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Today may be our one year anniversary as a group, and we will be celebrating later with a lot of special releases, but I wanted to share something with everyone first.

I had the pleasure of getting an email from a fan this last week that really spoke to me. She wrote to us to encourage US because she had seen all the stuff we went through on our Tumblr. After we shut down the Discord, she wanted to let us know how much we meant to her.

As I said before, these fans are the ones that keep us going. However, within our emails back and forth, there was a message that I wanted to let everyone know of.

This was my statement to her, and just like us, I know there are many others out there that need the same encouragement.


Thank you for the love. I’m going to get a little personal, so bare with me.

Addis here, by the way. Most of us within the group battle depression and anxiety.

There are a lot of times where I have thought that maybe, just maybe, no one would care if I just didn’t exist anymore.

When I was 14, I tried killing myself for the first time because I felt like I didn’t fit in anywhere and that no one would care if I was gone. Luckily, my sister caught me before I swallowed the handful of pills I had in my hand. I don’t know how long I stared at those pills in my palm before I finally decided just to take them.

After that moment, when my sister caught me, I was able to see exactly who cared about me and who didn’t. It’s sad to say it was an eye opener even though I was only 14.

The second time was when I was 16 and no one stopped me then. I apparently took too little and just had a major stomach ache for days. >.<

During those years after I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I was told to try to find an outlet that would help with calming my nerves and sorting out everything in my head. (I tend to think too much and micromanage everything.)

One of the outlets I found was reading, and of course, I went back to the manga I had stopped paying attention to. Reading, and seeing another world through the eyes of someone else’s imagination was, to me, something that created wonder and a calming atmosphere. I would find myself binge reading manga and novels to the point that I could sit in the same spot for almost 8 hours without moving. (Later found out that it wasn’t actually a good thing, but hey, it kept me sane. XD)

I managed to bring my depression under control with therapists, medication, reading and making that one friend in life who doesn’t care whether I’m crazy or not. She’s happy with who I am.

I’m not saying any of this to make you feel bad for me or for yourself, but I AM saying this to let you know, you are not alone. There is always someone out there that will reach out a hand to you even when you feel your feet sinking in the sand.

I know how hard both anxiety and depression are to control. Even though I’m 25, I still have my moments where everything gets to me and I just don’t even want to get out of bed.

But, when I was 24, I made a leap of faith and asked to join a new scan group to help with cleaning. I was accepted and, after finding out how much I loved it, I created Exiled Rebels.

Somehow, I’m not even sure how, I gained so many volunteers who wanted to help me start out. First we were only five and then, now, a year later, we’ve become a massive thirty five with two separate sections of translators.

Each and everyone of the girls (and guys) within my group have taught me something. Even when we are running behind schedule, even when our real lives are so hectic we don’t even want to talk, there is something I tell all of them.

Don’t give up.

Giving up is an ending. It’s you admitting defeat, not to just what you’re working on, but you’re giving up on yourself. So please, and this comes from my heart, don’t give up. Start with baby steps to get whatever you may be working on started again.

I know it sounds lame, but each step forward is a step toward a goal. No matter what that goal may be, create one. Maybe have one for the first month of something really easy and increase it until you can get back up on your feet (figuratively and literally).

I see your (and everyone else’s) comments everywhere and I read each and every one of them.

Tumblr was closed down because it was bringing back my anxiety and depression. Now, our discord as well is being shut down for the same reason.

To my group, I am the backbone, the foundation, and if I crumbled, so would the entire group. I do not want that, so I am distancing myself from the negativity of those two worlds.

Thank you so much for the love and support, it has been noticed.

Don’t give up, keep fighting.


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We are a group of Fujoshi that translates Japanese Yaoi manga and translates Chinese BL novels. We strive to do our best while still having a fun time.

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Thank you for sharin this encouragement words. Thanks for keep fighting. Happy anniversary to the group, thanks for all the hard work. Kisses


Reading this few days after my graduation. I dont know I need this until I read it. Thankyou so much for your encouragement. It means a lot for me. I hope thing goes well for both of us 🙂 You’ve worked hard and You’re an awesome person.


Thank you.
I’m not eloquent, so,I’ll just say that many times books have kept me going. Just the fear that I’ll never be able to read the next chapter, book, or sequel makes me get up in the morning.
So arigato & gambatte. 😏


Happy Anniversary! ……I’m not the type of person who give encouragement….becuz’ I don’t know what to say. Loll. ( Hesitate a bit to type something xD ) Actually I’m not sure whether I should comment something or not becuz’ there already a lot people who comment all the thing that I want to say but I think I should just comment. At least you guys think like ‘Ohhhhhhh 10000000000000000000000000000000000+ people are care about us!’ something like that. (*slam my face to the table* wth am I saying….) I think that will encourage(?) you guys to never give up. ….That’s all.… Read more »


Damnit xD I thought it a short comment. If I knew, I should just comment ‘happy anniversary’.


It may be nothing, but I am really happy I stumbled upon your Tumblr at the beginning of december. with your passion and irony you all rekindled my love for mangas.
thank you all very, very much


happy anniversary & thank you for all your hard work. lets just hope that the negativity from the other places doesn’t move here. I hope you guys continue for a long long time.


Thank you for sharing your story and thoughts on such a difficult topic. It takes great courage to open up and share your story which I’m sure will have a ripple effect in helping many others.
Thank you for being the backbone of this wonderful escalation group. I want to thank you and every member of this group for commitment, time and love in bringing BL stories and manga to the English fans! I hope the Exiled Rebels group and website will continue to thrive in a positive and understanding environment. Here’s to many more anniversaries to come!


Happy anniversary! Thank you for the hard work you have gone through in one year of making the ExR group. You and your staff are all awesome and hard working people, making fans all over the world happy with your translation. Take one step time at a time. Don’t be discourage over negative comment you read. Stay strong because only you can make yourself happy. I really appreciate your courage to write down a bit of your life story here. 🙂


Happy anniversary and thank you so much for your hard work~


This site is a monument to the human spirit. ExR, you guys are amazing. To gather and inspire this huge network of support is, in itself, a major accomplishment. You should all be proud of yourselves of everything you’ve built so far. It will always be exist in the minds and hearts of your readers, so stand tall


I’m really happy to read your works every time and I thank you very much for creating this site to continue and that I can be one of those who are allowed to be here!!


Thank you for your hard work translating all these novels and manga. Thanks also for the message in this post…And of course, Happy Anniversary to you all!!! 😙😙😙


Thank you for bravely sharing your story. I’m sure it will help someone, somwhere


Thanks for all your hard work! Happy anniversary and many more. Stay strong and know that many people care!


i know i had similar experience but it happened recently for me when i was 19 now i am 24 reading is the only thing now where i smile like before whenever i feel like doing something extreme i prepared a chart on my wall i write starting date of the feeling then make a quest kinda thing like if within 30 days i will start counting numbers for everytime i feel like dying so if reach 100 i will do it since i forget the number i start from 1 again n it never reaches hundred thats how i… Read more »


Thank you for this. Tgis made me think about my family, my parents and my little sister, and my best friend. This you for writing this.


Thank you for sharing your work with us and for continuing to do so despite the disheartening stuff that you face, not only in real life, but also in the platforms that you previously used. Your releases are doses of happiness that people look forward to at the end of a long day. Again, thank you so much to all the members! Stay strong and take care always!


thank you so much for your hard work, you have no idea how much I appreciate you guys, I had a very hard time last year and your scans brought me so much happiness


Thank you, I suffer from depression, it’s been years already, and reading helps me going in a happy space every day 🙂


I don’t know what happened on tumblr, but glad you can still stick to message of not giving up. Thank you. Fighting!


Love you guys so much!!! Know that not only have you guys helped me with so much (from screenshot chats to original works to scanlating mangas). Your words are an actual lift to somebody who suffers the same fate. I stay away from sm as much as possible as well. It’s never a good place to stay. So whatever keeps you healthy, keep them/those close. Whatever gives you cancer, discard them. You guys don’t need garbage. Keep safe and stay golden guys!!!! 🙂🙂🙂


Happy Anniversary!
Thank you for all that you do!
Take care! 🙂

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