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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


In the garden surrounded by white stones in the embassy, the man who looked like a painting lazily rested his hand on the back of a bench and tilted his head, letting the sunlight kiss his glistening face, giving a soft glow to the delicate and smooth lines of his face.

The luxuriously dressed alpha in the corridor suddenly stopped in his tracks and asked, “Who is that beauty?” 

The receptionist next to him looked and replied, “It’s the omega that TL7 is going to give to General Ewan, he arrived at the embassy yesterday.” 

The man rubbed his chin, “This TL7 planet is poor and remote, but the quality of the beauty is very high.” With a twinkle in his eye, he confirmed again, “For the general?”


He chuckled frivolously, “Then I’ll go talk to this beauty.”

If it was for someone else, maybe he would have been a little concerned. But to Ewan’s, it was basically the same as no owner, after all, who does not know that Ewan never accepts people.

Staying on the Crusader for ten days without sun, Baylor felt for the first time that he missed the sun, and on the bench next to him was Super Wolf, who, because of the lack of space, rested his head on Baylor’s lap and enjoyed such a leisurely moment.

So Toynbee had to sit on the other bench, leaning forward, as close to Baylor as possible.

“Baylor, you and…” Toynbee asked squirmingly, “Ewan, now what?”

Baylor asked lazily in return, “How about what?”

“Just…” Toynbee deliberated, “Did you make any promises, like when he’s going to pick you up, or something like that?”

Baylor lifted his eyelids, eyes averted to Toynbee, “What deal? Why are you asking this?”

Toynbee was silent for a moment. Because he was in a hurry. So he couldn’t help but ask with the attitude of an old father worrying, “Baylor, what exactly is your relationship with Ewan now?”

What relationship? Baylor thought carefully, “Partner?” The sentinel and the guide were partners, just like he and Super Wolf.

Toynbee’s eyes were rounded and he looked at Baylor carefully, he found that Baylor did not look like joking, he asked incredulously, “Ewan…. . that’s what Ewan means over there?”

Baylor closed his eyes again and replied casually, “I guess.” If he wasn’t a partner, then Ewan was his property.

“…” What kind of partner would mark the other? Was he too old to keep up with the trend? Toynbee’s heart lifted for a moment, as he suddenly realized that he seemed a little too optimistic before.

However, at this moment, a voice suddenly interjected from the side. “Hello, my name is Darnell, may I have the honor to learn your name?”

Toynbee raised his eyes and saw that it was a man dressed in… How to say, fancy like a peacock alpha, that looked quite clean faced but also has a kind of extremely false smile.

Toynbee frowned slightly and was about to speak, but the young man who was still sunbathing with his eyes closed already said nonchalantly, “No.” He sounded like a cat with a lazy tone and a long, drawn-out tail. But his words did not sound as docile as those of a kitten, “You’re blocking my sun, get out of the way.”

Baylor had been poisoned for a long time, Toynbee heard the youth say ‘get out of the way’ surprisingly feeling that he was being very respectful to the other side. But apparently the other side did not feel that way, the alpha named Darnell’s smile became more far-fetched.

Toynbee got up and said, “Hello, my name is Toynbee, this is Count Baylor, we are from TL7.”

The smile on Darnell’s face was barely restored, but when he heard Toynbee’s words, he snorted and then said hypocritically, “Count? Not of the Ya’an Empire.” 

The word ‘the Ya’an Empire’ was used to emphasize the difference between himself and them. In his eyes, except for the titles of their country, the titles of other places were just a joke. With arrogance coming from his bones, he invited, “The sun is shining in the afternoon, why don’t I invite you two to have a cup of afternoon tea, and I can also do my best to show you around.”

Toynbee rolled his eyes in his mind, but he kept his manners and said, “Thank you, but no need, we are waiting for the general, it would be bad to leave and miss the general.”

Hearing Toynbee mention the general, this Count Darnell laughed twice contemptuously, “Huh.” 

What a naive person.

He put one hand behind his back and straightened his gold-embroidered collar with one hand, then said regretfully, “I’m afraid the general’s people aren’t that good at waiting, I’ve heard about your intentions, hey, it’s just that you’re from out of town, you probably don’t know that general isn’t that good at meeting people. Some people wait for a year without meeting him…” He gave a slight pause, raised his eyebrows and said arrogantly, “In fact, I went to school with the General, if you want to meet the general so much, I can help you talk to the general and arrange a meeting, as long as Mr. Baylor makes a ‘friend’ with me. “

“Hey–” The clear, lazy voice rang out, immediately attracting the gaze of Count Darnell, who looked at the young man’s swan-like neck wearing a black neck ring blocker because he was tilted up, revealing an infatuated gaze. He had played so many omega, there was not one so superb, simply too beautiful to be real.

“Can’t you understand human language?”

He froze.

The young man impatiently opened his eyes, his black pupils glowing a ghostly blue in the sunlight, cold and icy, “You’re blocking my sunlight. Get out of the way.”

Toynbee heard, can’t help but have a sense of affection, this was Baylor’s style. 

Because it was a beauty, so say such nonchalant words were cute.

Darnell smiled and said, “Does Count Baylor like to sunbathe? In fact, I have an estate in the vacation mecca of Jotana, where the sun is most pleasant, I can take you there…”

“Tsk.” Baylor moved his neck, and Super Wolf beside him leaped off his chair with a leap and propped himself up on the floor.

Ewan had instructed Baylor before he got off the ship to stay and recuperate from his injuries and not to fight, and he would make arrangements for Baylor to enter the Ministry soon. So Baylor had been resting peacefully for the past two days. He was not ready to do anything now, after all, the injury still hurts a bit, and it was not worth the pain for such a person.

So he simply stood up and took Super Wolf with him and prepared to leave.

A good afternoon, mixed in a fly. However, Darnell was not dead, even wanting to take advantage of the opportunity to get him, he reached out directly to grab him, “Eh, wait.”

But the boy dodged. Darnell looked at the youth’s agile movements, slightly frozen, but it did not matter, he took a big step, blocked in front of Baylor, “Count Baylor, tonight can you have a date? We could have a drink together.”

The implication of that was clear.

Baylor felt that he was really too good-tempered today, good-tempered was not good, it was easy to make people not understand human words. So he narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at the man in front of him with a hooked lip, Baylor smiled dazzlingly, and then he slowly said, “You are too ugly, get as far away as you can.”

These words brought Darnell back to reality from his mind wandering, “What did you say?!”

Baylor looked at the alpha with powdered face, hair oil, and a smiling expression on his face, and he said with disgust, “I feel like I’m having nightmares at night just looking at you, how can a nice person look like a bad toy on the street and scare the kids at home?”

“And go to afternoon tea with you, vacation? I’m afraid my cup of tea and pool are full of oil. How much of the tea was scraped off the ground?”

Toynbee’s solar plexus suddenly drilled in pain, they were finished.

Darnell’s face was red and white, no amount of pretty face could offset the killing power of these words at this point, he pointed at Baylor’s hand trembling, “You, you. I have never seen such a rude, rude person!” He gasped out of anger, “You’re finished! I will report to His Majesty immediately! How dare you offend the Empire’s count! You’re just a citizen of a small planet, I will expel you immediately!”

This commotion caused many people to look around, they have been talking about this TL7 planet was estimated to be suffering, after all, Empire within the interests of these noblemen collusion, the most official officials protect each other, and this Count Darnell was with the royal family, will certainly be vicious revenge. TL7 has just arrived in the imperial capital, no big tree to rely on, certainly can not fight against it.

At this time, Austin, who had been hiding from Baylor for a while now, also suddenly saw the movement in the garden. He stood on the porch of the second floor, hiding behind a pillar, looking shadowy at Baylor’s side, with a painful as well as a good laugh on his face.

Yes, teach him a good lesson, and never let him go! The best thing was to capture him and use him as a slave to torture him.

Baylor looked at this person who kept bouncing around, and the annoyance in his eyes gradually rose.

“You are staying at the embassy, stay well to recover from your injuries, do not cause trouble and fight, if your injuries worsen… You will certainly not pass the military examination.” Ewan’s words were still in his ears, Baylor frowned, thinking whether to continue to listen to Ewan’s words.

If he didn’t, he was afraid that guide Ewan would get angry, and what if he didn’t give him the guide element in the future? The temporary mark on his body was only valid for two months, after two months in order for Super Wolf to stay around, he still had to find someone to renew…

Listen… This guy was so annoying.

Toynbee looked at the deepening frown on Baylor’s brow and immediately stepped in front of Baylor. This expression was all too familiar to him, if this continues this little ancestor will definitely fight again.

“Count Darnell, please take it easy. Count Baylor is in a bad mood, talks a little impulsively, I apologize for him.” Toynbee said kindly, “Count Baylor is new to the Ya’an Empire, many etiquette is also unfamiliar, but I believe that later the general will teach Baylor well.”

Darnell could tell that Toynbee was using the general to pressure him. He sneered, “I think you are really living in a dream. The general will never pay attention to you poor country people, just now I was going to give you a chance to serve me comfortably, with my relationship with the general, you may have a chance to see the general, but now, ah, you offended me which is to offend the general. You have offended the general.”

Toynbee listened to Darnell’s words with conviction, there were a few drums in his heart, was it true that he and General Ewan were acquaintances?

And upstairs Austin heard these words, but was even more happy to laugh. He had offended a hard nail, and now Baylor would be finished!

“Is Count Baylor here?” Just then, a voice suddenly interjected. They looked, and Baylor and Toynbee froze for a moment, because this person looked exactly like the Wellin they knew.

So Toynbee asked, “Major General Wellin?”

Weifield, who was accompanied by several Sky Wolf Legion soldiers, stepped forward, “No, I’m the general’s second-in-command, Weifield.”

Weifield was Ewan’s second-in-command, and who in the empire didn’t know him and who didn’t want to climb the ranks. Darnell, after a moment of panic, asked in a pretentious manner, “Oh, it’s General Weifield, we haven’t seen each other for a while, how come you, a busy man, have time to come here?”

Weifield gave a sidelong glance at Darnell, maintained the most basic etiquette and replied, “Good day, Count Darnell.”

The tone was very cold, completely unfamiliar. But it was also not familiar, if not because Weifield as the secretary general needed to remember the names and faces of all the people named in the imperial capital, he could not remember who this was.

Ignoring the embarrassment on Darnell’s face, his gaze fell on Baylor, one of the three, and although he was certain in his mind, he asked respectfully, “Excuse me, are you Count Baylor?”

As expected of an omega who could take down the general, he really looked different.

Darnell heard Weifield’s tone, his face changed slightly, he frowned at Baylor.

And at that moment, Toynbee hurriedly replied, “He is!”

Weifield nodded slightly and explained his purpose, “I am here to fetch you by order of the general.”


No one was more shocked than Darnell, whose eyes were as wide as goldfish.

Weifield as Ewan’s deputy, can make him speak in such a respectful tone of few people, let alone he came to pick up someone …

General Ewan not only left the man behind, but also asked the secretary general himself to come and pick him up! This realization made Darnell’s back run down a cold sweat. And at the same time the people around heard also could not help but let out a cry of surprise, and then crossed their ears.

“When did the general let an omega stay?”

“Secretary General Weifield came to pick up people… Oh my God, did the general really take a fancy to this omega?”

“Didn’t the General say he wasn’t looking for a mate in this life?”

A pet would not move the general secretary, Weifield’s appearance showed that this omega’s status was not ordinary.

Their conversation fell into Austin’s ears, his hand squeezed the railing tightly, jealousy and hatred made his eyes crack, not like a person, more like a beast. He could never have imagined that Baylor would actually be wanted by General Ewan… Or send the secretary general to pick him up!

This can’t be! There must be a mistake somewhere! How could an inferior omega like Baylor be qualified to approach the Empire’s general? I thought the general didn’t like omegas!

Baylor frowned, and the same question rose in his mind. He asked in wonder, “Why did he want me picked up?”

His plan was for the general to refuse the gift of TL7 – that is, himself – and then use his ‘proximity to the general’ as an excuse to get Toynbee and the others to find a way to put him in the military. How come things didn’t turn out quite the way he expected?

The general’s omega, as expected, reacted differently than normal people! Weifield replied, “Of course I’m going to take you there and settle down.”

Toynbee was overjoyed, he was right about Ewan!

Baylor was reluctant, he asked coolly, “I thought your general didn’t like omegas? Didn’t he tote Celibacy? Isn’t he changing his attitude a little too quickly?”

Weifield was confused by this series of questions.

You’re marked, so what’s the point of all this rambling? What’s the point of asking him about your little relationship with an outsider? Ahem, worthy of the general’s omega ha… This question was not quite the same as normal people ask…

He answered, “Of course, it’s because Mr. Baylor is unusual, that’s why the general treats Mr. Baylor differently, and now arrangements have been made at the general’s house, just waiting for Count Baylor to go.”

Baylor smiled coldly. He hadn’t even met the general, so what could be so unusual about him? As a matter of fact, that general said something so grand, saying that only weak people need a mate, tsk, pretending to have a good look, but in fact was just a lustful man.

Baylor was not interested in living in the general’s house, he was about to refuse, however, when he saw Count Darnell’s face at that moment because of the cold sweat floating had an expression that was unnatural to a comical degree.

He hooked the corners of his mouth up, swallowed his original words of refusal, and said instead, “Sure.”

Baylor looked at Darnell’s panicked eyes, the imp in him cocking his tail.

“This… Count Darnell,” he said as he watched with satisfaction as the other man almost shivered, “didn’t you just try to invite me on a vacation, for a drink… I was in a bad mood just now, I’m in a good mood now, don’t you know the general well? Do you want to join me? I’ll invite you over to have some fun?” He narrowed his eyes, “After all, you just tried to kindly introduce me to the general, I can thank you for your kindness.”

Reaching out his hand, he tapped it toward the other man’s delicate collar.

Just from Weifield’s reaction he could see that this man was playing the king here.

Well, pretend, he let him pretend!

Super Wolf next to him felt Baylor’s bad thoughts, and he walked next to Count Darnell. The back paws were facing each other, and then the back paws desperately stomp at each other a few times on the ground, and the stones on the ground will pop into each other’s body.

If not for the spiritual body’s lack of physical reaction, it could have farted at the other side!

Darnell was shocked by the small stone, but also by Baylor’s action scared out of his mind.

He met Weifield’s contemptuous gaze, and heard the laughter of the people next to him, and just wanted to find a crack in the ground right then and there.

“No, no, no.” He took a step back in panic, “No, thank you Count Baylor for your kindness, I, I have something to do, I’ll go first.”

If it wasn’t for the last piece of dignity holding him up, he would almost have to bend over and apologize. At this moment he only regretted how he had not controlled himself ten minutes ago and how he had messed with General’s people. The main thing was that General Ewan had rejected the omegas, if not thousands then hundreds. Who cares if they were a princess, prince, duke, marquis or golden girl, he did not look at one. How unprecedented it was for him to swear sovereignty over one omega? Who would have thought that?

Baylor felt a little more comfortable watching Darnell flee. He couldn’t fight, so why can’t he watch something interesting, otherwise it felt like he was suffocating.

Then he heard Weifield remind him, “So, Count Baylor, shall we go?” He was out of breath, so it was time to go, right?

Baylor: … He took one look at Toynbee’s smiling face and frowned slightly, “Okay, let’s go.”

So Toynbee was done, after all, the person had been handed over to the Empire’s general. What happened next was none of his business.

Baylor followed Weifield with Super Wolf, he had always been clear about his grudges and grievances, Toynbee, in addition to cheating himself at the beginning, was still okay with him, so he would not involve him if he could.

Austin looked at Baylor and actually left with the secretary general, almost gnashed his teeth, angrily hammered the railing, turned around and was ready to leave. As soon as he turned around, he bumped into a person. He stormed out, “Don’t you have eyes when you walk?!” 

“How dare you!” attendant reprimanded, “This is His Royal Highness, who are you saying doesn’t have eyes?

Austin raised his eyes and saw a handsome blond alpha with arched eyebrows, looking at himself gently, “Hall… Your Highness… I’m sorry!”

Prince Julius of the Ya’an Empire did not care to smile slightly, crossing Austin’s head as he looked at the gradually moving away omega’s back in the garden, and the big gray and white dog next to the omega.

So delicate beauty, but has a very powerful pet.

He was worthy of General Ewan’s attention.


A busy day, it was close to late at night.

“General, it’s really quite late.” He looked at the time, it was after ten o’clock, and said, “General should have a good rest, the military affairs can’t be finished for a while, let’s call it a night.”

Ewan encrypted the strategic interstellar diagram full of discussion notes and saved it. He looked at Admiral Von, his lips slightly hooked in his heart, and said teasingly, “I think it’s you who wants to go home.”

Admiral Von was pierced and very frankly nodded, he even began to head down to pack his things, he said without heart, “I’m old and can not stay up, this age should also enjoy the blessings, and -” his tone somewhat helpless, but also somewhat spoiled, “Recently the general was not here, and in order to temporarily replace the general’s position, I have been working overtime for many days, the one at home is a little unhappy.”

This accumulation of authority was very heavy, the older admiral and his Beta mate’s feelings were extraordinarily good. Even though so many years have passed, the two were still like glue, and this obviously rigid admiral also never outwardly concealed his tender affection for his mate.

Ewan was also well aware of this, he waved his hand, “You hurry back, I don’t want Mr. Sean to find me to settle accounts. Take a few days to be at home and keep him company.”

The Admiral’s mate was Ewans’s teacher when he was in the military school, for the orphaned Ewan, he was close to the existence of relatives.

Admiral had already packed up his bag of documents and he responded nonchalantly, “That’s fine, he has exactly three days off recently, I’ll go out with him to have some fun.”

“…” Although Ewan had already thought it strange, watching Von always unconsciously show affection, he was still a little helpless. 

At the same time, he looked at the doting and happy look of admiral Von mentioning his mate, but unconsciously thought of Baylor. He thought Baylor and teacher Sean were not the same, he certainly would not meekly stay at home and wait. He would directly rush to the military headquarters to find his mate. With a slight frown, Ewan put those thoughts away. He was probably busy and tired, otherwise why would he remember such a crazy person?

The admiral was right, it was not a good day to work anymore, it was time to go back and rest. Ewan lifted his eyes and looked at the man who hadn’t left yet, standing there staring at him, “Don’t you have to hurry back?”

The admiral said straightforwardly, “General, I see something wrong with you.”

“…” Ewan raised the end of his eyebrow, “What’s wrong?”

“Usually when I tell you about the one in my family, you don’t say anything, but your expression doesn’t look too happy to listen.” Von said ponderously, “but just now you looked different.”

Ewan looked at the things on his table and realized. The old man knew he didn’t want to hear it, so he was deliberately speaking in front of him before.

Admiral Von thought of Sean all day with him chanting General’s lifelong event, every day said ‘that child was sent to disaster by his irresponsible father, and will avoid any matter of feelings, so what can I do at this rate’, so although he did not really want to inquire, but he still asked, “General, you have someone in your heart?” The look on his face just now was clearly him thinking of someone.

Then he saw Ewan’s face steeply darkened and laughed mockingly twice before he said coolly, “I’m afraid that Admiral Von is too old and dizzy, go back to rest.”

When Admiral Von saw that Ewan was so resistant, he shrugged his shoulders and did not insist, clutching his briefcase, “Okay, I’m leaving, General should also go back to rest early.” 

Meanwhile he would go back and talk to Sean.

After admiral Von left, Ewans’s frown took a long time to loosen. He stared at his desktop documents and information, in a trance, that day with the mark seemed to come back to his mind. The young man stood up for himself on the battlefield and in front of Wellin again, Ewan unconsciously had a smile in his eyes.

The bell rang softly, and when he returned to his senses, he frowned again and shook his head gently, putting those thoughts out of his mind.

I guess I’m really tired.

Giving up on the idea of continuing to work today, Ewan got up and walked out of the brightly lit military headquarters and went home to get some rest.

Maybe it was because he’d been spending so much time with Baylor lately that he kept thinking about him.

It would be nice to not think for a while.

As for what Admiral said about having someone in his heart, he smiled sarcastically, that was definitely not possible. He would never let himself become that kind of person.

In the hover car, Ewan went back to his home that was in between the military and the city. It was a nearly two thousand square meter compound, in fact, for Ewan’s status, such a compound was a bit shabby, after all, even that Count Darnell had a few estates. There were many people who wanted to send houses to Ewan for this reason, but they were rejected by Ewan one by one. He did not care about what was worthy of his status and other false names.

After parking the hover car, Ewan directly went from the underground garage to take the elevator into his home.

Outside the transparent elevator glass reflected the bright moonlight pool, the wide courtyard looked a little lonely. Ewan didn’t like to hear those pretend warm words, so his smart butler was set to mute.

The elevator door opened, it was already late at night 11:48, the living room and the hallway were only lit by the moonlight, and, with no lights, he walked straight up to the third floor to go back to his bedroom to wash and rest.

Before pushing open the door, in the corridor, Ewan suddenly heard a snoring sound. Ewan’s face suddenly became serious. There was someone in his room.

His house was equipped with a tight security device, if there was no door code, it was impossible to enter so silently. And listening to the movement, it was clear that they were sleeping.

The corners of Ewan’s mouth tilted up, his eyebrows raised in a loose manner, but his eyes were dangerously half-lidded.


He wanted to see who had the guts to break into his house and sleep in his bedroom.

The door of the room was pushed up by his knuckled hand, and he pushed it open very gently without making a sound.

But the snoring stopped.

There was no light in the room, only moonlight. Ewan first looked in the direction of the bed, but before he could see it, a grayish-white figure was lunging at him!

Ewan agilely dodged, and then the other hand grabbed the figure and pressed it down to the floor – this was exactly the same move he used to subdue Baylor.

However, when he grabbed his hand on the other side, he felt something was wrong… It was furry.

When he pinned his opponent to the ground, before he could see, a handful of fur kept sweeping his feet.

He fixed his eyes on Super Wolf, who was pressed to the ground by the hair at his neck, with his head on his side, his tongue spitting out from excitement, and a pair of ice-blue eyes looking sideways at him and then at the floor.

Conveying a sense of ‘I was wrong, but I don’t quite know where I was wrong, and odds are I’ll continue next time’.

“Dragon Hunter?” Ewan’s pupils fluttered slightly, and he let go of his hand in surprise.

How could Dragon Hunter be here? Shouldn’t it be by Baylor’s side? Did it run here on its own?

As soon as he let go of his hand, Super Wolf quickly stood up, shook off his fur, and then stood up and tried to pounce on Ewan.

Ewan, who was still kneeling at the moment, reached out to block Dragon Hunter, then suddenly he looked at the slightly raised bed and had an ominous suspicion in his mind.

And the next second, that suspicion came true.

The young man sat up from the bed and yawned, “Super Wolf…” There was a slight pause in his voice, and by the light of the moon, both men in the room could see each other clearly.

A long, puzzled note escaped from deep in his throat, and Baylor’s eyes were slightly glazed as he preemptively asked, “Why are you at the general’s house?”

Unprepared, Ewan was caught off guard by Super Wolf, and for the first time since he could walk, Ewan fell on his ass. He sat on the floor with the furry creature, petting the dog in his arms, looking eye to eye with the youth sitting on the bed, separated by moonlight.

The first thing that came to mind was the young man’s comments about the general.

As a general, as an S-class warrior, Ewan had the calmness and extremely agile thinking that ordinary people cannot reach.

Such calmness and thinking ability let him in the battlefield no matter what kind of battle situation and situation, able to quickly make strategic planning and adjustments. And at this moment, these two abilities also played a role.

Ewan said without blushing, “The general sent me to take care of you.”

Baylor: …?

A slight pause in his tone, Ewan rounded off, “I was also in charge of you on the ship and we are more familiar with each other, so I will continue to be responsible for your safety.”

“So you’re here?”

“Here to see how you’re doing.” Ewan answered right back.

Baylor was silent for a second, then his clear, cold voice was now slightly hoarse with some fresh sleep, adding a little coarseness, as if rubbing against one’s ears, “So late?”

At this very moment, the clock in the room jumped to twelve o’clock and made a ticking sound that was not too loud but definitely existed max.

Baylor added to Ewan’s silence, “Still in my room.”

The knot in Ewan’s throat rolled up and down as he looked at the young man sitting on the bed, his eyes slightly dark.

No, this was his room.

That was his bed, too.


Author’s Note: 

Ewan: Came back to a very different world!

Admiral: Honey I’m telling you, Ewan, that boy is moving.

Toynbee: woooooooo finally sent the little ancestor away, thank goodness.

Prince of Empire is out ~ Shura is still far away?!


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Great chapter! Some of the wording is a little clumsy, but can be understood & is very funny.
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