GDC Chapter 94.5

Hey everyone, this isn’t actually a chapter, but we are letting you know that there was a mix-up up in our raws for chapter 94, and for those 9000 people who read it, we are letting you know to go back and re-read chapter 94 so you can go into chapter 95 with the correct version of chapter 94.

We are sorry for the mix up. K left a translator’s note at the end of 94 explaining the situation. We will be back with chapter 95 on Saturday , January 26th, 2019. PST (LA Time)

GDC Chapter 94
GDC Chapter 95

79 thoughts on “GDC Chapter 94.5

  1. I dont know about chapter 94 but I do know (and I think I’m repeating myself here) that chapter 95 is edited and some major parts were cut out.

    I’ve found those parts in the comments, so it didnt really bother me but I thought it might be nice to have a complete chapter in the right order.

  2. Omg thank you! It was the best thing ever! I read it yesterday and I decided to take a look at chapter 94.5 but before that, I refreshed chapter 94 and I found out I didn’t remember reading some of the things that happened so i was confused and asked if I had lost my memory then I checked chapter 94.5 and confirmed that there have been changes. It’s like reading a new chapter again haha. Thank you very much for all of your efforts translating it! More power to your scanlations!

  3. You don’t even need to explain yourselves but thank you for always considering your readers even with understandable mistakes. Love yoir dedication! Thank you for your hard work and extra extra effort 💞

  4. Can someone explain to me what is happening? 🙁 all the smut/erotic scenes won’t happen anymore? And this rule affects just BL or it affects novel with hetero main couple as well?

  5. this story is totally interesting and catchy.. i am hoping for a faster update in this story.. its a master piece.. thank you for the hard work….

  6. I can’t wait till ch. 95, sooo cute. Hope nothing gets cut out. Thank you so much for your hard work! Special thanks to K. Just love your translations!

  7. Someone explain me please. All the erotic material of this fantastic novel is going to be cut out in the traslation??!!!!

    1. In the summary it says smut with receipt so I don’t think the smut will be cut out. But let’s just wait and see. I also hope the smut won’t be cut out I.e. won’t be censored because I want to read the uncensored version.

  8. Thank you

    No need to apologize. You are very professional. As all the other comments, I hope the hot and eroctic scenes will not be cut or censured….

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