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Chapter 118: God said There Will Be Light

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Outside the dense atmosphere outside the purple planet, seven Sky Wolf Legion mecha and 90 combat ships have met the forces stationed on the purple planet Hao head-on. It was a battle of the few against the many. Even though the main army of the Church was now held back by them in the Gamma River, the Church army stationed within this Holy Capital still had 200,000. In terms of numbers, this was already a battle of eggs against rocks.

In front of the single Sky Wolf Legion team, there was a church army thousands of times larger than theirs.

The leader of the mecha among the ninth team leader Annie, facing such an enemy, did not show a trace of fear, through the intercom, she said, “The enemy is outnumbered, in this situation, we have to maximize the use of all the energy. We can not easily waste the ammunition of a soldier! Remember, our first task is to stall the enemy, hold out until the General succeeds in invading, we are victorious!” Her voice was powerful and resounding, “Let them see the strength of Sky Wolf Legion’s elite troops! Spread out the formation and attack!”

“Yes!” A strong-willed reply rang out from among every unit.

Each mecha was followed by 12-13 battleships, which quickly spread out in seven squads, each with its own coordinates far away from the other, but able to support each other from left to right, so that three squads could converge into one large squad at the critical moment, a very flexible formation. Indeed, according to their strength, they were indeed at a disadvantage.

But the soldiers who could participate in this mission were the elite of the elite, even the co-pilot of a combat ship was the leader of a group of a thousand people, and was usually able to fight as one of ten strong.

The leader of the ninth team leader Annie was also the captain of one of the highest combat power groups, and had eliminated interstellar pirates countless times. That day she also led the team to rescue the Crusader.

She gathered here on behalf of the Sky Wolf Legion’s highest battle power of a group of people.

The black mecha [Black Star] with Wellin and the fourth team vice captain Lovells, 10 combat ships loaded with 100 land soldiers. Bishop had expected to guard in the middle of the holy capital, looking at the approaching people, he sneered, “The enemy is coming, aim – fire!”

Above the ground the cannonball mouths were black and dense as a beehive when viewed from above. With a command, flame bombs and laser bombs in the air to pull out the ballistic trajectory almost cut the sky into squares.

The people who had been notified in advance to take refuge in the shelter listened to the sound of shells outside and closed their eyes in horror. For those who did not have time to take refuge in their homes, a child held by a woman did not know fear, he opened his bright eyes and saw the sky outside the window from afar, he pointed to the trajectories and said, “Mom, it’s a chessboard, a big chessboard.”

The woman hurriedly buried the child’s head tightly in her arms and then covered his ears with her hands.

In the next second, the thunderous sound almost tore heaven and earth apart, and the buildings shook because of the loud sound. The smoke caused a thick fog that obscured the sky, and the azure sky became gloomy all of a sudden, almost as if day had gone to night all of a sudden.

In the midst of this fog, a line of figures fell from the sky, wearing armor Marine soldiers landed from the sky, like stones hitting the ground hard, the ground cracked open. These marines were like giants under the steel armor, and the moment they hit the ground, they popped out their mobile devices under their feet and dashed toward the turret under the firepower.

There were even some Marine soldiers who landed directly in the turret area, destroying the firing platform the moment they landed.

Bishop frowned, “Information Service, confirm the remaining enemy units!”

“Detected 113 combat units.”

“What?!” Did the attack just now actually miss completely?

The black mecha in the middle grabbed an explosive bomb in its hand and threw it at the mountainous area next to it, and the mountain exploded into flames. The other two mecha were holding long swords made of energy.

Among the black stars, Ewan’s calm voice reached all the ears, “Do not hurt the people, try to fight away from the residential areas, and target the enemy forces with precise strikes.”

If not for the situation, he would not have used force against the non-war zone.

At the same time, he ordered, “The rescue team and [Dark Cloud] quickly rendezvous, according to the original plan of action.”

[Dark Cloud] was their undercover agent in the Holy City, if not necessary he would not be used, but now staying undercover was no longer necessary. After giving the order, Ewan stared at the cathedral, which was in a straight line with him, and beyond it was a city-like palace area, where the headquarters of the Church of Sycamore was located, and where Baylor was at the moment.

He looked distractedly into his cockpit, where Super Wolf stood up straight and looked in the same direction as him. And showing his teeth in an attack stance. This is…

Without waiting for Ewan to think more, suddenly in a flash, the cathedral as the center, suddenly burst open with violent spiritual power fluctuations. This spiritual power fluctuated even Wellin and Bishop and other ordinary people felt.

That was a burst of strong air pressure like a mountain overturning the sea, from the cathedral as the center of the extremely tyrannic road was instantly swept away, even the clouds of smoke in the sky were also shockingly washed away.

Ewan’s face sank, his heart clenched up fiercely, what was that?

The black mecha was like an arrow towards the cathedral, the center of the air pressure, countless people were to go forward to block, however, their block in front of the mecha was like thin paper, fragile. The battleship of the church army was like a toy in front of it, and was destroyed without mercy.

And Bishop finally understood why the previous shells did not hit each other – in the face of the shells, the black mecha spun around, the long sword flashed out from above the arm, and then precisely cut those shells away, and at the same time, the launch port popped out from the other hand, and the cover that concealed the launch pad was directly blown away.

It was simply a god to kill a god, Buddha to kill a Buddha.

And at this time, Ewan stared at the cathedral, the pair of goose gray eyes full of cold killing intent.

While rushing toward the church, mecha’s central control system said, “Particle cannon is ready, the target has been aimed, please order–“

Ewan’s voice was biting, “Fire.”


Ten minutes ago, in the underground space of the cathedral, it was like another space, the colorful stone ‘mountain’ made this place like a small world. And the sound of shelling outside could only reach here from afar, faded into the faintest of insect chirps.

Baylor was woken up by the restless mental power fluctuations, perhaps because of the sense of crisis, Baylor quickly woke up, the memory before he fainted back into his mind, he opened his eyes violently, then found himself trapped in a cylindrical device, through the transparent wall in front of him, Baylor clearly saw an amazing storage of ancestral stones.

Sure enough, the powerful mental energy fluctuations he felt before were really ancestral stones. This cylindrical device was very cramped, could only let Baylor turn around, he hit hard, but found that could not hit. And he realized after the fact that his hands and feet had been released from the lock cuffs.

Just then, through the transparent wall, a voice came through somewhat hazily. “Not bad for you to come to your senses so quickly.”

Baylor pressed up against that wall and looked to the side, only then did he see Right River wearing a bishop’s white and gold ceremonial robe, and he was now smiling and staring at Baylor.

“But it’s good to be awake, being conscious is also more helpful for fusion.”

Fusion? Does that mean-

Baylor realized that from the bottom of the ‘prison’ where he was trapped, there were many tentacles. They were connected to the device under the piles of ancestral stones, and many of them were spreading to the ‘sky’, poking into the inner wall, and going to nowhere.

Because of the perspective, Baylor could not see that the cylindrical device was only the tip of the iceberg, the whole Eve device was like a big tree, those pipes were its root system, and Baylor was at the bottom of the trunk.

“Get me out of here!” Baylor shouted angrily.

“That won’t do.” Right River replied with a smile, followed by dozens of others, all of them wearing white cloaks and silver masks on their faces like the woman before.

“I didn’t want to rush such a big ceremony,” Right River said with a bit of regret, “This ceremony that can be recorded in the history books should have been carefully planned and held in a grand manner, but unfortunately.”

At this time Baylor was not in the mood to listen to his nonsense, he tilted his head to look carefully at the structure of the cylinder, the wall in front of this does not know what was made, how to hit it does not move. And, he felt that the ‘fusion’ that Right River said was not a lie, he stared at the top like a lamp and like a cannon muzzle, the inside was gradually brightening from dull, he could feel his spiritual power like smoke, was being sucked away there.

He had a very strong bad feeling.

By the time it was completely lit up there, he would have completely merged with the system.

“We can only blame the God of War, who is unwilling to give us a little more time.”

This address immediately drew Baylor’s attention away, and he lowered his head, staring intently at RIght River, “Ewan is here?”

Sure enough, the tremors and sirens he heard just before he fainted were Ewan and the others.

“Yes, he’s here.” Probably because he felt that he had won, Right River said very generously at this moment, “with less than two hundred people, rushed here to rescue you, in fact, he did not have to come at all, it is also a good thing for you, breaking out of the current dimension to become a god, this is something others can not even ask for.”

“They seem to have turned the world upside down out there now, but it doesn’t matter, when the system fusion succeeds, Eve will grant our warriors powerful spiritual power, even the god of war will become a foreign dead soul.”

The young man in the fusion device sneered, his obsidian-like eyes were full of contempt, “Just you guys? In broad daylight, what are you dreaming about?”

Right River was slightly silent, the expression on his face didn’t change much, he just smiled and sighed softly, “The Holy Son is confident in that General, it doesn’t matter, after fusing with the system, the Holy Son can also see the scene of that General’s defeat with his own eyes.” Right River looked at the numerical panel in front of him, “It’s almost as if the Holy Son can feel it.”

As soon as the words fell from Right River’s mouth, a sense of emptiness suddenly flooded Baylor’s body, as if a piece of his body was suddenly empty, his emotions suddenly cooled down, the world in front of him obviously did not change, but it seemed to him as gray as an old photo. This was a sign that the mind was dissipating.

All thinking belonging to the existence of ‘Baylor’ would dissipate like smoke in the wind.

Right River did not lie, after fusing with the system, Baylor would indeed become a higher dimensional creature, he would only be left with a cloud of mental energy, or soul, but he would forget the past and future and self. Because where the spiritual force goes was where Baylor could see – he would be like air, everywhere, but nowhere to be found; he would see the whole universe, but there would be nothing in his eyes.

Just like [God].

Right River watched that the value meter was rising rapidly, and the power of the system had risen to its maximum; soon, the ritual would be completed. He bowed his head reverently for the first time, his hand respectfully placed before his heart. The people behind Right River bowed with him, and together they greeted the great moment to come.

The empty space suddenly echoed, like sobbing, as if there were tens of thousands of ghosts wandering. This strange movement made everyone hesitate, but still could not help but look up, and under that silver mask, many faces showed a look of doubt and panic.

“Eminence the Archbishop, what is going on?” Someone asked.

Right River frowned as he looked into the air, yet there was nothing in the air, only those ancestral stones suddenly shining brighter than usual –

While he was thinking about it, a strong wave suddenly exploded with a force comparable to that of an atomic bomb. And that wave seems to be directly in their minds in the explosion, everyone’s head was like being pried open like pain to almost numb, strange noise in their brains. They felt like they were falling into the deep sea, torn by thousands of fish, all of a sudden like being thrown into a volcano, burned by flames.

They saw countless images, memories that were their own, and images of memories that were completely foreign to them, and then they saw images of their own death. Someone was crushed to death by a boulder in the valley, someone was stabbed to death by the hand of a loved one, someone was trampled to death by tens of thousands of people…

After they died, they were suddenly reborn, reborn in a strange place, and then experienced death all over again. Then they came to a backward and poor street, the stench in the air was disgusting, and then they watched the ragged people in this street kill each other, blood converging into new rivers, and then from the fallen corpses one after another was born one monster after another.

Some of the monsters had heads full of tumors, each with a greedy eye. Some of the monsters opened their bellies to reveal everything inside themselves to them…


In reality, many people screamed, the exquisite silver mask had long been twisted under the struggle, the face exposed under the mask hideous and painful, they rolled their eyes, finally completely insane began to cry and laugh, they knelt on the ground, and kept banging their heads, do not know whether they were seeking death, or in the hope of knocking the dream to pieces.

A body of clothes was carried out from the water, the Right River with their strong spiritual power, barely struggling to regain some consciousness, but he also experienced the horror of everything, he covered his heart, the pupils vibrated violently, still could not distinguish between what was reality and what was a dream.

In this cobweb of confusion and fear, Right River realized something, he turned his head to look at the display, the time on the display had only passed less than a minute. He looked up at the fusion chamber, only to see that the shield made of cosmic-grade material already had the slightest crack on it, and then he locked eyes with the person inside.

The handsome young man stood in it, eyes downcast, looking at him with an extremely cold gaze, like looking at an ant. Then at this time, the sound of a violent explosion came, the ground shook. RIght River finally could not help but fall to his knees. Huge stones fell like rain, only those at the moment glowing extremely dazzling ancestral stones and the system like a large tree was still intact.

Immediately after.

The day dawned –

Just as in the book of Revelation, the gods said, there will be light, so the light of day dawned at first –


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