Intermittent Loading

We are experiencing intermittent to zero loading throughout each day. Even if you do not see it, we get a report showing how long our site was down for. It is around 4 to 5 hours combined down time for every day.

Due to the frequency of the loading issues, we contacted our support and learned that it was actually due to a bug from the hosting platform, WordPress. While they do not know when it will be fixed, they told us they are working on it.

We are also trying to look for ways of our own to increase user optimity without changing our host. We have found a way that may work, but, like most things, it costs money. The site would look identical in the new host, but will also take time to switch everything over.

If you wish to help with the cost of keeping our site running, even if it’s only a dollar donation, you can help us out by donating via our Patreon.

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8 thoughts on “Intermittent Loading

  1. Hmmm so that’s why I thought there was something wrong with my phone if i could I would help but I don’t even have a whole dollar(.50¢ & a few pennies) 😢 Good luck to you I hope they fix it super quick (it does take longer but I’m stubborn so I just give my phone dirty looks until I get what I want 😤) This is my favorite site you guys always do a great job😊💖

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