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Sorry, all spots have been taken.


Hey everyone,

Discord will be open for a limited time to the public. It will only be open for 6 hours and only 50 people are allowed to join. If you guys want to join, then hurry and be quick!

These 50 people will be a 2nd test group to see how it goes with normal everyday fans who do not support us on Patreon. Please read our rules and be nice. Remember to talk and comment in the chats, if you do not do so for 7 days, you will be KICKED from the server.

Just to let you guys know, our discord does not prerelease any chapters of manga or the novels, it is solely for chatting about the novels and anything BL. Sometimes I will do teasers on a new novel I am working on, but if you are looking for chapters not on the site, you will need to become a paying Patreon member.

See you guys there!

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