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Some of you might have already seen that someone else has released their version of chapter 19. They later contacted us to ask if they should stop, which we have asked them to do, since there are so many other novels that are still untranslated that they could be working on instead of creating multiple versions of the same novel. Whether they do or don’t, our dear K isn’t satisfied with their translation of GDC, which refers a lot to ancient poetry, and will not hand GDC over to them. So worry not, we will keep translating it.

With Love,
Exiled Rebels

GDC Chapter 18
GDC Chapter 19

29 thoughts on “GDC Announcement

  1. phew — whenever I see the word announcement next to the novel name I am always getting prepared for bad news…but this time you made me happy! Thanks for deciding to continue translating and doing great work (at translating)!!

  2. I was really prepared for the worst but then you said you’re not gonna drop or hand it over, made me ecstatic. Please, strictly no drama. Hahahaha

    P.S.: hoping for you to allow her upload her remaining translated chapters of GDC for the luuvs. Hahahahahaha pretty please? πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  3. That’s weird, why would other translator suddenly barged into this novel , trying claim a place? It’s not like you’re on hiatus or something.
    Was it someone new to the scene?

  4. That kinda like pain.. If u really hand over the project.. . Cuz that mean I need to go back there and here just for read my favorites novel. .. Uhhhh that’s pain in ass 😡😭😫

    Sooo I’m so glad u didn’t do it. Useless the situation that make us didn’t had other choice.

    Beside my bookmarks will overfilled πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

    And we readers would need to adapt again with their style or and their schedule update.. . LoL

  5. Whoops that’s a relief. I want to avoid seeing another drama as much as possible and I’m already in love and highly satisfied with your translation. Thanks for not giving up and have a nice day!

  6. Thanks for continuing the novel! I feel emotionally invested in this story already and love your group’s work so I’d be super sad if it was dropped half way lol.

  7. Is this the revised online version of the novel? Looks like it by the way the chapters are structured. There are 3 versions as far as I know- original (oldest), revised and printed 4-book Traditional Chinese (newest). Latter two are almost but not completely identical in main text. Greater differences in extra/special chapters. So, strictly speaking, each version may be translated and be different.

    1. Look, we didn’t even know they were translating it until we got that email asking us what we’d like them to do. We can’t force them to do anything. If you want to read their version, you can, but you might get confused if you read ours too because they are using the oldest version and there were big changes between versions. I’m just sad because they could be bringing an unknown series to the english fans, including me. Instead, I get to read really hurtful and untrue comments.

      1. Didn’t mean anything other than pointing out there are a few versions. Like you’ve said, significant changes- between the online original and online revised. and minor changes between online revised and printed books.

        I’ve already read all the versions in Chinese that I could find, including buying the books on Taobao and having them shipped to US. Shipping cost almost the same as the books.

        What you are doing is great! This is a really good story. Thank you.

    2. What’s this great difference on the special chapters? Is there any scenes added in the revised vers?
      If so, i’m so glad that ExR use the latest version to translate
      And for K and Addis, thank you for standing up to maintain the good quality^^
      I havent checked in here for a week and totally missed the announcemet, so relieved it wasnt a hiatus notice fyuuh
      Is this why the next chap comes a bit later than usual?

      You’re so right I can give that translator a list of dozen chinese bl novels need translation so bad lol

      1. Between original and revised. Two long chapters were added. Off hand I can think of the lead-up to 3 major events were changed.

        Between revised and printed. Corrected typos. A few sentences were rewritten, a few added, and a few removed. The books were printed in Taiwan. Nothing was censored. (Things got pretty wild near the end and in the special/extra chapters.) Printed version has one more special/extra chapter.

      2. Aside from reasons mentioned by keekeepod (thank you, by the way), one can only obtain either the revised or printed version using the “legal” method, aka. paying the author. Seeing that the other translator used the original version, which is not available online anymore, they are probably using a txt file/some other borderline legal source. As a hardcore fan, when I translate, I do buy all of the chapters off JJWXC, and I do believe that this is the right thing to do. If the translator is using a txt file, that may be an issue for them, because the file might have been created a long time ago, before the “special chapters” were added (which was some time last summer). The most important issue, however, is whether you’d see the scene in Chapter 69, since it wasn’t included in the original.

  8. Didn’t you guys take this project from another translator? The other guy was already on chapter 11 when ExR poached the project.

    1. Hi there, you clearly didn’t read Enxiao’s Homepage, but here’s a recap of what happened with GDC :
      1 – We didn’t know someone was translating GDC when our translator started it.
      2 – Once a fan made us aware of it, we looked them up and noticed they were okay with someone else picking it up.
      3 – We then contacted them to let them know.
      4 – We received their approval and thus kept translating it.
      PS : We kept translating from the beginning since MTL will never be as accurate as a real translation and, as stated before, GDC refers a lot to ancient poetry, which would be lost using MTL.

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