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Chapter 57: Congee and Hibiscus Shrimp

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo is eagerly awaiting the reappearance of the husky


“Your consumption has reached the lottery conditions.”

After dinner, the little robot came to remind him. In fact, Gu YuMian didn’t spend money, but the program was designed like this.

[Yanbo Jiangnan: A lottery? What a surprise! It’s time to test the luck of the anchor!]

At any time, things related to the lottery draws were always very exciting. The meal was cheap and delicious, and the atmosphere was very good. It was a surprise that there was a lottery at the end. Both the little fox and the baby panda were not aware of the lottery, and they were at a loss. Gu YuMian saw the little snow leopard grinding his claws and was eager to try.

“TuanTuan, try it out,” Gu YuMian held the snow leopard in his arms, held the soft paw and pressed the button on the light screen with it. “The biggest prize, I remember, is the latest optical computer.”

Besides, there were all kinds of prizes: congee cooked by the boss, hand sanitizer and shower gel, the best-selling novel. Originally, as a surprise, lottery rules and gifts were also set at will, with no rules.

What the little snow leopard wanted was all the prizes related to the boss.

After a while, the result came out.

“Congratulations, you’ve got a packet of tissues.”

Snow Leopard, “…”

Audience, “…”

“It’s a question of probability, do you want to draw again?” Gu YuMian comforted him.

The second time was still the tissue paper. On this day, the little snow leopard pulled out eight packets of facial tissue paper, and the little Tangyuan and the little fox drew many meaningful prizes. The little snow leopard was a little frustrated as he lay on Gu YuMian’s arms, waving his claws. He looked very unhappy with a small face on the gloomy floor.

Gu YuMian directly blocked the screen by showing the winning result.

“It’s okay,” Gu YuMian lifted up the snow leopard from under his ribs, and his light brown eyes were full of warm smile. He looked at the little snow leopard for a while, then kissed him on the forehead, “Congratulations to Gu Xue Tuan. Please choose: A. Go home with the boss or B. Be taken home by him.”

The little snow leopard stayed silent. After a while, he kept his eyes closed and his ears turned a little red.

The audience was shocked.

[User 1658: WTF, anchor is so good, I can’t hold my heart in!!!!]

[Throwing Cosmetics: I chose A!! AAAAHH. I’m sour. Today I’m the little lemon TuanTuan.]

[Matcha Meow: When can the lottery really win a boss? 555 I’m going to take out all my money until I’m broke.]

The audience had exceeded 100 million. In fact, it was nothing special; it was just eating, drinking and chatting. It was windy at noon this autumn, and it was sunny during lunch. Watching the interaction between Gu YuMian and the children and becoming a part of the family, the audience was full of satisfaction and security.

It was like taking a deep breath in the place where the happiness factor was most abundant, sucking all the comfort into the lungs. At this time, the ranking of the live broadcast on the homepage’s real-time popularity list, once again rushed to the first place!

Gu YuMian smiled, hugged the little fox and the baby panda and kissed them, saying, “Mn, let’s go home.”

Finally, the three children left their paw marks on the signature wall. Special paint was prepared in front of the signature wall so that the animal shaped customers could also press their paws on the wall, since the paint was easy to clean.

The little fox carefully compared the position and pressed the paw print in the corner. The baby panda thought it was very funny. He pressed a lot, and the baby snow leopard left just one.

“Mn, this noon’s live broadcast will end here. Goodbye.” Gu YuMian looked over at almost the same time, and quit the live broadcast under the audience’s reluctant groans.

After all, the principle of their family was to eat the most and sleep next. After eating and drinking, now little Tangyuan and the little fox had a little eye to eye fight. Gu YuMian would take the children back home to take a nap.

That afternoon, Elbet’s traffic more than doubled.

——Gu YuMian achieved more publicity for the restaurant through a live broadcast than all the advertisements, publicity and promotion. It was simply frightening.

And it was not just from the fans. The dramatic increase from the traffic was persistent. It was true that the transformation of passers-by into restaurant customers had something to do with the strength of the restaurant itself, but Gu YuMian still contributed a lot. The enthusiasm of the new anchor began to shift to commercial diversion, which required at least half a year of stability. But Gu YuMian once again broke the common sense.

This made the capital side have to re-examine the commercial value of the new anchor, which they didn’t pay much attention to before.


That afternoon, Upper Urban District, the royal designer Su An was taking a nap when he was awakened by the sound of his communication device. He yawned, and the second he opened his eyes, he got up — the communication came from His Majesty’s secretary.

“Hello, this is Su An.” Su An held his bare head carefully.

In fact, the Secretary was very kind. He had a good temper when he worked around His Majesty. Just thinking that the Secretary’s correspondence had something to do with His Majesty made him cautious.

The ancestors of Su An family were all tailors. All the famous designers in the world had studied art in the Su family. The Su family had served only the royal family for many years. And the twenty years since His Majesty’s accession to the throne were their most idle twenty years.

His Majesty only wore military uniforms on important occasions, and seldom wore formal suits. Maybe it was because the suits reminded him of the old men in the cabinet… All in all, Su An had not received a design task for a long time. But His Majesty had recently ordered the design of two sets of hot spring yukatas.

The Secretary said, “Mr. Su, His Majesty needs ten suits.”

Su An, “Ten sets!”

“Yes,” the Secretary said quietly, sending a picture to Su An on his optical computer, “Match them with this tie and get ready-made clothes before His Majesty’s birthday.”

In fact, the tie was not in His Majesty’s hands, but was placed in the cupboard. It could only be obtained on his birthday. It was exaggerated to get ten suits for a tie. What’s more, didn’t he dislike suits? In all important ceremonies, His Majesty was not willing to wear suits, right?

Even before the enthronement and triumphal ceremony, His Majesty wore military uniforms.

Su An began to look at the tie.

The optical computer projected the virtual imitation of the tie into the air. Su An looked left and right. The more he looked, the more difficult he thought it was to understand.

It was fog blue, and although it seemed that it was a luxury brand, the grid pattern and the design material were very common, which was just pretty. If the designer knew that his tie was so appreciated by His Majesty, he would be so excited that he would faint.

“Sir,” Su An asked, “I need to explore His Majesty’s personal life, because it involves design ideas. Why is this tie so favored by His Majesty?”

The secretary was quiet for a moment and said implicitly, “Because of the person who chose it. His Majesty will probably choose this tie to wear during his wedding in the future, because it’s memorable enough.”


Su An could not help but look up in awe.


Gu YuMian took the children with him and slept comfortably until five o’clock in the evening. It was late when they moved the mat to the sun room, without turning on the temperature control facilities. They let the natural wind blow in directly, and enjoyed the clean sun in the late summer and early autumn.

The baby panda slept on all fours with his round belly in the air, and the little fox curled up into a ball with his tail on his side, leaning against Gu YuMian’s arms. While the little snow leopard lay on Gu YuMian’s shoulders, with his small fluffy head against Gu YuMian’s chin, his long tail tried to push the little fox away in his sleep.

Gu YuMian, “……” He sighed, gently pushed the snow leopard’s tail away, and held the fox in a position to let him sleep with little Tangyuan.

Gu YuMian was awake but the children were asleep. Gu YuMian moved carefully, trying not to wake up the three children, and went out. Although shopping on Star Network was very convenient, Gu YuMian still went out to buy things every day when he took the snow leopard to school. Meat was synthetic and there was no problem of freshness or not, but vegetables and fruits needed to be examined to check their freshness.

When he went out, Gu YuMian saw that his neighbor was decorating. The neighbor’s house had been empty for a long time. Decorated? Was it rented out?

The routine decoration was done by robots. Gu YuMian watched for a while and left. He heard the aunt chatting when he bought vegetables. A popular writer was moving to this block.

“Popular writer?” Gu YuMian thought about it and found that after coming here, he was always busy with all kinds of things. He had not read much, and his intake of new knowledge was seriously insufficient.

Then he should read a book, a novel or something in his spare time. This incident left a trace in Gu YuMian’s mind, and then it passed. In this autumn, his life was very flat and regular, there was no big event happening, and gradually he thought he was on the right track.

Gu YuMian liked this feeling.

“TuanTuan.” When entering the door, the little snow leopard was awake, and sitting on the porch waiting for Gu YuMian. The little guy gave him a very accusing look, as if he was blaming him for going out without saying a word.

Gu YuMian picked up little brat, put him on his shoulder, turned the porch light on and saw that the little fox and the baby panda were also awake. The baby panda rubbed his eyes with his claws. The little fox looked around in a daze. He raised his voice twice cautiously and shyly. He had been looking for Gu YuMian.

Autumn evening was golden red, the weather a little bit cooler. Gu YuMian sat down cross legged and picked up his family’s little group. Suddenly, he felt happy. In fact, he was very happy, especially at this moment, “What would you like to eat tonight? Now or later? It won’t take long.”

I just woke up with no appetite, and I had lunch late. I’m not hungry yet.

The baby panda was sitting and going to sleep again, holding up his paws. Of course, there were toys and climbing frames at home. Gu YuMian would watch the baby panda and the little fox sit on the mat and play quickly.

In fact, it was just pushing claws and throwing balls. The baby panda was the happiest and most devoted player, and the little fox was willing to play with him. But the little snow leopard was not involved with them, he just lazily watched or was glued to Gu YuMian.

He needed to start preparing now.

For the late summer and early autumn dinner, it was not suitable to eat dishes with a heavy taste. Cantonese cuisine was very suitable. Gu YuMian was going to cook congee, steam ribs with spring rolls and taro in black bean sauce, and make a dish of fried shrimps with vegetables.

This was a Cantonese style morning meal, and it was not inappropriate to eat it in the evening.

Congee was good for one’s health, but they couldn’t drink a lot. It was almost the same to drink one meal a day. He didn’t have congee this morning so it would be good to have it in the evening.

“Doesn’t TuanTuan want to play with YuanYuan?” Gu YuMian scratched the little snow leopard’s chin, got the obvious answer, and smiled helplessly, “Okay, then you will accompany me to prepare dinner.”

Gu YuMian had set up a table board in the sun room, where he could watch Little Tangyuan play with the little fox, and prepare the ingredients he needed. The little snow leopard was in his arms. He couldn’t help him. It was common for him to stretch his paws to have Gu YuMian pet his head from time to time.

Gu YuMian first put water in to wash the rice, soaked the rice, then prepared ingredients and ribs, and shrimp. While he was dealing with ingredients, he boarded the Star Website to browse the news.

The micro-blog hot search had something to do with His Majesty.

#One dollar bet: His Majesty will not attend the birthday party this year.

“It’s His Majesty’s birthday, too?” Gu YuMian thought, “Didn’t he attend his birthday party before?”

The little snow leopard’s ears were against Gu YuMian’s nape, and he looked at the light screen with his gray-blue eyes half open lazily, yawning.

Gu YuMian was still a little interested in this hot search. He opened it to have a look. He thought that there was a lot of freedom of speech in the recent interstellar era. As long as the topic of His Majesty was not too disrespectful or sensitive, it could be discussed in good faith.

[Make complaints about V: Is the birthday party just the latest? Besides, His Majesty hasn’t been here for five years. Isn’t that bullshit?]

[Think of you: Because every birthday will be reduced to a blind date. Last year, the cabinet even moved a bionic robot to represent His Majesty, hahaha. When they danced with the robot, the noble young ladies’ faces were all green.]

[Bow Tie: I think His Majesty is like that… Nobody will like it. I don’t think I could get married like that. I can’t imagine…. His Majesty’s tenderness toward his partner… ]

[The Cat Likes Eating Seaweed: @ bow tie, His Majesty is very popular among the aristocrats. Don’t Miss A and Miss B fantasize about marrying into the royal family every day?]

The following discussion grew more and more in the direction of gossip, including who goes to the front line to express love, who has sent love and gifts to His Majesty for eight years and who has been mercilessly rejected.

Gu YuMian flipped around at random, but didn’t see too many discussions and pictures related to the birthday party.

But who didn’t even attend your own birthday party? Why insist on holding a birthday party when the birthday star was not there? It’s incomprehensible.

“I don’t think he wants to be a married man,” Gu YuMian thought about the picture he saw. The monarch walked up to the throne step by step, alone. He chatted with the snow leopard, “I think he’s very…”

The little snow leopard pricked up his ears and pressed Gu YuMian’s wrist with his little claws, looking a little nervous.

“Lonely, but he doesn’t know he’s lonely.” Gu YuMian finally just said, “So he doesn’t need others to accompany him.”

Gu YuMian had seen a book that stated loneliness was something that people liked to be aware of. In fact, loneliness had always been there, only when there were people who wanted to stay around, would being by oneself become extremely intolerable.

The little snow leopard was stunned.

“TuanTuan, I’m sorry. You don’t like listening to this, do you?” Gu YuMian took a deep breath on the nape of the little snow leopard’s plush, rubbed it, and laughed, “You don’t understand. Come on, let’s keep cooking.”

The rice was soaked so that the congee would be more tender and easy to digest.

Gu YuMian poured out the rice washing water, scooped out two spoons of peanut oil and rice, mixed them well, and then poured them into the pot. Mushrooms, scallops, shredded ginger and winter vegetables had been cut. Gu YuMian then peeled two garlic cloves and chopped them into pieces. They were put into the congee and boiled slowly with cold water over the open fire.

The prawns were salted after the veins were removed. The shallots, garlic and squared fish were cut into small pieces and fried in a pot to make them fragrant and an attractive golden yellow.

He boiled it over high heat first, then turned it to low heat and simmered it slowly. The rice grains were full and blooming, the water and rice were almost integrated, showing a soft, tender, smooth and translucent texture together, Gu YuMian put the shrimp, fried scallions, oil and fried fish in one by one, then the scallops and mushrooms.

In the white and soft congee, there were fresh red shrimps, golden fish, scallions, garlic and scallops. They boiled until they were bubbling, full of color and fragrance. No wonder the whole Elbet Restaurant knew that the most popular prize in the lottery was not the latest optical computer, but a bowl of congee cooked by the boss himself.

Gu YuMian lifted the lid of the pot and stirred it with a long handled spoon. He turned up all the ingredients at the bottom, observed for a moment, then covered the lid and continued to cook.

The baby panda was attracted by the fresh fragrance from the second when he opened the pot, he slowly moved over and made a small whimper to tuck himself into Gu YuMian’s arms.

Gu YuMian simply reached out to pick up the little fox, while holding the cub and cooking congee happily and slowly. He immediately forgot his thoughts of marriage. Gu YuMian was not a person who needed love, because he had enough from the children to make himself happy.

Of course, it may be that he didn’t really know who he liked, but felt his heart tremble — previously in the Upper Urban District, he really felt his heart quicken because of Shuo Han, which couldn’t be denied.

Maybe I’m also a person who doesn’t know I’m lonely, Gu YuMian thought.

“What’s TuanTuan thinking?” Gu YuMian pinched the little snow leopard’s serious face. From the very beginning, the little guy had been thinking, “Let’s have some congee.”

Gu YuMian scooped a small spoon of congee with a porcelain spoon and handed it to the little snow leopard’s mouth. The little snow leopard subconsciously grabbed the spoon. After a while, he squinted contentedly.

The baby panda was immediately aggrieved. He arched his round head into Gu YuMian’s arms and wanted to drink the congee. The little fox was very good and helped Gu YuMian watch the fire carefully. Gu YuMian changed the porcelain spoon and fed Yuanyuan and QiuQiu some of the congee.

At this time, the optical computer sounded out a warning tone.

[Starry Sky official: dingdong ~ Congratulations on your successful jump to the Top 20 of Starry Sky’s Rookie Competition, current position: 1. The knockout competition of the Top 20 and Top 10 will officially open at 7 o’clock tonight. Please click here for details.]

Gu YuMian, “……” I almost forgot that I was still in the rookie competition.

As soon as he boarded Starry Sky’s backstage, he received a message from Sugar Sugar. Sugar Sugar sent a link directly.

[Sugar Sugar: [link] Click here to see how Gu YuMian can win the rookie competition 100% ]

Gu YuMian, “?”

He was a little curious about where the link would lead. What was the way to win the rookie competition 100%?

The result was displayed directly in big, bold black letters: “Broadcast Live.”

Sugar Sugar and the official rookie team had thought of this for a long time. If the rookie champion was not Gu YuMian, the only possibility was that Gu YuMian had stopped broadcasting, and their sadness would last for decades.

In other words, as long as he continued to live broadcast, he could lie down and win.

Originally, there was an alternative plan to maintain the balance of the game, so as to avoid a new anchor automatically winning. However, these alternative schemes were totally impractical when it came to Gu YuMian. Now they were struggling and having fun, changing their thinking.

Since it couldn’t be changed, it was better to let the rookies meet Gu YuMian. Like the rookie who had been at Elbet’s Restaurant and used Gu YuMian’s popularity unknowingly.

This was the first time in so many years of holding the rookie competition that they knew for sure who the winner would be.

[Gu YuMian: What are the rules for the Top 20 to the Top 10?]

[sugar sugar: The rules are rules set for the others. You don’t need to know. ]

Gu YuMian, “……” Do you despise the other anchors?

At 7 p.m., Gu YuMian opened his live broadcast on time. As soon as the broadcast started, countless audiences who had been waiting for the broadcast came in, and the bullet screen burst out like a bomb!

“Hello, I’m anchor Gu YuMian,” Gu YuMian waved to everyone with the paw of the snow leopard, bent his eyes and said, “We are having congee, steamed spareribs and hibiscus shrimp tonight, and… I am participating in the rookie competition on Starry Sky’s live platform. I hope you can pay attention to the rookie competition as well as me. Thank you.”

Audience, “…??”

I’ve seen an official advertisement for an anchor, but it’s the first time I’ve seen an anchor advertise for the official.


They couldn’t complain about it since their sight was attracted by the congee in front of them. The congee had obviously been cooked for a long time. The rice grains were white and glutinous. In the full and thick congee, the fried square fish, scallion and garlic, tender red shrimp, and strong fragrance flowed out——

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matcha lover
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