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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


At 12 a.m., the man in the dark gray uniform sat on the floor, propped himself up with one hand, and rested his hand on the gray and white husky in his arms, his head tilted. With the moonlight at his back, his face was more three-dimensional and deeper, his pair of deep sea, snow-like goose gray eyes looked at the young man sitting on his bed for a moment.

The lazy, slightly raspy voice made Ewan’s heart tickle, but his face was calm, like a mirror, without showing a ripple. Faced with Baylor’s question, he pushed Super Wolf away, stood up from the floor, calmly replied, “Just finished another task, did not pay attention to the time, so I’m a little late. I wanted to see if you had any problems before leaving immediately.”

Although this was his house.

He looked around the room, a minimalist room without many items, almost like a model room. Fortunately, he didn’t like to decorate the room, and there were few furnishings and few personal items, so there were no clues that would reveal his identity. He said as if nothing had happened, “I see that you are quite acclimatized, there should be no problem. Rest, I will go first.”

It was not that he was comfortable, he was a straightforward turtledove, there were so many rooms, and he didn’t know how he found the master’s room with such precision.

Baylor of course did not randomly find the room, it was Super Wolf who directly found the largest room. For him, the best was always what he wanted.

“Go? Where are you staying?” Baylor asked.

Ewan was slightly silent, then said, “There are dormitories at the military headquarters.” Usually when he was too busy to commute, he would live in the dormitory, but never thought he would one day live in a dormitory because someone stole his room at home.

Life was really fickle and there were surprises everywhere.

Ewan was ready to leave, but Baylor yawned and said casually, “There’s plenty of room here, so you can stay.” 

The tone of voice was not particularly hostile. So much so that Ewan had the illusion that the house really belonged to him. Although this was his house, Ewan still hesitated whether he should stay. So, he frowned slightly and asked, “This is not good, right?”

Baylor said lightly, “Oh, what’s wrong with that? You were sent by the general to keep me safe, weren’t you? How can you do that if you don’t live here? I’m alone in this big place, it’s creepy.” He began to spit on the general again, “This general is strange, he didn’t pick me up, it’s like a haunted house, and there’s no food.”

Ewan quickly got the point from the string of words and asked disapprovingly, “You didn’t eat? Who brought you here?”

“Wellin’s twin brother, named… Weifield, like the general’s second-in-command or something.” Baylor said.

Ewan was slightly silent for a second, he then said, how Baylor came into this house, it turned out that Weifield brought him back. Weifield, as his deputy and occasionally a half housekeeper, certainly had authority over the house. But he didn’t understand why Weifield would put someone here and not give them a meal.

Ready to settle the score with Weifield later, Ewan decided to solve the immediate problem first, “What do you want to eat?”

It was a little late, but he couldn’t go without food.

Baylor stared at Ewan for half a second, then said indifferently, “No, I found a bottle of nutrient solution to drink before.”

In fact, Weifield was not unprepared to eat, not long after he left the house, there was food on the table, probably prepared by the intelligent housekeeping system. However, Weifield did not know Baylor’s taste, prepared food that looked delicious, but for Baylor, his sentinel taste was too heavy, he simply could not eat, and he did not know how to get a new meal. In the refrigerator, it only contained water and nutrient liquid, so he rummaged out a nutrient liquid.

That stuff was tasteless and filling, very convenient.

“…” Ewan felt a bit like he was abusing people. He asked, “So you tell me what you want to eat tomorrow morning.”

Baylor mulled it over for a moment, recalling what he had seen today, and he came up with something very complicated, “Boiled oyster meat with green yucca with the most nutritious as well as the least flavorful juice.”

Ewan almost didn’t even hear the string of things as he frowned deeply, “What’s that?” He doesn’t work on his diet and doesn’t know much about the ingredients, but once he heard the unfamiliar name he knew it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

Baylor gently raised an eyebrow, “What, your general got me here, not for dinner, and not ready to give me breakfast?” He said with contempt, “Cheap General.”

Ewan’s temples jumped, “… Okay. “I’ll prepare it for you tomorrow.” First he had to find out where those things were available, as well as figure out what the most nutritious and tasteless juice was.

Baylor nodded in satisfaction, “Okay, see you in the morning.”

“… Hmm.”

Watching Ewan exit and the closed door, Baylor snorted with a slanting hook of his mouth. Turning on his side, he set the pillows and then laid back on his bed with his head on the end, pulling the covers up and pressing his hands into them good-naturedly as he closed his eyes fairly pleasantly.

“Go to sleep, Super Wolf, we’ll get up for breakfast tomorrow.”

Super Wolf wailed and jumped into bed, curling up in a ball to sleep at Baylor’s feet.

Finding a guest room downstairs, Ewan took off his uniform jacket, unbuttoned the collar, and let out a long breath. Then looking at the strange and familiar guest room, Ewan felt a little ridiculous and smiled. When he first bought the house, he did not expect to be able to use the guest room, and he did not expect to use it for himself. However, after laughing, he let out a long sigh, thinking about what he had just said, and frowned with a headache.

In fact, he did not want to lie in front of Baylor again and again. But he didn’t want to become the ‘complacent and perverted’ general in Baylor’s eyes, so subconsciously, he made an excuse for himself.

As a result, he now had no idea how to confess his identity to the young man.

It was simply a difficult situation.

Ewan closed his eyes and opened them again, his eyes were firm.

Forget it, finding Weifield to settle accounts was more important. So, at twelve o’clock in the morning, Weifield, who was already lying in bed, suddenly received a communication request from Ewan.

Weifield was a little confused why Ewan would find himself so late, was there any urgent matter?

Weifield answered the communication and asked, “General, what do you want?”

Ewan’s somewhat cold voice came, “Why is Baylor in my house?”

Weifield faintly froze, he asked in wonder, “Didn’t you, General, say you would keep him?”

“…” Ewan was slightly silent, his voice slightly tight, sounding like it was squeezed out of his teeth, “I told you to keep the man, but I didn’t tell you to bring him to me.”

“Huh?” Weifield panicked a bit, scratching his forehead at a loss for words, “Isn’t he your omega?” 

Didn’t Wellin say he had marked him on the ship?

Hearing Weifield ask this, Ewan knew Wellin must have said something. But Weifield was usually a very smart person, how come he was confused? He silently added to Wellin’s punishment in his heart, Ewan said in a deep voice, “You stay away from Wellin in the future.” 

He was probably infected by his brother’s character. Then he said, “I asked you to keep the man ready to arrange his entry into the Ministry.”

Weifield was a little disappointed, “So he’s not your omega?”

Ewan’s voice faltered and he replied with a frown, “… No.”

Weifield sighed slightly in his mind, he was half excited for nothing, then he said with realization, “No wonder he reacted that way when I went to pick up Count Baylor this afternoon.”

“… What?”

Weifield retold Ewan what had happened that afternoon, including the part where he had overheard Darnell flirting with Baylor at first and then Baylor scaring the man away with a false sense of authority.

Listening to the description, Ewan could almost imagine the young man’s nasty smug look, his lips slightly hooked, the frown because he heard the young man being molested slightly relaxed.

Weifield listened to Ewan’s silence and asked, “So General, I’ll go pick up the man tomorrow and put him in the military quarters?” 

This time he learned his lesson and was prepared to ask first.

Ewan’s newly relaxed brow furrowed anew, “Military quarters?”

Weifield was a little confused, because it sounded like Ewan’s tone didn’t quite agree, “Since we’re going into the military, then of course we’re staying in the military quarters?”

Where else would he live?

“No.” Ewan refused without a second thought.

Weifield subconsciously asked, “Ah, why?”

Ewan said in a flat voice, “He’s young, his mind is uncertain, the military is mixed, he’s easily led astray, if he’s seduced, his mind won’t be on training. Wouldn’t it be a waste of his combat talent.”

Although Baylor swore to him that he was not interested in alphas, he still remembered how Baylor looked at the training room on the ship and how Baylor looked at the alphas training, and how someone had a bad feeling about Baylor this afternoon. Wouldn’t Baylor be like a lamb entering a wolf pack, or a bee planted in a flower?

Absolutely not.

Weifield silently chewed over the words ‘easily led’ several times, but could not connect this description with the sharp-tongued, unforgiving omega from the afternoon.


General was acting like he wanted to control him from puppy love and was acting like a school director, wasn’t he worrying too much? He asked with some difficulty, “So… Where do you want him to live?” 

He can’t live in the general’s house, or in the military dormitory, and can’t live in my house. Or should I find him a special apartment?

Then Ewan replied, “Forget it… I’ll let him stay here for now.”

“…??” Weifield looked at the current time, 12:40. So what was the purpose of the general’s phone call, exactly? It turned out that it was to keep the person at his place 🙂 “Then…general, I’ll arrange for Count Baylor’s advancement tomorrow.” 

Let’s leave it at that for today.

“Hmm.” Ewan responded indifferently.

Then just as Weifield was about to hang up, Ewan suddenly stopped and said, “There’s one more thing.”


Ewan pretended to ask carelessly, “Can the intelligent cooking machine make the most nutritious as well as the least tasty juice with green yucca and boiled oyster meat?”

A question mark slowly rose in Weifield’s head.

Green yucca and oysters are both state banquet level ingredients, was General now eating so extravagantly early in the morning?

“The vegetables and meat should be delivered tomorrow morning when the order is placed tonight, and this juice . . what kind of juice is General referring to?” 

Not to say a name, it was a little difficult for the cooking machine.

Ewan frowned, “I don’t know.”

“…” Weifield said resignedly, “Then I’ll look it up.”

Ewan nodded, “Good, hard work.”

Hanging up the communication, Weifield shook his head gently. If this was not his omega, then why was he worrying about this? And also engaging in such a complicated breakfast, the general was really something to cope with.

Thinking about how the general was not going not to admit it, but was also ready to get the omega to the military, he thought it was an underlying meaning or maybe to train each other. Was this some kind of nurturing play?


“Your danger level is very high, if this continues we may have to ban you from continuing to participate in the mission.” In the Tongbai room, the middle-aged man in uniform sat behind an iron table and said to the handsome but hostile youth with a hostile brow.

Ewan was standing by the wall, and behind him on the wall there was a series of slogans that read “Iron Discipline, Discipline Yourself”.

Ewan looked at the big gray dog lying at the feet of the youth that was using its paws to dig the floor, he frowned slightly, because Dragon Hunter was nearby, he actually entered the dream of Dragon Hunter again.

The youth’s eyebrows were tinged with displeasure, and he asked defiantly, “Why, I’ve been eating little white tablets every time.”

White tablets? What was that?

Ewan was a little confused, at the same time, he looked at the youth’s expression and felt some familiarity. Such a look… Rather, it was very similar to Baylor.

The middle-aged man shook his head gently as he pushed a document in front of the youth and said, “It’s not because you didn’t take the little white tablet on time… Not even because of the sentinel trait, but the results from your mental test report – you have very serious self-destructive tendencies.”

The youth sniffed slightly, “Self-destructive?” He sneered, “Impossible.” He was not tired of living.

“When people are in danger, they will subconsciously protect themselves, this is the instinct to survive.” The middle-aged man looked seriously at the dark-haired, white-skinned youth and said, “But this doesn’t exist in you. When you fight, you never think about self-protection, you even take the initiative to seek the most dangerous way to complete the attack, do you understand?”

The youth was slightly stunned, but did not speak again.

And, at the same time, Ewan’s eyes darkened suddenly.

“Perhaps, we should match a guide for you in advance.”


The middle-aged man nodded and said, “According to your age and seniority, in fact, it is not your turn, but your combat ability is outstanding, the tower has always attached great importance to you, and now your situation is urgent. I will help you apply to the tower for an early guide matching. For the time being, you will rest, and then regularly go to the doctor for mental treatment.”

From that office left, Ewan followed the youth through the long corridor, up the stairs to the observation deck at the attic. The youth sat on the observation deck and looked out at the overcast sky that seemed to be raining in silence.

At such a silent time, only the dog next to him brought a few hints of liveliness, and he was playing happily with the local ants at the moment.

“Super Wolf.” After a long time, the youth suddenly spoke, “What kind of person do you think my guide will be?”

Super Wolf’s ears stood up and stopped chasing ants, it inclined its head and gave a howl.

His spiritual body thought this was fun.

The youth heard this from his mind and the corner of his lips hooked up, slightly raising his eyebrows, “Have you not played enough with the snake in the next dormitory? Don’t you not like playing fetch everyday?”

Super Wolf’s eyes were somewhat vainly skewed away. The youth did not care about this matter, anyway, he did not care about what offended others, being sued and so on.

He just lowered his eyelashes with some hesitation, “I heard them say that the combined guide is the most intimate being besides the spiritual body, and can trust their guide without reservation,” His voice was tinged with a bit of uncertainty and a bit of expectation, “Is there really such a person?”

Super Wolf wagged his tail, leaped up onto the lookout, sat next to the youth, put his paws on the youth’s lap, and then owled again, the voice turned four tones, just as if the person was speaking.

There must be one!

The youth looked steadily at Super Wolf, then inclined his head in disbelief.

“But what would that feel like?” He had never had anyone close except his own spiritual body, and he didn’t even know what it felt like to be close, let alone the closest being, “Can I really have someone like that?”

Baylor woke up to a heavenly flurry of movement.

It was hard for a normal person to imagine the kind of moment when you open your eyes and find a dog’s head in front of you, a pair of eyes hanging overhead like a surgical searchlight, so bright it’s scary. Baylor stared into those eyes for a second in silence before he asked in an icy voice, “Super Wolf, what are you doing?”

When he looked again, the blanket had been lifted under the bed.

Super Wolf’s body was tilted and fell on Baylor’s pillow, and his paws were stomping Baylor with vigor.

Then he also kept wailing.

Baylor took a deep breath, pushed away the pampered Super Wolf, stepped on the floor with bare feet, crossed the quilt and pillow that Super Wolf had pulled to the floor and went to wash up. Weifield had his personal belongings ready.

Baylor’s eyes swept the toiletries that did not belong to him, smelling the thin but still lingering smell of pheromone in the air, Baylor’s eyes slightly cold, and then looked at himself in the mirror and began to wash up.

The face in the mirror had gradually become familiar, but it was his dream self that was becoming more and more unfamiliar.

After washing up, Baylor came downstairs wearing the soft, almost invisible clothes he liked, which were most suitable for Baylor’s sensitive skin, but would also make Baylor look more fragile.

Super Wolf took the first few steps down the stairs and then crouched down at the table where breakfast was already prepared.

Ewan looked at Baylor coming down the stairs, the delicate and beautiful youth was like the owner of the house, everything was so harmonious with him, as if he belonged here in the first place. A slight trance, Ewan averted his eyes, “Looks like Dragon Hunter’s mission was well done.”

Baylor frowned, “You sent Super Wolf to wake me up?” No wonder it was so rowdy.

Ewan was silent for a second, he did not say that he was also woken up by Super Wolf today, apparently Super Wolf was very excited about moving into his new home, just said, “Your breakfast is ready, come and eat.”

Baylor slightly raised the tail of his eyebrows, a little surprised, he walked to the table, looking at the unfamiliar food on the table, in fact, he did not know that green what vegetables, what meat was what, he was bored on the way here, read a magazine said, it was said to be very expensive and rare ingredients.

So yesterday he said it in passing.

Of course he didn’t really want to eat it, he just wanted to make things difficult for the other side.

Sitting at the table, he questioned, “Is this really what it is?”

Ewan put the wrapper he had collected early in the morning directly in front of Baylor, and as if he had expected Baylor to be suspicious, he said, “It’s the real thing, don’t worry.”

The food was indeed real, but Baylor dropped the corners of her mouth unhappily.

“What’s wrong? Not satisfied?”

Baylor lazily picked up the utensils, put the tasteless food into her mouth, and said perfunctorily, “I didn’t sleep well when you told Super Wolf to call me.”

Ewan noticed Baylor’s low pressure, he was slightly concerned, but his voice was as casually indifferent as ever, “I’ll be going to the military later, you can go back to sleep after breakfast.” He was afraid that if growing boys do not eat breakfast, last night he did not have dinner, and then do not eat breakfast, wouldn’t his stomach be bad?

Thinking about this, he looked at the bandages next to the collarbone that the loose collar of the young man revealed, “How are your injuries?” After a pause, he added, “In a few days there will be a military examination, if the injury is not healed you can hardly pass.”

“I don’t want to go to the military department.” Baylor suddenly said, he took a bite of fish, a pair of inky eyes stared straight at Ewan, there was a provocative meaning.

Ewan sat next to Baylor with a cup of coffee. Unlike Baylor, his breakfast was simple: a cup of coffee and a piece of toast. He asked, “Why?” 

Baylor lowered his eyes, the thick ciliary feathers casting a clear shadow directly under them, and he said lightly, “I don’t think the military will work, and neither will the Sky Wolf Legion.”

Ewan put down his coffee cup, his hand just resting on the table, and looked up at Baylor, his eyes slightly glued, “What makes you think that all of a sudden? Didn’t you want to join the military before? Didn’t you say you wanted to…” Stay with him?

Baylor held his cheeks, fork between his jade-like fingers, the fork fiddling the expensive ingredients mercilessly, he said, “Not suddenly, I told you before, I hate that general,” he stared at Ewan and said in a jokingly light tone, “especially, you see, he clearly said he wasn’t interested in omega, yet he took me. I don’t want that kind of person to be my partner. I don’t want such a person to be my boss.”

The atmosphere froze for a moment, Ewan’s expression moved slightly, then he explained, “General did not mean to pick you up, he just cherished the talent and wanted you to enter the military.”

“Oh?” Baylor’s tone rose and he asked, “How do you know? You’re not the general, how do you know what he’s thinking?”

Of course he knew. Because he was the general. Ewan suddenly felt something was wrong, he frowned, his expression serious, his eyes half narrowed, “Are you…”

Baylor suddenly spoke up and interrupted him, “But since you said so, I’ll give that general a chance, when is the military test?”

The young man’s repetition was simply baffling.

Ewan’s eyes locked on Baylor and did not question, but simply followed Baylor’s words, “It will be as soon as possible, later Secretary General Weifield will contact you.”


Waiting for Ewan to leave for the military, Baylor finished eating the fish that had been stripped and messed up.

Food was too precious to waste.

“Since it’s a guide, I have to leave some room for it.” Baylor drank the unknown juice in one go, he stroked Super Wolf’s head and smiled faintly. The temperament of a person was very influential to the looks of a person. The same features, obviously delicate and beautiful look extremely harmless appearance, Baylor smile, but can not help but let people heart bolt.

“But I can’t let people who play me get too much pain, can I?”

No such reason. Dare to fool him, huh?


The author has something to say: 

Yes, Baylor already knows that Ewan is General, but Ewan doesn’t know yet. As for how he knows, I’ll tell you in the next chapter!


Weifield is also inexplicably in trouble today.


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Poor Weifield!

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It’s great that he found out on his own. If not, I will really question his IQ. Given that their character setting I expect nothing less from him.

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