Coming Soon

No pun intended on the title…well…maybe just a little bit.

Just to keep everyone in the loop, we have added two new translators to our group for our Chinese novels.

A big welcome to Rikko and Fei. Congrats you two for passing our translator test.

These two have decided on their novels, and soon, very soon, we will have two new BL stories out for everyone to read.

Where Rikko’s story is tame, Fei’s is not so much.

Be prepared for these releases. We are getting excited to see everyone’s reactions to them as well. 😀


Happy 6 Months~
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27 thoughts on “Coming Soon

  1. Oooo 😍excellent Welcome Welcome Rikko & Fei 😁and thanks in advance 🙏💖I’m so excited it’s like SURPRISE A present no 2 presents BOOM 🎁🎁HAPPINESS EXPLOSION🎆 🎉I’ll throw my ⏰out the window just for you 💞I love this kind of surprise 😋🍭 (licks lips rubs hands together & creepily laughs) thank you for the presents I can’t wait to open them and tell consequence to💋My 😇

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