Hey there everyone, Addis here with a note about GDC.

So, as most of you noticed, we only released one chapter last weekend instead of the two we’ve been doing for several weeks. While most of you have been appreciative for our hard work, there has been around a 20% backlash on us from fans. In a normal chapter, we get around 120 comments from readers. With only one release this week, we had another 35 comments (that have since been deleted) as well as emails to us complaining and criticizing us for not releasing a second chapter.

I was just not going to say anything, but it was becoming such a common comment an email over the last 4 days (yes, 4, because people started complaining even before we released chapter 99), that I wanted to clarify something to all of our readers.

With the influx of readers due to GDC, we have gotten more rude comments. Most of you do not deign to comprehend that we are real people behind the scenes. We all go to school, have jobs, have families and real life issues just the same as you do. When we get an email that says, “Why didn’t you do two chapters?” “Where’s the other chapter?!! >:(“ “Waiting for that next chapter!” “Why are you not releasing another chapter!!??” “If you’re not releasing the next chapter, I might as well MTL.” “I am so disappointed you guys didnt do 2 chapters!” It may seem like an innocent question in your eyes, but when you receive 20ish of those questions daily, it becomes a very rude thing to ask.

One of the things I have always said is that we will never drop a project. We will always finish it, even if we have to go through 10 translators before we see the last chapter. Please do not try to rush us, we will finish the novel. Most of you didn’t even realize that chapter 99 was the same length of 97 and 98 combined. It’s these little things readers fail to notice in their excitement to read the next chapter.

So, as a reminder, please be courteous, respectful, do not post spoilers and do not ask for us to hurry up or why we didn’t do more than one release.

We will get the novel finished before June. Please be patient.



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Happy 2 year Anniversary!

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  1. Hi,
    I would like to say that when you receive 1 rude comment, there are 1000 people who cherish the hard work of you.
    If it could be in french and in spanish, you would be seen as God for us.
    So don’t forget this rule :

    1 rude comment = 1000 silent happy people

    happy valentine day !

  2. I have never commented; but I want to thank you for the wonderful work you do to bring us this translation. it is true that one despairs to read more; but for my part I’m just infinitely grateful that you continue with this project. Thank you.

  3. These people are a scourge, they’re in every fansub… novels or comics, they don’t care. I hope, our sincere thanks, weighs a lot more than bad words. Is difficult, but, don’t get worked up. You don’t need an ulcer!!

  4. So sorry to hear that… i know when we read a story that we love so much sometimes it’s feels like it’s so short! But! GDC’s chapters NEVER short!!! I like to read it twice everytime 😆 so i have to scroll up to reread it again. Or sometimes i just go up again to see the part that I like. Everytime i scroll up i always thought ‘this chapter is so long!’ I have to scroll it for quite long before i get to the top. So please be patient. I read in others translations group too. And i know you all did the same. Some translator took a whole WEEK for a SHORT chapter! (I’m not complaining, just sometimes wait a while before read it) Well, so please don’t rushing the team! EXR is doing all of this for FREE! And if you are soo impatient that go ahead! Do your own MTL! its not like there is anyone who will miss you! And FYI there is so much MTL about GDC in other place! I personally will wait for EXR team to publish it.
    Quality needs time! 😇😇😇😇😇
    Love you all EXR team! 😘😘😘
    Thank you for all your hard work! 🤗
    Sorry my broken english…

  5. Honestly you all update MUCH faster than I was expecting when I first began reading the novel. Two chapters a week on average? That’s a lot! I wasn’t expecting more than a chapter a month if that. I’m sorry people are like that. Translation isn’t easy. If they’re not happy with your speed, they can (try to) find someone faster!

    I eagerly await the next chapter, of course, but not enough that I forget there are actual real humans that are the ones that translate it.

    Thank you again. Please, take time to yourselves and your families and friends as needed. The project can wait. You don’t owe anyone anything. <3

  6. Thank you for your hard work! I know that feels (being a translator … and my RL so busy enough). So, I’ll waiting until the end of GDC because I love this novel and your hard work to translating this novel is very good! Once again, thank you very much! ^^

    (Sorry for my grammatical error)

  7. thank you for your hard work. your team already do such a great job at having regular releases. i haven’t started reading GDC novel version (i was planning to read it all in one go once it’s translated). i saw the GDC anime and recently started on the manga/mahwa (not good with the right terms). it’s really a wonderful story. i’m really grateful that your team is doing all the best at translating it and all, and sharing it with us. i think if i was waiting for another chapter, i would just go and re-read it from the start or do fanfiction on it or look for fanart of it. sorry for long post. just want to say thanks and hope the “hurry up with next chapter” kind of comments disappear.

  8. “EYES WIDE OPEN” OMG I enjoy and love this novel, didn’t think there were reader like that. Well I don’t usually comment and just have fun reading the comments but that was so very rude no wonder there are other people translators who stops their works. (ex. Waiting for you online) Bias 😛

    Well if they want to read the chapters continuously… they should just go the raw website and just google translate or better buy the books…

    Dear Addis,

    I am so thankful to you, that you and the team translating this wonderful novel patiently cause honestly if I’m the one who know this or other language I wouldn’t even bother translating it I would just keep the happy cringky thoughts myself mwahahah.
    BTW don’t bother these shitty readers Fxxxk There self while getting the HIV hahaha… Don’t worry there are people who support you( The team included) and I’m one of those😁

  9. I’m sorry these idiots don’t understand that apart from translating for free for fun, people need to work/study to live in the real world too. :/

  10. Please don’t pay any note to those comments. They clearly don’t understand how hard it would be to juggle between RL and this. I mean, I barely have any time to read these days! And reading at least 100 chapters of anything every day is something I have done for a long time!
    I’m quite surprised that we get the amount of chapters we do atm, because they are so long! I noticed this at the start but the fact that so much people are not appreciating your hard work just irritates me!
    I mean, even I want to read more chapters but you at least have to think about the people who actually bother to go through the trouble of getting it to us! Personally, I don’t care even if it takes a month or more for you to translate even a chapter. Just the fact that somebody is translating this for people to read is something to be grateful for.
    Anyways, i’m not really good with words, but thank you for all your hard work! I hope you won’t be too affected with what some people say. I LOVE YOU!!! <3

  11. Please don’t listen to them. This novel is absolutely beautiful and thanks to your efforts, I’m going to consider buying the novel even though I can’t read mandarin myself. Thank you thank you so much for all your efforts! Y’all are the reason that I have something to keep me going every single week. I can wait for a whole year and still join my hands saying “MY SAVIOUR HAS SPOKEN”.

  12. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR TRANSLATING THE NOVEL TO US FOR FREE!! WHEN YOU GUYS STARTED TO POST 2 CHAPTERS A WEEK I STARTED TO GET WORRIED BECAUSE IT SOUNDED LIKE YOU GUYS WERE WORKING TOO MUCH. In my mind I thought I hope you guys are fine and not overworking this project. I’m so sad to hear that there are still people who commands more and are disrecpectful. We are very lucky to have you guys and we love you very much!! 🙁

  13. I cannot believed readers out there that doesn’t or unable to translate make such nasty and rude complaints. Please ignore these individuals and know myself and many other fans of this novel, appreciate your commitment and hard work translating this complex Chinese GDC. .

    A big Thank you!

  14. I’m sorry to hear that you guys are getting harassed by such rude idiots! Please just ignore such ungrateful jerks! Many of us appreciate all the hard work and dedication by everyone at Exiled! You guys are awesome! Thank you for everything you do for us followers of your group! 🙂

  15. Does my head in when people complain about things like this. I really don’t know what they think they will achieve, other than to spoil it for everyone else who really does appreciate everything you are doing. This is a lovely story, and I live for updates, but would never presume to pressure any of you.

  16. Thank you for our hard work. It’s not easy to translate and have a normal life. And you are doing different project each day. So big thank you for this. I hope that people who complain stop. I understand that everyone want to read next chapter and know what next. Belive me – I would also want to know especially since I don’t know chinese but I understand also that you have a life. So, please don’t rush. Life is life and nothing is more important than this. I hope that tgey soon understand it to.
    One more big thank you.

  17. I once sent an email to you guys to thank you for allowing me to read GDC.

    I will continue to thank you for your hardwork and patience. I’ll be one of those people who will patiently and silently (happily) wait for you to provide us another chapter of GDC.

    More power to your Team ☺️

  18. To the ExRebels team. I just started to read GDC about 2 months ago. Also I am enjoying patiently wait for the next chapter. I love your work on this novel. Also congratulation on your two year anniversary. Thank you for your hard work.

  19. Hi, sorry you’ve had mean readers. I, myself haven’t read GDC in awhile (dunno why) but I wanted to send you a *gambatte* & Thank you.

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