ExR Rant

We have a little rant going on in ExR chat right now. 

We know that it won’t change anything by posting it, but we just want to get it off our chests so we can move on. 


We will WARN you when they do contain such scenes. If you read too much into the translations and make ASSUMPTIONS it ruins the entire story. 

Because you know what they say, right? 

If you ASSUME it makes an ASS out of U and ME. 

And please, please, if you do not know Japanese, do not “read” the raws. Because then you think you know what’s going on and then some are posting “spoilers” (which most of the time aren’t even the truth) ruining it for others. This sometimes makes it so that people stop reading the translations completely.

 PLEASE just keep it to yourself. 

If others want the raws, they’ll find it themselves. And “read” it themselves. There’s no reason to ruin a story for others by thinking you know what’s going to happen when it’s false.

They are novels and manga, we translate them how we got them. If you have a problem with it, go learn the language yourself and read it in truth that way. 

Sorry for the rant. 

Adding to the rant:

 I was actually really mad when I saw the first person comment about how it was pedophillia for Bentou. I mean, it’s not like he did anything to Heita, and he never jerked off to the image of Heita until he was like 14. 

Heck, their first time wasn’t even until he was almost 21! If they still want to call this pedophillia, then they need to go read some major shota. And, hell, maybe we are all pedophilles, because, seriously, who hasn’t looked at a cute child and squealed in their heart because they are so adorable. 

That’s all Miharu did. He never took action. Ever. 
Pedopillia is defined as a sexual attraction towards prepubescent children, by 14 years of age a person is no longer a prepubescent child, but a teenager, the correct term for the attraction to people past puberty is ephebophillia. 

 Now, it’s not that ephebophillia is something that totally should be accepted, but I do feel it is necessary to make the distinction that a teenager is not on the same level as a kid, and many teenagers do experiment with sex as early as 14 and even before that, just mostly with each other, or by themselves, and not with adults since this turns into the pedo range.
And then there is rape. Rape is defined as unlawful sexual activity and sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against the will of a person who is beneath a certain age or incapable of valid consent. Rape is not the same as sexual assault. 

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13 thoughts on “ExR Rant

  1. So totally true… If you don’t want to read this kind of novel just leave, you don’t have to post hate messages….. rude behavior are not welcome here.. only 😍

  2. I hope the people talking shit will be gone soon or mend their way.You do a great job and most of us appreciate that you give us the chance to read awesome stories that otherwise we wouldn’t have hear of.Keep it up😊😊😊😊

  3. Ugh. People who say i “read the Raws but i don’t understand but so and so happens.” Well if u didn’t understand it how do you know what happened? Or the ones who assume stuff about a manga from chapter 1 and insist on posting it like it’s the gospel truth. Ugh i could go on.

  4. Huhu.. Its can’t be help..
    That kinda people could be anywhere…
    They’re just like that.. Even if they’re not made comments they will still curse.. Haha.. They like to make some assuming about something even they’re didn’t understand a thing or anything.. Just like or love to make themselves look kinda “smart”??? Maybe.. Yeah.. Maybe that what they”re think..

    Ugghhh aghh I still need to learn how to writing what I want to say in English 😓😹😆😂
    I think this comment didnt really said what I want to say or mean.. Lol


  5. should also add:
    “And please, please, if you do not know Japanese/Chinese, do not “read” the raws”.(since some novel is chinese.)

  6. I’m so sorry the ongoing discourse has reached you guys too. There’s been a lot of upheavals in the anime and manga fandoms and its getting ridiculous, with some cases leading to stalking, divulging private information, and even attacks on fan artists who drew something a vocal minority disapproved of. You should not be blamed for the content of your translations. You are very gracious in providing localizations for free, and you should not have to suffer because of it. People should have enough sense to monitor what they consume. If they see something they don’t like, they should stop reading and go elsewhere- not kill the messengers. A lot of the complaints I’ve seen comes from cultural misunderstandings. I honestly think that some people really just want to feel superior by acting out over fictional ‘social injustices’ and I’m very sorry to hear this kind of thing has made its way to you guys.

    However you choose to proceed, I support you guys. Please take care of yourselves and try not to take vicious comments too seriously. You’re doing wonderful work and I appreciate all that you guys do ❤

  7. For those kind of people

    Maybe they could make some wa*tpad account or such, and then make their own doujinshi for whatever novel / manga they said it contains rape or pedo…

    Then we will see, if those dj worth enough for read🤔

  8. Just turn off the comments section or something Addis. Honestly I really don’t get it. If you don’t like something then don’t read and “support” it. I don’t read yuri or bara but that’s my personal preference, as soon as I see them in the tag I close it.
    If the age of consent in one’s country is >21yrs then don’t read porn with younger individuals. Just close the page and move on.
    With regard to bentou, those ladies haven’t seen real hardcore shota. I don’t remember seeing Miharu doing anything to Heita as a child. He simply fell in love with him (if it was even that far and not simple adoration). I don’t support pedophilia or rape but I like to look at the situation fully.

    P.S. Ling Xiao and Momo first time was hot xD

    1. Thank you for agreeing! I have even had several people from here claim that LMW is pedo and rape. As far as I know, we only have two translations that fit either of those categories, and that is Seishun Kinema and Sickly Tyrannical. No others even come close to being considered either.

      1. While I can understand the reasoning behind it being rape (not that I agree), but isn’t Momo 18/19 yrs old? Frankly, the setting for this series is also something like Ancient China, I wont say that I know much about China but weren’t individuals allowed to marry from 13 up? I remember a few hetero romance stories where the female MC gets married at about 13-15 and I don’t recall anyone complaining. Most of those stories have MCs that are about 12-16 with the male lead being 17 and older. I really don’t get how people see LMW as pedo. This whole thing is being blown out of proportion.

  9. Thank you for your rant (is it even relevant to thank you ?? ) but I do agree with you, I’m so pissed when someone say ling xiao aka boss rape xiao momo.. The hell are you saying?? Is his brain damaged or something??? Omg, this people call this and that rape to insult the author and translator. Give them your middle finger . thank you for your hard work for delivering us good story and awesome manga

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