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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


“Are you done, you little bald bird? If it weren’t for the fact that you’re an Ewan’s spiritual body, I’d crush your head.”


“Try pecking me again!”


“… Did you just despise me? How dare you despise me, you stupid bird!”


“Woof! Woof!” Iron Egg, you pay attention to me, I am Tyrant Tyrant.

“What? Iron Egg? Little one.”

Ewan woke up to such chaotic sounds. Was this what it felt like to see a chicken flying? The first thing Ewan felt after waking up was that the world suddenly became so clear, he had never felt there was anything wrong with his senses before, but at this moment he felt like he was nearsighted and deaf before.

The distant sounds were dotted with clarity, but not messily intertwined with the sounds of the near. The smell of the air, the slight warmth of the sun baking, the light air freshener left by the daily automatic cleaning, the smell of books, the smell of the bedding after washing, and the slightly bitter and astringent smell of grass pheromone.

Ewan lying on the bed, looking at the person sitting cross-legged on the bed with his back to himself, Baylor was now arguing with his spiritual body, next to Super Wolf also lying on the bed, very anxious to use his paws to pull the small ball, but did not dare, only paws keep pulling the blanket.

The young falcon noticed Ewan’s sobriety, he didn’t want to pay any attention to the one person and the dog in front of him, his head tilted, and met his master’s eyes.

Baylor was still laughing, “Iron Egg, it’s so suitable, Iron Egg hello haha-” He was laughing so hard that the bed was shaking.

Then the next second, a hand suddenly wrapped around his waist from behind, then pulled him backwards with force. He fell backwards in a cross-legged position and fell into a warm embrace, his laughter abruptly stopped. Baylor tilted his head and his eyes went from that throat knot up to the stern jawline, to the nostrils – any higher and he would have to roll his eyes. So he stopped and asked, “Hmm? You’re awake?”

Ewan’s hand, which had been pulling Baylor over, had slipped up and around his shoulders, his big palm rubbing Baylor’s raven-black hair, and with a snort he said, with a bit of headache and helplessness, “How do you expect me to sleep with all this noise?” And actually arguing with a young falcon, Baylor was really too good –

The idea of this, Ewan’s palm increased a few degrees of force. Well, that’s a nice head rub.

Baylor felt that Ewan was getting more and more reckless, and he grabbed Ewan’s hand, “Don’t rub my hair.”

“Don’t you like it? Doesn’t Super Wolf like it a lot?”

Super Wolf next to him immediately walked carefully around the falcon, ran to Ewan’s other side and got down, then sent his head up. Yeah, yeah, he likes it.

Baylor’s mouth twitched, not bothering with this one dog and one person, legs still coiled, he pulled Ewan’s hand down as soon as he sat up immediately, “Are you okay now?” 

After turning around, this time he was comfortable to see Ewan’s face. And at this time the little falcon also fluttered the still little strength of the wings, jumped on Ewan’s feet, and then all the way slowly walked to Ewan’s chest, and then continued to nest down.

Super Wolf watched the young falcon come closer to it, it ‘owled’ again to say hello to the little falcon. But as soon as it opened its mouth, it was Iron Egg, and the little falcon’s dark eyes were emotionless.

“Mn, I’m okay.” Ewan also sat up, using the palm of his hand to protect the falcon that rolled down because of the movement, he said, “just need to adapt to it.”


“My five senses have gotten stronger.”

Baylor froze slightly, “You… Really became a guide?”

Ewan had a bit of a headache, “Not sure yet, but it’s definitely not the same as before, what’s the difference between a guide and a sentinel?” 

Baylor clasped his hands and explained, “A guide’s mental power is biased towards defense, calming and healing, so it will not have strong offensive power like a sentinel. A sentinel’s mental power can act on itself, quickly strengthen the five senses until they can not bear it, but also stimulate the body’s muscle potential, forcibly improve the short term combat ability, guide is the complete opposite.” He said, “A guide’s spiritual power is used to calm the spiritual power of a sentinel, so the guide can weaken the sentinel with their own five senses, and let the sentinel go back to their normal situation.”

Because he did not have a guide, his five senses had always been in an extremely sensitive state, but a sentinel with a fixed guide could actually be like a normal person during non-combat periods, as they could also reduce the burden that external information puts on their mental power.

“But well, the calming ability of a guide is not something that every guide can master, it also needs to be learned…”

Ewan’s eyelashes dropped and he frowned, then raised again and nodded, “I seem to know how to do it.” His five senses weren’t as sharp as they could be.

“…” Baylor clasped his hands and looked at Ewan, “You’d be killed by those guides in that world of ours like that.” Although this calming ability was a guide’s innate ability, to use it skillfully still needed a lot of practice. After all, the spiritual power of such things was arcane and mysterious.

Somehow Ewan immediately knew.

“Then how can I help you?” Ewan suddenly asked.

With no personal experience, he did not know, but once he had experience, only would he know that the five senses were strengthened on the burden of people, and listen to Baylor’s meaning, his five senses were not as sharp as Baylor, then how hard was it usually for Baylor?

No wonder Baylor had always disliked crowded places, and when he was taken out before his wish was only to go to the supermarket.

Baylor also did not know what Ewan was thinking, the look in his own eyes gradually became strange, inexplicably goosebumps, “I… I don’t know, I’m not a guide.”

Ewan was about to say something else, but suddenly looked at his spiritual body.

“What’s wrong?” Baylor asked with concern.

“Nothing… It just feels amazing.” The induction with the spiritual body. Ewan reached out to his spiritual body and rubbed its little head, he asked with some confusion, “How come Lightning is so small? When the spiritual body first appears, are they all young?” In that case, he had seen Dragon Hunter as a pup in the dream world before.

That’s a good question. Baylor thought for a moment, “Generally speaking, it has something to do with the age of the master. By definition, your spiritual body should be an adult body, but there are no sentinels or guides in this world, so I’m not clear.” After answering, Baylor reacted with hindsight, “Lightning?”

Ewan put Lightning into his chest pocket, after he passed out last night, Baylor just pulled him into bed and didn’t change his clothes for him, so he was still wearing the same set from last night.


Thinking of the spiritual body’s accusation of the name ‘Iron Egg’ just now, Ewan locked eyes with the leaping ‘Ardent Tyrant’ next to him and said emphatically, “Not Iron Egg, but Lightning. “

Baylor was not very satisfied, “Too cheesy, I think Iron Egg is more interesting, you no longer want to think carefully?”

Ewan, “… No need.”

Any name would be better than Iron Egg.


“Where has the General been lately?”

It was Ensley’s day to exchange with the military, and after she went to see the training, she asked Sean curiously, “Is he in the military? Do you know about his affair with Baylor? Why did he send a message and disappear? Do you know how many people are waiting for him?”

He turned away expressionlessly and continued to watch the content on his screen. Today was the day the preliminary groupings came out, and he was waiting to see who Baylor’s first fighter would be.

“Don’t play dumb, did you already know about the General’s affair with Baylor? No wonder several military instructors didn’t rob you at that time, you must have gone through the back door.”

“…” Sean nodded his head very frankly, “Yes, you are very smart.”

“! You’re so unkind too!” Ensley slapped the table, “What happened to fair play?” If it weren’t for Sean, Baylor would be her student right now.

Sean grew up with an aristocratic education, excellent connotation, in the face of Ensley’s rage, he just silently moved to the right to avoid anything falling, “Who told you about fair play?”

“Oh, I see.” Ensley did not know what came to mind, she suddenly clasped her hands and stood there looking at Sean in a condescending manner, “I said you this old cunning person how will suddenly go to be the examiner of the military examination, you were helping the General to see the people at that moment, right?” She touched her chin, “Then they hooked up together quite early, ah, it is difficult to believe that the Internet is right, Baylor was really sent by TL7 to be the General’s mistress? I remember a few months ago when we established a partnership with TL7 planet, they sent a batch of things to the General, and then he disappeared for more than a month. The General also reappeared along with … Ah, they returned to the Empire together at that time.”

After all, it was a veteran military instructor, mixed for so many years, who had become a human being, Ensley did not take a moment to add the complete story at that time. Then it was self-consciously there emotionally, “good guy good guy, so the General initially disappeared for more than a month to find himself a mate. Tsk, the General has changed, he betrayed us.”

Sean looked at Ensley, he shook his head speechlessly. Ensley was a contemporaneous student with him at first, and she was crazy hard when she was a recruit back then, and after all these years, she was even crazier, “Did you come to the military department just to gossip?”

Ensley nodded her head. Now who was not curious about this matter, she was crazy curious, but the parties involved were still all silent, only the Ministry of the military public relations office to deal with the online public opinion, “Yeah, you haven’t said, where have the General and Baylor been lately?” Then she came over and saw Sean’s screen showing the competition schedule page, and she said, confused, “Military competition selection? What are you looking at this for? Who’s participating?”

Sean was so annoyed by her that he simply replied, “Baylor. Aren’t you curious? Go there and find him on the day of the competition.” Don’t block him here.

Very decisive betrayal of Baylor.

Ensley’s eyes lit up, she was over forty, but very well maintained, plus young at heart, always looking like a twenty or thirty year old, she understood, “So you are looking at the grouping, Once you find out who he is going up against, what are you going to do?” Her eyes fell on those competition notes then stared, “Sean, you’re crazy.”

Sean expressionlessly spoke back, “You’re crazy.”

“No, how could you put Baylor in the mecha division? How long has he been exposed to mecha training? That’s not the way you do it!” After all, Baylor was a newcomer that she had high hopes for, and even though Baylor was not one of her students, she had high hopes for Baylor. “The contestants in the military competition are basically in the military for more than two years of experience, even if the requirements are relaxed this year, so that the new recruits who just entered the military can…” Ensley’s voice was heard, she responded, “When the deadline was relaxed, it was the General who wanted Baylor to participate, right?”

“That’s correct.”

“…” Ensley frowned as she became even more confused, “Baylor’s strength is indeed very strong, if he participates in the single combat tournament, he might be able to qualify for the final outing and quickly rise in rank, but what’s the reasoning behind you guys enrolling him in the mecha tournament?”

Letting your own mate go through a setback?

“Baylor’s purpose in the tournament is not to win.” Sean said as he typed in Baylor’s name, “It’s for his training.”

Ensley was silent again, “mecha practical training?”


“… Bullshit.” Good guy, actually deliberately gave access to people, just to take this vital military competition for people to do training. Such a big gesture, really opened her eyes.

At this time, Sean also happened to have seen Baylor’s first battle opponent, he showed a slightly surprised expression, “Jon Schwinn?”

Ensley came over to take a look, “Wow, a Colonel, what kind of devilish luck is this?”

She couldn’t believe he drew a colonel as his opponent for the first battle. If Baylor was there, he might have remembered that this Jon Schwinn was the same Colonel who was on the Cross Star, a good friend of Nord’s, and had taken good care of him when he was on the Cross Star.

They just didn’t expect that they would actually meet in the race now.

Ensley shook her head, “No matter what, Baylor will still be struggling a bit against a colonel, your plan of using the selection competition as a practical exercise will only be realized once.”

Meaning that Baylor would probably lose the round.

Sean pursed his lips and pondered for a moment, hitting a colonel at the beginning was indeed not within his expectation, Baylor’s luck was too bad.

“It’s okay, once is enough.” As long as there was a gain, although it was a bit of a pity.


The internet was already abuzz with discussions about Baylor, even if the two ‘Baylor’ come with their own traffic, which were uncovering Baylor’s background, and even people have started to calculate Baylor’s eight characters and past and present lives. If there was anyone who was most concerned about these topics, it had to be the originator of this controversy – Austin.

‘Baylor’s’ name was being mentioned everywhere and everyone knew what he had done.

That would have been his intention, otherwise he wouldn’t have sold that surreptitiously captured video to the paparazzi and then gone online to anonymously break the story.


It wasn’t right. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Why are people still speaking up for him? Shouldn’t they be scolding him? Call him a bitch, call him a shameless villain, a dirty man… And it shouldn’t be like this now.

He bit his finger, looking at quite a few posts on the forum touting Baylor because of Ewan’s appearance, those eyes that were still good looking were now filled with a vicious glow.

What about his good looks and superior strength? Baylor was simply no match for him, just a loser, only to be used as a plaything, to be raped and humiliated. Baylor’s fate should be like this, to crawl at his feet, to wag his tail and beg for mercy, and then never see the light of day, like a rat. But why… Why did everything change after coming here?

Baylor became a dazzling newcomer to the military, he actually had fans, he had an affair with a film emperor, and now – the god of war actually said he was pursuing him? On what basis? On what grounds?!

He was the most noble omega on TL7, the pearl of the president, what was Baylor? His genetic qualification test was only F… Yes, F. How could an F omega pass the military test? How could he have defeated Eric of the 1st Imperial Military Academy that night, and how could he have won the favor of the God of War?

It must all be a scam.

Baylor must have done something untoward, perhaps he was subjected to secret experiments, he might have taken a forbidden drug –

Austin’s eyes lit up, cynicism had made him look a little inhumanly crazy at the moment, and he suddenly opened the document and started cracking down a diatribe denouncing Baylor’s cheating in the military examination, suspecting the General of the Military Department of giving him the green light and suspecting that Baylor had taken stimulants and other forbidden substances to improve his combat power, an F-rank omega could not have such high combat power!

While writing, Austin showed an excited smile. He wanted to reveal all of Baylor’s tricks, Baylor was a dirty liar, his father had cheated the whole planet, and now he wanted to cheat the world too. And he would not allow it, he would be the hero to expose all this.

It was his turn to be noticed by the world for once. This diatribe was still being written, and the subject of the article was unaware of the outside turmoil at the moment.

The only two times he went out were to the private mecha training ground, and his contacts hadn’t been looked at much, and he didn’t know anything about outside contacts, because after all, he was a non-reader.

As for the Internet…. Baylor had not been to the StarNet forum, because he simply could not find a place.

And Baylor had not adapted to this world’s high-tech things, so if not necessary, he basically did not use them. Usually, at home, he only used them to watch movies and TV shows and the like, living like an old man.

Baylor was now behind Ewan, lying on the back of the sofa chair, watching him search for various falcons in their infancy, to try to find out what Lightning was.

“I think this one looks quite similar.” He said, pointing to the ‘peregrine falcon’.

Then after a few seconds, he pointed to the ‘bald falcon’ below and tapped Ewan’s shoulder excitedly, “This one, it’s definitely this one, you believe me.”

Ewan: … Ewan reached out with his left hand to grab the hand that was vigorously patting his shoulder, and then continued to navigate down with his other hand.

And at this time, Super Wolf finally had a chance to get close to his little pup, Lightning nestled on that carpet, while Super Wolf plopped down in front of him, wagging his tail excitedly, and then raised his paws–

With a ‘snap’, the palm-sized little falcon was raked down in one fell swoop.

Super Wolf:…

Lightning: …

“Awooo.” Super Wolf let out a very innocent cry, why are you so weak?

Lightning: … Lightning that gray-white fluffy, a pair of cold black eyes without emotion stared at the dog in front of him, and then fluttered his own wings and broke himself upright.

Super Wolf did not dare to touch the little one randomly, it directly lay on its side, revealing its belly, and then the dog head tilted, a pair of ice blue narrow eyes at the moment eyeballing Lightning.

It could not get close to the other, but Iron Egg could come over. However, Lightning was like a mountain sculpture, nestled there motionless, eyes also unblinking, obviously a pair of beans large eyes and curved hook-like beak, but at the moment could be seen an expressionless high sense of cold.

Even a voice was lacking.

And at this time Ewan looked around, some headache frowned, falcon species were too many, because after all, from the Earth period on the existence of animals, the original species and new species must add up to tens of thousands of species, and the juvenile period also basically could not see any difference.

He was a general of the military department, but not an avian biologist, looking around he was also the same as Baylor, inept about animals.

“Forget it, we’ll know naturally when Lightning grows up.” Ewan gave up.

Baylor felt some pity, he pulled out the hand that had been tugged, stood up straight, “We’re not looking any longer?” Too little perseverance.

“No more searching.” Ewan decisively turned the screen off, “And you should train.” But today, instead of going out to train, he’s training on a simulator in the mansion’s training room. Sean sent the training program over early in the morning, and Ewan had installed it the day before.

Baylor shrugged, “All right.”

The training room was on the first floor, with a fighting room and gym next to it. After settling Baylor in, Ewan got down to the business of the military department, his body was actually still a little hot, but he had been resting for a long time.

The recent movements of the Marl Galaxy had been getting bigger and bigger, and even started a military collection at the border, such movements had not only caused his concern alone, the recent military department had started to discuss this. Because this was not just a matter of the Ya’an Empire, but at the Alix Galaxy level, so the leaders of the planets need to be called to discuss.

The tentative plan was to take the opportunity of the Alix Galaxy’s military competition afterwards, so that everyone could get together and have a thorough discussion.

But Ewan felt that the current trend was such that he couldn’t wait that long.

The Marl Galaxy was in a hurry.

The bony fingers lightly tapped on the desktop, Ewan showed a deep thoughtful gaze. As far as he knew, the current head of the Sycamore Church was not such a radical person. But, for Baylor…did they really want to go to war?

But now it seemed that Baylor was indeed important.

Ewan lowered his head and looked at his hands, he was now also able to feel the fluctuation of the spiritual body that remained in the living room, something he had never felt before.

Although he did not know what was going on, Baylor had the ability to stimulate the potential of human spirituality, at the very least, he was under the influence of Baylor, had the ability of that so-called ‘guide’, but also had a spiritual body.

Even if he couldn’t use it directly to enhance his combat ability, the boost in spirituality was enough. After all, although it had not been tried yet, but for him to carry out mecha operation, there was certainly a great improvement. And now was the time to rely on mecha fighting.

It seemed he would need to have another chat with Nord.

Five hours of training and Baylor cleared all the tasks. He had always been one to not stop until he had used up all his power, and at the moment he had done his best. After a while of slowing down in the training pod, Baylor opened it up and came out, looking around and not finding Ewan. Slightly confused, he took a towel aside to wipe his sweat and pushed the door out of the training room.

Through the adjacent gym, Baylor came to the corridor, was ready to go up the stairs, but his eyes were suddenly attracted to the room at the other end of that corridor.

He didn’t come to the first floor very often, and this time it was because he needed to use the training room that he came to this unfamiliar floor.

When Ewan introduced him to these rooms, he did not mention the room at the other end of the corridor.

What was it for?

Baylor ghostly walked over and tried to push it open, but it didn’t push, the door was locked. Baylor raised an eyebrow with some surprise, there were nearly twenty rooms in this house, none of them were locked, this was the only one.

What’s the secret inside?


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