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Chapter 98: Hatred (Part One)

Translated by K of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Bringing Wen Ning with him, Wei WuXian dashed straight towards the Guanyin Temple inside the city. During the day, he and Lan WangJi had already searched the area. They’d originally planned to examine the place more carefully and break the array in the temple to see which creature was sealed there, whether it’d help in dealing with Jin GuangYao or not. However, he slept all the way until seven in the evening, and that kind of thing happened afterwards. Naturally, the plan fell through.

Currently, Wei WuXian felt discontent in every way possible, which was why he came to search for trouble with Jin GuangYao in the middle of the night.

All was quiet. The household lights had already been blown out, and the doors of the Guanyin Temple were shut tightly as well. From outside of the tall walls, the courtyard seemed to be pitch black, but as Wei WuXian leaped up the wall, before he even reached the roof, he suddenly paused, Something’s wrong.

Wen Ning froze as well, whispering, “There’s a barrier.”

Wei WuXian gestured with his hand. The two landed soundlessly and left the main entrance. They went to a corner on the other side of the Guanyin Temple and carefully climbed up. After hiding behind a rooftop gargoyle statue, they finally peeked into the courtyard.

And both of the two gaped in shock.

Inside the Guanyin Temple was full of both people and candlelight. Half were monks, and the other half were cultivators wearing robes of Sparks Amidst Snow. The two groups stood mixed, all of people carrying bows and arrows on their backs and swords in their hands as if they were guarding something, ready to fight at any moment. Once in a while there would be whispers. But due to the special camouflaging barriers that had been set up on all four sides of the Guanyin Temple, from the streets outside the walls, all seemed to be dark and silent inside. None of the sounds and lights leaked out.

But what gave Wei WuXian the shock wasn’t the barrier. It wasn’t the cultivators and fake monks either. Instead, it was the white-robed person standing in the center of the courtyard.

Lan XiChen.

Lan XiChen wasn’t restrained by anything. Even his sword and his xiao, Liebing, were worn at his waist. He stood amid the crowd so gently, and these monks and cultivator regarded him with respect as well, even answering all of his requests.

Wei WuXian observed for a while before turning to Wen Ning, his voice low, “Go back to the inn immediately. Bring HanGuang-Jun here as fast as possible!”

Wen Ning nodded and disappeared. Wei WuXian didn’t see Jin GuangYao. He didn’t know if he was here or if he had the Tiger Seal in his hand. After some thought, he bit his finger and moved his bleeding fingertip towards the Spirit-locking Pouch at his waist. He wanted use the few small ghosts to quietly summon a couple of dark creatures for him. Yet, at this point, a string of barks came from an end of the street outside the Guanyin Temple.

Wei WuXian immediately felt his soul fly away.

Almost petrified, he held back the urge to get the hell out of there, trembling as he hugged the sculpture on the roof tightly. Listening as the barks moved closer and closer, his chest was filled with fear, involuntarily chanting is his heart, Help me, Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan, help me!

After this, it seemed as if he got some courage from the name, and so he kept on trembling as he forced himself to calm down. Wei WuXian prayed with all he had that the dog was a wild one without an owner so that it’d get lost as soon as possible. But fate clearly wasn’t on his side.

Amid the barks sounded the clear voice of a young man, who scolded, “Fairy, shut up! Do you want to wake up everyone living on this street in the middle of the night?!”

Jin Ling!

Lan XiChen’s expression changed. Most of the LanlingJin Sect’s cultivators knew their young master’s voice. They exchanged a look with one another and nocked arrows on their bows.

Jin Ling’s voice came rather quickly. It arrived at the doors of the Guanyin Temple soon afterwards, “Shh! Shh! I’ll cook you if you keep on barking! … Just where do you want me to go?”

Wei WuXian’s heart clenched among the terrors of all sorts, Jin Ling, you unfortunate thing! Quick, get out of here!!!

But Jin Ling had to stop right outside the Guanyin Temple. Fairy barked again and again, as though it was spinning around, digging at the dirt and the wall. Jin Ling mused, “This is it?” After some silence, he knocked, “Is anyone here?”

Amid the courtyard, all of the cultivators held their breaths. Resting on the bows, the arrows pointed towards the direction of the doors, waiting for orders. Lan XiChen lowered his voice, “Do not hurt him!”

His voice couldn’t go through the barrier around the Guanyin Temple. The other people didn’t relax or put down their bows either. It seemed like Jin Ling noticed that something was wrong as well. Even if there was no-one on nightwatch, he’d been slamming the door so hard that he should be able to wake up anyone who was asleep. No matter what, it shouldn’t be as quiet as this. And so, still outside the door, he stopped saying anything. Before Wei WuXian even had the chance to feel relieved, dog barks suddenly came from outside the walls again.

Jin Ling fumed, “Hey, why are you running back?!”

Wei WuXian beamed, “Good Fairy!!!”

Jin Ling, “Fairy! Come back! Fuck!”

Wei WuXian, Kid, please disappear with it as soon as you can!!! I’m begging you!!!

However, just a moment later, Wei WuXian heard the almost unnoticeable sound of dust and crumbs falling onto the ground. He didn’t know what the noise was at first, but a split-second later, he suddenly broke into a cold sweat, Oh no, the brat’s climbing the wall!

On the other hand, Jin Ling saw an entire courtyard of arrows aimed at him as soon as he arrived. His pupils shrank. One of the monks had probably never seen Jin Ling before, or perhaps he had the determination to kill off any intruders. He let go, and an arrow shot towards the direction of Jin Ling!

As soon as he heard the sharp whistle, Wei WuXian knew that the archer was a skilled one. If Jin Ling were to be shot, his chest would be pierced through for sure. There was only one thing he could use to block it right now. Under the emergency, Wei WuXian leaped up the wall and casted something out, at the same time shouting, “Run, Jin Ling!”

What he flung out was the bamboo flute he’d been carrying with him ever since he was reborn. It blocked the brutal attack, and the arrow’s aim was off. The flute burst into pieces as well. Jin Ling’s figure disappeared at the end of the wall. He should’ve run away already. But because of this, Wei WuXian’s hiding spot was revealed. Hundreds of arrows flew at the speed of a rainstorm, shooting the sculpture Wei WuXian hid himself behind into a porcupine. Wei WuXian commented on the close call in silence.

None of these people were bad at archery. Their cultivation must be high as well. It was still unknown if Jin Ling would be able to run away successfully. He hopped down the wall. As he formed a circle with his fingers, about to whistle, a smiling voice suddenly sounded behind his back, “I think it’s best if Young Master Wei stops right there. It’s nothing if your flute’s broken, but if your tongue or your fingers went missing, it’d be such a shame.”

Wei WuXian immediately put his hand away, agreeing, “You make so much sense.”

The person, “May I request your company?”

Wei WuXian nodded, “You’re too polite, Sect Leader Jin.”

Jin GuangYao smiled, “It’s my pleasure.”

As if nothing was wrong, they walked a big circle all the way up to the main entrance of the Guanyin Temple. Wei WuXian was speechless.

The doors of the Guanyin Temple were wide open already. As expected, Jin Ling wasn’t able to run away. With a few monks pointing their swords at him, Jin Ling looked at them, and was still the first to say something, although after some hesitation, “Uncle.”

Jin GuangYao, “Hello, A-Ling.”

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February 4, 2019 2:44 pm

Thank you for the update!! 😁💕

February 4, 2019 3:03 pm

I absolutely love this story Great job on the transitions. I can always count on you guys finishing the story I have no problem waiting for the next chapter. I started reading another novel and than bamm no updates for months, and no word or comment That I can’t stand

February 4, 2019 3:48 pm

out of all people thats ought to find wwx it happened to be the bad guy ah jin guangyao please dont hurt wwx. thank you so much for the hardwork k and team!

February 4, 2019 4:07 pm

OMG This is such a twist!! It reminds me of the Davinci code for some reason lol.

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Thank you guys for the hard work really.
If only some readers refrain from spoiling….

February 5, 2019 8:24 am

Thank you so much for the new chapter! I hope Jin GuangYao doesn’t do anything to Jin Ling and Wei WuXian xd i feel really uneasy now, I’m curious if Lan XiChen is really on JGY’s side though, I know that they were sworn brothers along with Nie MingJue but…

February 5, 2019 8:28 am

Omg these last few chapters almost gave me whiplash. So much has happened, and the author’s talent for sudden twists is really incredible. I hope Wei Wuxian and Jin Ling are ok though. Jin Guangyao is such a terrifying villan, someone so evil with such a kind facade.
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Buen Ong
February 5, 2019 9:29 am

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February 6, 2019 6:17 am

This is exactly what i hoped to not happen…please let Lan Xichen be a good one…..I can’t handle poor Lan Wanji’ heart being broken..(TT)
BTW awesome chap… freaking love this plot twist.(^^)(+_+)

February 6, 2019 8:07 am

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Happy new year lunar K. Thank you for this chapter. I believe we will soon know the truth about the death of the patriarch of Yiling. It’s a plot to kill him in order to take control and the “seal of the tiger”. Lan Xichen will never betray his sect and will not hurt innocent people. Back to Cloud Recess, he followed Jin Guanyao after telling Lan Zhan and Wei Ying to take a different path and leave. I guess he’s JGY’s guest or he’s lost his temporary spiritual energy like all the other practitioners before. Thank you Wen NIng… Read more »

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Brook Murphy
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Thank you so much for your translation!! I caught up this chapter and wanted to say thank you for introducing me to a book I would come to love so much! (Also I thoroughly enjoy your comments and appreciate the explanations of certain terms very much—even when I could just look it up myself, it’s very nice of you to do so for me.) So thank you for all your work on every single chapter up until now, and thank you for everything coming up. This is a wonderful translation and everyone reading this is very lucky. Take care!

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[looks to the camera]

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