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Chapter 55: “I’m your neighbor.”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


“Brother.” Mo Song greeted. “And Brother Pili and Brother Yingqi, why are you here too?”

“Hey, you kid, obviously I asked first, why are you asking back?” Mo Zhu nonchalantly slapped the back of Mo Song’s head and told him to answer first.

Mo Song already knew the origin of Mo Zhu and Ji Yingqi’s game quota yesterday, and exclaimed that the luck pin was not poked. At the same time, he was quite happy to play the game with his older brother, added them as game friends at that time, and he also knew that several of them knew Bai Li’s real identity.

“I asked Li Bai for a live license, so I thought I’d come over and thank him, give him his gift money back, and help him with his work. I noticed that the land in Li Bai’s yard isn’t yet fully tilled!” After saying this, Mo Song saw three strange expressions. “…What’s wrong? Why are you guys looking at me like that?”

“Haha!” It was Xiong Pili who was the first to speak out. “Then you really thought of the same thing as us! We also came here on purpose to help Mr. Bai clean up his land, but we ran into you. There aren’t a lot of people online, so it’s all for nothing. Isn’t that right, Bamboo? Chatterbox?”

Ji Yingqi’s game name was ‘I’m not a chatterbox,’ but when shouting at people, the five words were too long, so finally after Xiong Pili and Mo Zhu discussed it, they decided to call him ‘Chatterbox.’ This result almost made Ji Yingqi angry. He went to great lengths to get this name, but the result was good, and the name ‘Chatterbox’ directly threw it on his head. When Xiong Pili named him at this time, he only spat out the word “hmm” at him lightly and didn’t have a strong desire to speak.

Mo Song and Ji Yingqi weren’t familiar with each other. In reality, they had only met each other in passing. However he knew this was Ji Yinqi’s nature, and didn’t feel that there was something wrong. Even if, in his heart, he also secretly wondered why Ji Yingqi created a name like this. Even if he did not specifically say it, they also know that he wasn’t a talker so this was not superfluous.

After he learned that his idea had actually collided with his brother’s, Mo Song couldn’t help but look at the competition, and secretly wondered if he should come over early tomorrow to squat. In short, he couldn’t be robbed of the opportunity to help by his own brother. At most, they can share equally! It just so happens that Xiong Pili also had such an intention.

Since Bai Li wasn’t online, the four people did not stay in front of his home any more. They chatted for a while and then dispersed. It was so hard to get a spot in the game, how could they waste their time on meaningless chats?


Bai Li, who had been offline for a while, didn’t know what was happening at his doorstep. After he got offline, he left the gaming pod with Supreme in his arms, or more appropriately, dragged him out. Since the end of last month, Supreme suddenly grew a lot. His body was no longer small, and he was growing even faster than the wind.

It had only been a few days and Bai Li felt like he’d gotten a whole lot bigger. In the long run, taking Supreme into the gaming pod would be a little inappropriate. He was worried about Supreme’s growth and development, and to say some unpleasant words…Bai Li thought it was getting too crowded.

“I’ve heard before that ‘big orange is important’, 1 how come in the Interstellar era, this phenomenon continues to happen? Is it possible that I let Supreme eat too well?” Bai Li lowered his head and pinched the flesh of Supreme’s chin, and then quietly pinched himself around the waist. The former was soft and warm, but the latter was…Only a little flesh could be pulled up, and the word ‘fat’ was not right.

They were eating the same meal in two different forms, so Bai Li concluded that he had a thin body, and Supreme, this kitty, had a fat body.

It was really the genes!

Bai Li couldn’t remember clearly if the Warm Light Beast that his colleagues fed in the immortal world ate as easily, and got as fat as Supreme.

No matter if they were fat cats or thin cats, if they could help to nourish plants. They were good cats.

“Meow?” Supreme was squinting to enjoy the human’s touch, but found that the other suddenly stopped the movement of his hands. He could not help but reach out his claws and paws to pull the human’s hand, brought them to his body, and urged him to continue to scratch his chin.

For the human’s intentions, he was even more unaware. He didn’t know that he couldn’t continue to stay in the gaming pod, and lie next to the human as he slept only a little distance away. Fortunately, because of his sudden cuteness, it not only let Bai Li scratch his chin again, but also temporarily put the idea of not letting him into the gaming pod out of his head.

Bai Li quietly reached out and measured, now Supreme’s size exceeded the length of his lower arm, and he weighed about ten kg 2. If he were to wait for Supreme to grow any longer, say to grow to the length of his whole arm, and his weight to increase five to ten kg more, then if he were to refuse him entry to the gaming pod, it might be too late.

If Supreme didn’t grow that length, it was even better, and they could keep their status quo.

After he teased Supreme for a little while longer, Bai Li went into the bathroom to wash up. After washing up and changing into comfortable pajamas, he lazily nestled in bed and used his optical computer to access the Starnet.

In the morning, he posted an announcement on the official website of Carefree Farmstead to recruit anchors, and wondered if any players would sign up after a day and half. Soon after this thought was raised, he was surprised by the dense flood of applications on the registration page. The list was at the bottom and there were more than 500 people who signed up, which was one tenth of the total number of players in the game.

However, when Bai Li clicked on a few applications, he found that not only the players in the game, but also cloud players who didn’t get a spot in the game, had signed up to be anchors of Carefree Farmstead.

[Let me do it! I play the game Thief 6. As long as LiLi is willing to give me a game slot, I’ll live 24/7. It doesn’t matter, I prepare my own gaming pod nutrition!]

[I heard that Carefree Farmstead is actually recruiting anchors. I left behind the audience in the live room to sneak in. As long as LiLi is willing to use me, I can pay 50% of the game usage fee. Shy.jpg blushing.jpg heartwarming.jpg]

[Gosh, is this some new way to get a spot in the game? Although there’s only three spots, but what if…LiLi, LiLi I want to sign up ~ (づ ̄3 ̄) づ]

[Hello, designer of Carefree Farmstead, I have already signed up, my application number is XXXX. I hope you pass my application directly and send me a game quota. I hope you let me pass, otherwise, I will kneel down and beg you! TAT (Please, I’m really ready to cry)!]

Bai Li didn’t know who started it, but all those who came to apply to be an anchor after that actually thought that they would get a game slot for nothing after being hired. Fortunately, this was only a small rumor. If more people had heard about it, the applications would be reduced to a second opinion book.

Bai Li quickly modified the rules for hiring game hosts, and set the background to require those who wanted to register already have a game account. After that, he checked the application forms of those who weren’t real players of the game with one click and returned them all directly with a loving encouragement, and wished them success in grabbing a game slot next time.

After this was done, the number of players who came to apply for being an anchor was only about thirty. Bai Li breathed a light sigh of relief and began to look at them in order.

The main thing he looked at was the reasons for these people’s applications. More specifically, what content they intended to broadcast. Now there were already two anchors in the game. Mo Song live was the daily game, and what content he would broadcast was broad, but a competing broadcast wasn’t good. Song Xinran was a novice cook, and could cover barely half of the food section. In Bai Li’s opinion, the food section wasn’t just a little content, it was better to have a host who could complement Song Xinran.

After a selection process, there were exactly three applicants whose reasons for applying were noted in his mind. When he looked at the applicants’ game names, he raised his eyebrows and saw that one of them was someone he knew directly, another one he had heard of, and the last one was the type of person he had thought would complement Song Xinran.

He had good luck this evening.

He contacted these three people one by one.

[Hello, is it convenient to explain specifically what ‘In Game Live-Broadcasting Treasure Hunting’ means? What kind of treasure is being sought?]

The other side quickly came back.

Heart’s Jade, [Game designer, LiLi? LiLi, you asked me what kind of treasure I’m looking for in the game, and it’s all kinds of fun and interesting things! The weeds in the wasteland, the stones on the roadside, the different shapes of the tree branches, they all have their own lovely places. I believe that in the game Carefree Farmstead, they are not useless, maybe one day, they will play a great role! And what I want to do live, is to find them through my eyes, and then collect them well, and wait for the day when they are needed in the game!]

Bai Li, “…” How could he forget how this girl behaved in the game? Would someone who could buy ten lockers in one go on the second day of the game be someone who played the game honestly? No way.

I get it. Wasn’t this her hoarding instinct?

Although he didn’t know where this girl got so much confidence, as an Agricultural Deity with unlimited capacity storage space, Bai Li actually understood. Who didn’t like to have a large number of supplies in their hands? Hadn’t he also hoarded a lot of big pots of rice? Oh no, should be called □ □ heart hall food…3

In short, the good things were not too much.

[Hello, I am indeed the designer of this game. I think I probably understand what you mean, which is to hoard everything you feel necessary, right? I think your idea is quite interesting. If you have no other comments, we can first sign a short-term contract. The game’s use fee is 5%, taste sync and smell sync can only be opened 30%. Do you have any comments on this point?]

[Li Li, you really want to choose me? I’m just applying for a trial. I don’t have any experience in anchoring. Will this be a waste of this spot? Finger.jpg]

Jiang Huaibi was happy at first and thought it was amazing that she was chosen. But after being happy, especially since Bai Li proposed that she could sign a contract directly, she suddenly lost confidence. She suspected that the idea would arise only from her own momentary interest. Perhaps after the initial impulse, she would have little enthusiasm for live streaming. In this way, in turn, Bai Li’s good intentions would be wasted.

Bai Li saw what she replied and smiled, saying, [It’s okay. Everyone starts with no experience. Just think of it as playing another game in the game for a while. If you still don’t like it, come talk to me and I’ll re-recruit a new anchor.]

The designer’s tone was so gentle that Jiang Huaibi felt her teenage heart fluctuate slightly and her worries were slightly calmed. Since the words had already come to this point, she was not going to continue to resist, so she gritted her teeth and accepted the job. When the contract was signed and the dust had settled, the conversation between them came to a standstill.

In front of the screen, Jiang Huaibi looked at the quiet dialog box and licked her lips unconsciously, feeling that she had to say something more. Should she say, ‘Thank you for your attention, and may you always be rich?’ Or should she say, ‘Boss, you’re a great guy, I’ll be your true fan forever?’

Jiang Huaibi shook her head and put these two mindless words behind her, choosing the simplest way to end the chat, [Thanks LiLi, can I thank you in person if I have the chance later? ^_^]

After sending this sentence, Jiang Huaibi was relieved that she thought the other side would send a “No thanks, it’s just a small thing” or something like that, and then they could end the conversation naturally.

The other person was typing…

[No thank you.]

That’s it, one more sentence and it’s over!

[There’s no need to say thank you, but we should see each other more often after that.]

Hmm? What’s going on, what does that mean? Jiang Huaibi was stuck in her head, unable to react otherwise.

The other side followed with another sentence.

[I’m your neighbor, Li Bai. ^_^]

Jiang Huaibi, “…”

Jiang Huaibi, “!!!???”


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Translator Notes:

  1. probably a reference to Garfield
  2. 22 pounds
  3. This was censored in the raws so the meaning is ???


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