking up the seeds.

Both of them worked together continuously, each of them carried a magic bag and each worked on one block of the magic herb field. No matter if the seeds were good or bad, they put it into the bag. The mood was so comfortable, as if nobody could get in between them.

When You XiaoMo was just about to pick up a seed, he suddenly felt that there were three more breaths. He turned his head to one side and saw that the cold-faced XiaoHei was squatting on the magic herb field beside him. One of his hands was holding the magic bag, while the other hand was picking up the seeds that fell on the ground. In front of him was SheQiu’s lazy figure and MaoQiu’s silent figure.

He took a glance and then withdrew his gaze, bowing his head, the corner of his mouth slowly curving up. What a bunch of awkward guys, made him have to use this “self-injury” ruse.

However, the change in the space was really unexpected. He himself didn’t realize it, but the space changing to follow his mood was greatly beyond his expectations.


UPDATED: After a few hours of dedicated researching ( googling, I mean), turn out “fragrance insect” is stink bug. Thus we shall use a new term for both the herb and the beast.

Dipper herb : previously translated as seven star herb.

Hidden Dipper stink bug: previously translated Seven star hidden fragrance insect.

The “seven star” here is in astronomical term, not as in the ranking system, in English, the seven star is known as Big Dipper. We decided to change the name so as not to be confused with the ranking, and these beasts will play an important role later.

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