Mecha Slave Contract Character List

Meet the Characters

Luo XiaoLou

Luo XiaoLou, Main Character
Transmigrated into the future and is working hard on becoming a mecha maker.

Yuan Xi

Yuan Xi, Main Character
Trapped Luo XiaoLou into a "slave contract" and wants him to become his sole mecha maker.


125, Main Character
A beast mecha left for the original Luo XiaoLou by his mouth. Takes the form of a tiny dino.

Luo Family Tree

Minor Characters

These characters appear in many chapters.

Li Qing - Original Luo XiaoLou’s dead mother. She had exotic beast genetics that were passed down to him. 

Luo Family

Luo ChengYan - Original Luo XiaoLou’s father. Military General. 

Mrs. Luo - Luo ChengYan’s official wife

Luo ShaoJun - Luo ChengYan’s oldest son and Luo XiaoLou’s oldest brother.

Luo ShaoTian - Luo ChengYan’s son and Luo XiaoLou’s 2nd oldest brother.

Luo ShaoFan - Luo ChengYan’s youngest son and Luo XiaoLou’s younger brother.

Ms. Jin - Li Qing’s maid. Raised Luo XiaoLou, Luo ShaoFan’s real mother. 


Direct Yuan Family Members

Yuan Lie - Yuan Xi’s father. 

Feng JiaLing - Yuan Xi’s “mother.” A great mecha pilot. 

Yuan Nuo - Yuan Xi’s cousin. His father was killed by exotic beast

Yuan Che - Yuan Xi’s older brother

Xiao Ge - Yuan family butler


Characters from School

Tian Li - Mecha Maker, in Class 10 with Luo XiaoLuo, and one of his friends

Yates - Mecha Warrior, and one of Luo XiaoLuo’s friends

Ling Xu - Young master of the PDG family. And ex-lover of Luo XiaLou’s previous body before he transmigrated into it. One of top 3 mecha warriors in school, and in Class 1.

Yang Ke - Mecha maker, top in class, in Class 1. Son of Old Yang, who Luo XiaoLou helped build parts more quickly

Ze Ya - Mecha maker, in Class 1. Female and likes Yuan Xi

Zhuang Yi - Mecha warrior, in Class 1

Mu Chen - Mecha warrior, in Class 1

Shay, San Jin, and Buck - Mecha makers who are friends of Yang Ke’s

Zhuang Yi - Mecha warrior, was a temporary practice partner to Luo XiaoLou, and asked him to become his Mecha Maker, because he liked his style, but Luo XiaoLou rejected his offer. However, he told Luo XiaoLou if he ever changed his mind he would be available.

Director Wang - Dean of First Year academic affairs


Characters from Luo XiaoLou’s Career

Master Yan - Master builder, works in Research & Development Department of Kang Group, Luo XiaLou’s Master

Shen Yuan - Master Yan’s Assistant, who has trained and mentored Lou XiaoLou.

Di Jia - Head of the Research Department at Kang Group

Bless - Mysterious character that is a disciple of the online Master of Luo XiaoLou 

Coach Rocky - Mecha warrior coach at Radiance Club, coaches Luo XiaoLou

Coach Todd - Mecha warrior coach at Radiance Club, rival coach of Coach Rocky

Luca - Mecha warrior that trains at Radiance Club, and issues fight with Luo XiaoLou

Manager Gao - Buys and sells things for Lou XiaoLou, a business partner.

Teacher Song - Lou XiaoLou teacher he met on the network, who thought him the basic designs of a mecha

Master Hebrew - Lou XiaoLou's teacher's rival, Bless's teacher


Characters from Yuan Xi’s Past

Su Lan - Childhood friend of Yuan Xi. Loves Yuan Xi. 

Yue Shang - Childhood friend of Yuan Xi’s. Loves Yuan Xi. 

Xia Zuo - Yuan Xi’s guard

Rod - Yuan Xi’s guard


Characters from Other Planets

Princess Leia - Maiden who was forced to mind control Yuan Xi with spiritual powers on planet “XX” to save her clan, the shadow people who were wanted by the Federation. 

Ashe - Member of the Shadow People, from planet “XX”

Locke - Who they are

Arthur - Captain of Space Pirates

Luen - Space Pirate

Ivan - 11 or 12 year old boy that lives with Arthur

Li - Space Pirate, jealous of attention Arthur gives Luo XiaoLou

Bai Heng - Mecha Maker and manages store room for Arthur


Exotic Beasts

Li Mo - Luo XiaoLou’s distant relative. White tiger form.

Cyril - Mecha warrior, in class 1, a Raimyu Beast, from the planet Rising Star who escaped the Federation, and went to planet Anse to live as a human being.

Super Minor Characters

These characters appear in less than 50 chapters throughout the 304 chapters.

chibi- MECHA

Shen Yuan’s Apprentice

Director Wang Huo

Red Hair Delinquent/ Chen Hua

Wang Yong

Da Shan (Big Mountain)

Teacher Carlo


Green Dragon


Headmaster Aston

Admiral Gao Chen

Boss Shen - Given a mission by a Colonel to buy the scrapped mecha at Heavenly Winter auction that LXL and Yates attended.

Zega - A kind lady that helped Luo Xiaolou on his first day. Helped him purchase a house and inform him about available food. Proud worker of Star River Mall.

Ze Ya

Zhuang Yi

Wang Jing & Wu Yong

Yate’s Temp Mecha Maker

Sanjin, Buck, & Shay

Soldier (Client of Heavenly Winter)

AJ & Yaheng


Gao Qi - The first contestant that Luo Xiaolou fights against at the mecha competition. Very arrogant


The Shadow People




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