New Rule – No spoilers in comment

Hey guys,

It’s not really a new rule because it’s been there all along, but we haven’t said it officially before. We thought it was kind of evident, but it seems to be happening more and more. Please don’t ruin other people’s experience by commenting spoilers. Even on old chapters, someone who hasn’t read it might come along and read it for the first time years after it’s been posted.

Spoiler comments will be deleted or edited at our discretion.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Wagahai Fujoshi with ExR

ExR Japanese SFX
Happy Holidays 

6 thoughts on “New Rule – No spoilers in comment

  1. Yaaaass! Thank you for pointing that out.. There’s peoples like that. Well maybe they’re just to excited to shared but there’s a cases when i dropped a good reading because of a spoilers😰 it’s like the story lost its sparks😅 and needs time to forget their spoilers for me to continue on reading the novel😂

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