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Discord will be open until April. 26th, 2023. PST (24hours only)

Do note that this is a novel only discord and we do not release any manga on it nor do we have GDC. I want the server to be somewhere that everyone feels like they belong. But at the same time, if you’re a lurker, it’s not really belonging to the server as it is more of just reading the comments.

If you do not comment 4 times, 24 hours after joining, you will be kicked from the server for inactivity. If you do not have the green “Active” role, the server will consider you inactive.

I hope everyone can find some friends and be nice to everyone.

If you miss this invite, feel free to become a $1 a month patron on our Patreon for access without activity restrictions.

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May 12, 2023 3:17 am

Hi, i am lovebooksandlovereading. I started to follow exiled rebels since The Untamed and been a fan of your works since then. For persuing higher studies my novel reading life became very infrequent, so i missed the discord invite. Will invitation to discord be given out again or this was the last invitation to be given out???? Thank you again for bringing us these wonderful novels….

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