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Chapter 319: Profiting from disaster

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Two days later, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao finally reached their destination – the Uneven Slope.

The colossal Uneven Slope resembled a vast ‘prairie’. What met their sight was a sloping ‘prairie’, of which no one knew what dangers were hidden in the dense forest. However, the Uneven Slope was truly the same as what Zhou Lin had described. There were countless high leveled demon beasts hidden inside. If a completely ignorant person barged in, the road was only death for them.

You XiaoMo stood on a tree and gazed afar at the Uneven Slope.

They used two days to reach here. They would not need that much time if Ling Xiao had been the one running. But You XiaoMo had been depending on his own strength from the start for the purpose of training.

Midway, they had come across other students from the academy but You XiaoMo chose to avoid them.

“This place is just too big!” You XiaoMo exclaimed in astonishment.

He had thought that it would be a hundred-meter hill at most. Who would have thought that the Uneven Slope was dozens of times bigger than what he had imagined. It would be a nigh impossible task to look for that stalk of level nine magic herb in such a large area.

Ling Xiao raised his head, “We’ll know where it is if we catch a demon beast and ask them.”

You XiaoMo tilted his head and looked at Ling Xiao, “Good idea! Then when should we catch one?”

Ling Xiao replied, “You stay in the dimension and I’ll catch it?”

“No, I want to go with you.” You XiaoMo bluntly rejected him. This was a good opportunity to gain knowledge and experience.

Ling Xiao expected that reply and agreed to You XiaoMo’s request. However, he could not let You XiaoMo travel by his own power for the next part of their journey. The Uneven Slope had numerous level nine and ten demon beasts. It would be very troublesome if they were all attracted over.

You XiaoMo self-consciously climbed onto Ling Xiao’s back.

Let the princess carry incident be water under the bridge. Although he was not able to top Ling Xiao in bed, he did not mind this current situation. By skewing his thinking for a moment, ‘carrying on one’s back’ could also be considered as a form of topping.

When Ling Xiao started moving, You XiaoMo silently thought to himself ‘giddy-up’ and suddenly felt a notable sense of accomplishment.

The whistling wind was like a blade as it stung against his cheeks. You XiaoMo promptly buried his face in Ling Xiao’s back. In a split second a comforting and soft fragrance enveloped him.

This was an unusual sense of security. Even if the heavens were to fall he would not panic because he knew there was someone beside him who would help him block it.

However, he did not slack off just because he had someone to rely on. On the contrary, his will to fight rose as he wanted to be someone who was worthy of Ling Xiao. Therefore, he had been hard at practice for this year.

Even though his rate of advancement was practically the fastest in DaoXin Academy, he was still not satisfied because the current him was merely a level seven mage. His goal was to catch up to and even surpass the old geezer. Every time he thought about this, he would wish for an item that could speed time up.

Meanwhile, the other students were hasting to their task objectives.

Their luck was not as good as You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao, who had met the people from the Flying Fish Sect in the very beginning. Without a map, they could only rely on the information they had gathered to slowly search for their targets.

BaiLi TianYi and Zhan YuXuan’s luck was better.

There was only one Crimson Fire Azure Dragon and the two frequently came into the mountains to gain some experience, so they knew the location of this demon beast very well. Once the Trials began, it was a race against time as the two teams rushed towards the Black Cloud Cave, which was the lair of the Crimson Fire Azure Dragon.

The mage cooperating with BaiLi TianYi was not Tang YuLin.

Although Tang YuLin rose to Ward A, he was no longer obsessed with cultivation and was not able to squeeze into the top hundred rankings. BaiLi TianYi had not been able to bring him along, but he also did not wish for Tang YuLin to take such risks. Moreover, the reason that he took up this task was for Tang YuLin’s sake.

A life crystal could be used to raise one’s level by two to three stars according to one’s level of compatibility. However, the lower one’s level was, the greater the increase in level. BaiLi TianYi thought of this idea so as not to let Tang YuLin’s cultivation lag behind. He did not know how many brain cells had been spent every day for the sake of his own family’s little wife. He would not be able to take it lying down if he did not defile Tang YuLin.

“BaiLi TianYi, I won’t let you have that life crystal.” Zhan YuXuan looked at BaiLi TianYi who was four to five meters ahead of him and straightforwardly said. His rank may be below BaiLi TianYi, but combat power did not depend entirely on one’s cultivation level.

BaiLi TianYi looked back and grinned, “What a coincidence! I’m also not prepared to let you have it!”

Zhan YuXuan chuckled, “Then each of us will have to rely on our own skill.”

With that, the four put on a burst of speed.

It would be better for them to finish their tasks sooner, as it was common for unforeseen events to occur. Being seniors, the two knew about this point, furthermore the Crimson Fire Azure Dragon was not easy to handle. Just because they were nearing their destination did not mean that they were going to complete their task soon. If they really got into a fight with the Crimson Fire Azure Dragon, it would likely drag on for a long time.

Yin Ge and Zhan YuXuan had split up from the beginning as their objectives were in different directions. There was only Yin Ge and Feng ChiYun travelling on the road.

Though Feng ChiYun was an obscure and unknown mage in the academy, he was quite strong. If he had taken the tournament seriously, perhaps the one in the limelight would not have been Chai Zheng and Qing Qiu.

Yin Ge’s impression towards Feng ChiYun had been slowly changing.

Feng ChiYun was only a level seven mage. Being a level seven mage was nothing much as they were almost everywhere in Ward A. Yin Ge had thought that Feng ChiYun was quite frail and would need to be taken care of, but now he changed his opinion.

Feng ChiYun had never said a word of being tired from the start to the end. Not only that, but he was even keeping pace with him. It should be stated that even a practitioner may not be able to keep up with his speed.

“Yin Ge, how long more before we reach our destination?” Feng ChiYun finally could not refrain from asking.

“What happened?” Yin Ge looked back. His expression was still cold and his tone did not have the slightest undulation.

“Do you really think that I’m made out of steel? I’m already feeling a little tired after continuously running for three days.” Feng ChiYun snapped. He truly suspected that if he didn’t propose a break, Yin Ge would really just keep on heading to the destination. Ah, he just knew that this was not a profitable transaction.

Yin Ge stopped upon seeing that there was a hint of weariness showing on his face, “Then let’s take a break.”

Without raising any objection, Feng ChiYun found a tree to lean against and then closed his eyes.

In actual fact, the fatigue he was feeling was not physical but mental. He felt a little tired after using his spiritual power for three consecutive days. Half an hour later, Feng ChiYun’s body unexpectedly jolted. In the next second, the spiritual energy around his whole body started to sharply fluctuate.

Yin Ge immediately discovered this phenomenon and raised an eyebrow in surprise, yet he quickly assumed the role of Feng ChiYun’s protector.

Feng ChiYun could have been said to have ‘profited from disaster’ this time. By repeatedly circulating his soul force to the limit and with him remaining at low-grade level seven for a period of time, the opportunity to advance came all at once.

However, the speed of advancement may vary. If one’s luck was good, one would be able to advance in a few hours. If one’s luck was bad, one would possibly need a few days.

Feng ChiYun’s had better luck. He had just exhausted his supply of soul force so the circulation speed of his sea of consciousness was many times faster than usual, leading to an increase in his speed of advancement. After two hours, the spiritual energy fluctuation in the area finally calmed and Feng ChiYun opened his eyes.

What entered his sight was the ground completely strewed with demon beast corpses and a slender silhouette. Silver-colored long hair refracted the cold and brilliant rays. The scene was somewhat blood and greatly impacted him. Yin Ge looked back at him.

Feng ChiYun felt as if he had blurred vision. The pupils of Yin Ge’s eyes appeared to be sliver. Did humans have eyes like that? When he had reacted, Yin Ge was looking at him with a raised eyebrow and his eyes were black.

“Were all these killed by you?” Feng ChiYun asked after hesitating for a moment.

Yin Ge gave a minute nod.

Feng ChiYun he had some doubts when he saw the corpses, “Why were there so many demon beasts?” This location was slightly remote. It stood to reason that it was impossible for there to be so many demon beasts.

Yin Ge replied, “When you were advancing, you triggered an upheaval in the spiritual energy of heaven and earth.”

Feng ChiYun was somewhat embarrassed. He did not think this would happen. If it wasn’t for Yin Ge, he would already have been inside the stomach of some demon beast. The resentment from being forcibly brought into the mountains by Yin Ge had finally dissipated.

“Thank you!”

“There’s no need for thanks, I just did what I ought to do.” Since he brought Feng ChiYun in, he would naturally have the responsibility to ensure Feng ChiYun’s safety. It was unthinkable for Yin Ge to harbor resentment over being his protector.

“Then, let’s keep moving.” His soul force had recovered after advancing and his mind was full of energy as well. It would not be a problem even if they were going to run for another three days again.


With that, the two set out once more.

However, not long after they left, An XinRui and Chen Zhao finally managed to catch up as their speed was slower. They were extremely shocked when they saw the ground full of demon beast corpses.

An XinRui paled, after all, she was still a girl, “This is definitely Yin Ge’s work.”

Chen Zhao carefully looked at the scene again. Among the corpses of the demon beasts, he discovered the corpse of a level eight demon beast, and paled even more than An XinRui. He could not help but shudder, to actually deal with so many demon beasts by himself, just how strong was Yin Ge?!

Chen Zhao suddenly felt an ominous premonition.

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