MW(R) Chapter 14

MW(R) Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Keep away, do not touch me

Translated by MengHu This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

“You … are you good?” XiaYao was lost while watching ZhouDu. Funtou seemed really bad because of fierce expression.

When he puts a cold sweat, Funo calls his teeth. XiaYao does not want to be weak in the past, he holds her eyebrow and removes the word “I’m doing well”.

Upon completing the writing, ZhouDu turns to try to pick mineral water cardboard, but when he moved his weight to the injured foot, his whole body was hooked.

When he fell down and fell, Xia Yao suddenly struck his arm and supported the lower back.

At that time, Jou stopped breathing. He suddenly looked at Xia Yao, who accused him. His heart felt warm, so his heart fell like a thunderstorm. Upon raising his hand, Zhongde tried to keep Xia Yao away, but he himself could not do that.

When Xia Yao felt Joe Du tense, his tongue was greatly enjoyed. He knew that ZhouDu was probably very satisfied, but he saw ZhouDu fall, his instincts match his conscience, he caught ZhouDu without one or two It was.

Xia Yao slowly released his corner and stepped forward when Xuzhou recovered its balance.

He smiled as he explained: “Zhou Du stood before uncertainty,” as he explained: “I knew that you are doing, I am.”

Zhou is surprised at the second, before the fact that XiaYao worried about him and hit him.

“Ouch,” ZhouDu made a deliberate expression and shrugged his eyebrows.

As he said, Xia Yao, looked nervously at her: “Let’s relax the school enfermejo,” as he said.

Funo nodded and tried to clean the room, but on the road. Angry, Xiaoyang continued beyond Zhou Du. As soon as Xia Yao saw that men flew at his uneven stage, Xia Yao could no longer “cope with you.” Could not cope with care and troubles

That was exactly what Zhou was looking for. He stopped at the truck and stretched out his hands a little.

XiaYao stopped for a moment. Afterwards, by hand, he will support ZhouDu’s waist, he will put his last hand 1 on his shoulder. When XiaYao pulled his hand, both slowly went to the hospital.

ZhouDu left her weight only to the rest of Xia Yao, then firmly Xia Yao in his waist to prevent him from knowingly falling down. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

The sun gradually increased and the heat gradually expanded before it. The weak wind slowly smiled at Xia Yao’s forehead. ZhouDu could not be kept from the cosmetics in front of Xia Yao, all she was able to move forward, while supporting this extra game with her playfully, and turned Zhou Du.

In the school kindergarten, it was just a beautiful woman. She saw Korean dramas on the iPad, and because of the noise from the door noise, we turned her head around to receive two beautiful boys who walked with each other.

“What’s wrong?”

A female doctor is waiting to support Xia Yao-support Zhou Du, his iPad strike table in his PA.

“Dr.,” Xia Yao immediately explained the situation, “His legs were broken.

“What?” Asked the doctor

“A box of mineral water.”

“PFFT”, a female doctor could not laugh at her. She said, “I’ll have your socks and shoes to allow you to watch your legs. I can not imagine someone who seems strong enough that you can not put a can of mineral water.” I became Zhou Du

Jiu Du tried to keep XiaYao’s situation, so it looked awkward: “It was not his fault, I could not pick up the box correctly.”

“It’s common,” the doctor slowly held Zhou Du several rooms XiaYao, fell “let me see what happened.”

She feels and pushes the heels of the head, causing him to injure it well.

Before turning to inform XiaYao, the doctor’s fire said, “It looks like the best fractite to run a hospital to get X-rays.”

“What is the fact that you are joking with me so you can lose touch with it only?” ZhouDu could not believe what he had just heard from a doctor

The doctor pushed ZhouDu’s heel again. This time, when I heard her refusal, it became stronger. Jou Du suffered from the answer.

“Do you believe that now the leg of Gay is divided?” She said in a warm voice.

On one side, XiaYao nodded: “Now we go to the hospital.” He lifted his hand and again was ready to support ZhouDu. Zhou Du reveals one of his feet, detained and earlier to start laying ropes and shoes, before XiaYao did not have much thought.

The couple was almost afraid during the year when he lived with Zhou. At this point, Xia Yao simply forgot his current position, thought about Zhou Du, and even gave him Zhou Du shoes.

When the finger XiaYao had traces, he struck the face of ZhouDu as it burns in the fire, and numbness spreads all his foot in his mind from his feet.

“Do not touch me!” He was worried about XiaYao. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Immediately Xiayao felt like shaking a bottle of cold water, he shifted sideways.

On the other hand, ZhouDu is not aware of the unusual behavior of XiaYao, and you want to stand fast before you stand on the chair and place it on your rope and shoes. The school doctor quietly saw Kayang and smiled from my heart.

“Come here, Mr. Gay,” she went out, threw XiaYao to ZhouDu, “he is, is multiplying by weight on the foot, then you have little support for him back, you can not get a taxi directly in the hospital.”

XiaYao stood aside and begged. He fought to speak with his rough voice: “Call me Wang Hao” and call before the fire can answer Zhou Du.

The doctor screamed, looked at Zhou and said, “You’re waiting here.”

The fog stays immovable and looked at XiaYao’s silhouette, who was slowly awake when he threw away away.

When Vanghao heard that Zhou Du was hurt, everything he first did was laugh.

XiaYao pushed Wang Hao’s hand and caused panic care. On the way, because the Wanghao smile is wide enough to see the tooth, which was also extended in the pediatrician by looking at ZhouDu.

“You’re out of the water box, ZhouDu. My little Doudou, you’re a great job stamped your feet while having a brother take care of the hospital,” Wanghao will be ridiculous.

The neighborhood was angry, but how much would you want to kill Wingao with a wounded foot? WangHao understand the intentions of ZhouDu and sarcastically said: “If you want bad things on your feet, ĉiopoze is, if you do not kick me, I will bring you to the hospital.”

Wang Hao tried to help Zhou Du. The latter was watching Xia Yao without trying to conceal Xia Yao. He smokes when announcing that XiaYao is standing at an angle that he does not plan for him.

They talked to her about Zhou Du, very carefully, but woke her from sleep “Do not Touch Me” from ZhouDu’s mouth. He could not adapt to these sudden changes, sending both, seeing fighting for the weight of other people.

“Have you noticed?” The doctor repeatedly cured the iPad.

“No,” XiaYao shook his head.

“I see, but I feel better to accompany him,” she defended. “Colleagues need to take care of each other”

Before leaving the health school, XiaYao was given to a smiling doctor.

“Most of the time I do not need Joe Doo is my love for him, I think,” he thought.

The last sun disappeared from the city, the city was illuminated for some time.

XiaYao raised his bag that was ready to leave him. At that time, Wanghao yelled at XiaYao and ran from the school gate “There is a problem that something happens to ZhouDu!” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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  1. Last time it was XY who did something to ‘force’ ZD in a relationship with him, this time looks that it will be the opposite xD
    Go scheme ZD!!!

  2. My heart hurts just by seeing all the misunderstandings, though I guess it’s mostly ZhouDu’s fault for not being aware enough… Anyways, thanks for the chapter!

  3. Their biggest problem either it in the future & past is the lack of communication between them, their nature to bottle up everything they feel make their misunderstanding between them getting worse. XY’s low esteem & ZD’s shy personality honestly dangerous combination, I really wish ZD can move more bravely to approach XY if he really likes XY…

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  6. I guess all those 7 years, it is mostly ZhouDu fault since he is so insensitive towards XiaYao. His outburst of ‘don’t touch me’ and then expecting him to touch him shows that. As well as, the demanding answer of ‘did you like me?’ right before the crash. I remember ZhouDu brushed it off with jokes, calling him like a little girl before saying ‘If you want me to say it, then I like you’. It can be interpreted as, he will do it as long as XiaYao demands him as XiaYao is saviour of his sister (which is the guilt of XiaYao all those years). Sigh.

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