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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


Baylor took Super Wolf around the house, wondering where to start with a high-dollar renovation plan. The kitchen didn’t work, the kitchen was where one cooked and ate, the bedroom he was sleeping in didn’t work either, after all, he had to sleep. How about the living room? It could be a ‘surprise’ as soon as you open the door.

Then Weifield came along and interrupted the renovation plans in Baylor’s head without his knowledge, saving the family a wave of renovation money for General.

“Count Baylor,” Weifield said, finding Baylor and explaining his purpose, “I’m here to talk to you about the military tests that are to follow.”

Baylor was just coming out of the living room and wandered over to the pool, where he sat on a lounge chair under a parasol and looked at Weifield, “Oh, you didn’t say anything about that yesterday.”

Weifield was the secretary general, he said without changing his face, “Yesterday I failed to do my job and did not clarify General’s intentions with Count Baylor…”

Thinking of the two things General had told himself this morning, first, to make clear to Count Baylor what he really meant by leaving him behind, and second, not to reveal his identity.

Weifield looked at Baylor’s gaze that gradually became strange, he said, “General actually learned about Count Baylor’s ability through others and has admired it. He wanted to arrange for you to enter the military.” 

What kind of game were these two playing? How could it be so confusing?

General clearly treated this omega differently from ordinary people, but had to say that he was a talent, no other ideas. And then he had to conceal his identity. Was the General’s identity very unpopular?

Especially this morning, the general also asked him about the situation yesterday to pick up the person, asking the young man whether there was any abnormal reaction.

What unusual reaction can there be.

Yesterday he did not talk much to people, but he looked quite normal, chatting a few sentences before he left. Weifield asked tentatively, “Has Count Baylor seen the general?”

However, Baylor looked at him with a tentative look, but wanted to give a mocking laugh. Still pretending here. He was in the same mood as he was in his room last night, watching Ewan talk nonsense in front of him.

Thinking about the familiar pheromone that he smelled when he entered the bedroom yesterday, although it was very light and even muddled by the fresheners… But he was a sentinel, and identifying the smell of the air for him was a piece of cake.

The pheromone… It was clearly Ewan’s! Why was Ewan’s pheromone alone in the general’s master’s room?

The answer was easy to guess.

Ewan was the general!

He’d been tricking him this entire time!

Baylor did not care who the general was, nor did he care who Ewan really was. But he didn’t like people lying to him. Especially when he thought that he really thought that the general had a grudge against Ewan and was deliberately looking for trouble, and defended him in front of Wellin. Baylor couldn’t help but clench his teeth, and with his tongue licking over his upper teeth, he said expressionlessly, “No, so when can I see your general?”

Weifield blinked, it seemed that the general’s identity was well hidden, he put his mind at ease and said, “When Count Baylor has joined the military, he will naturally meet the general.”

Baylor had thought about going directly to Ewan to settle the score, but then thought, how meaningless to settle the score directly, he would like to see how Ewan acted.

It was fun to watch people act. 🙂

So Baylor asked, “Okay, when’s the military test?”

Weifield replied, “There is a uniform start time for the military test, and you and the other candidates will take the military test together. The most recent one is in a week, but…” After a pause, he said, “The military test is not easy, as far as I know, Count Baylor has been injured before, should we wait until the next time?”

“When’s the next one?”

“In two months, it will also be a good time for you to learn the relevant content. After all, for a person who has never received systematic military training, it is almost impossible to pass the military examination.” Weifield patiently persuaded, “This is actually also the general’s intention, after all, although Count Baylor is the general’s recommended person, if the military examination is not passed, you ultimately can not enter the military department.”

In fact, in his opinion, two months was not enough, he even proposed to the general to not let him participate in the second half of the military assessment. After all, it will eventually be ranked according to the results of the assessment, the top 30% of the talent will enter the military, the top 10% of that will enter the Sky Wolf Legion. Those who participate in the assessment are basically the top candidates in the military school.”

Although there were also other omegas, but definitely not someone like Baylor who was inexperienced with any training, even was always a flower vase like omega …. And he had seen Baylor’s file, to be honest, Baylor’s qualifications were too poor, E level, the lowest qualification in the military department was also C.

Probably even if you study for six months to participate in the second half of the examination, you may not be able to pass.

Yet, the general seemed confident.

“Give him two months, that’s enough time.” That’s what the General said this morning, still in a tone of conviction.

Weifield couldn’t help but take a closer look at Baylor again, he couldn’t see anything special about him, except his face and his unforgiving temper. But then Baylor said gently, “I think next week would be good.”

Weifield froze for a moment, doubting his ears, “What?”

Baylor raised his eyes, his eyes full of obstinacy, “I said, next week is fine, I want to take the test next week.”

When the test was passed, he was considered a member of the military and no longer a gift from TL7. He also knew that once he was accepted by the military ministry, he could even apply for a new status.

It would save him a lot of work, so naturally the sooner the better.

“But next week… That’s not enough time for you.” Weifield frowned, afraid that the other party did not understand, so again reminded.

The result… The result, of course, was that Baylor was not prepared to change his mind at all. After all, when Baylor makes a decision, few people could make him change it.

So when Weifield went back to Ewan, he was also in a very difficult situation, “General, Count Baylor said he was not going to participate if not next week, you see this…”

Ewan had just gotten out of his mecha ‘Black Knight’, his upper body injury had not fully recovered, but it was no longer a problem, and his training T-shirt showed off his muscles, which were usually hidden under his uniform and full of strength, but not overly bulging. The sweaty forehead hair was lifted by his hand, and he frowned slightly, “Did you tell him the content of the test?”

“I did.” He even showed the video of the previous military examination, and it still didn’t help at all!

A towel wiped sweat, Ewan thought a little, and then very calmly said, “First take him to a medical examination, if the doctor says it is possible, then arrange for next week.”

“… Okay.” How come the military exams that other people have to prepare for for years seem like a glass of water to them? Weifield thought both of them were crazy, but he wouldn’t say anything.

“That’s right.” Ewan tossed the towel to the railing and hung it with precision as he casually said, “Take him for a qualification test before the test.”

This was another thing Weifield didn’t expect, and he reminded, “Count Baylor’s most recent qualification test was done last month.”

“Mn, I know.” Ewan responded indifferently, then he continued regardless, “You don’t have to submit Baylor’s last test results for reference when you do the qualification test, just bring me the new results as soon as they come out, and don’t disclose them to anyone else, including him.”

Although he didn’t understand, Weifield took note of it carefully, “… Yes.”

Ewan spoke with a slight pause, as if thinking carefully for a moment, then added, “No, I’ll take him there myself.” He was more comfortable doing it himself.

“… Okay.”

Picking up the uniform jacket next to him, Ewan turned around and tilted his head to look at his mecha, having not seen his old partner for over a month. Then he said in a casual, light-hearted tone, “Put off all my other duties during the military examination next week.”

Weifield followed Ewan’s gaze to the mecha, but he knew very well that the general was thinking about more than just his own mecha. He asked, “Is General going to be proctoring the exam?” 

Was he ready to let off some steam?

Ewan looked askance at Weifield and gave a smile at the corner of his mouth, then he asked lightly, “Why would I want to proctor an ordinary military examination?”

Weifield thought about General’s recent care and special treatment of Count Baylor, and was silent. Why… …General, you yourself really do not know? “If it’s not a test… That is?”

A light tap on his mecha, Ewan looked with closed eyes slightly sunken, said, “I will go to see then.”

He was a little concerned about what the middle-aged man in Dragon Hunter’s dream world said. Although he was talking about Dragon Hunter’s previous owner, it was too similar to the young man’s situation.

In the past, he only thought that Baylor was stubborn and competitive, that’s why he wouldn’t give in to defeat even when he was on the losing end of a battle, and would rather use the method of hurting himself 800 times and hurting his enemy a thousand times to fight to the death. But the middle-aged man’s words woke him up, and he suddenly realized that Baylor seemed to have the same problem as the youth.

When Baylor was fighting on the boat, the madness in his eyes when he was in danger and the pleasure that leaked out of the corners of his mouth appeared in front of his eyes.

He was not just enjoying the fight. 

He was enjoying the danger.

Enjoying the danger that could put him to death.

Weifield did not know that Ewan was motivated by this, but it seemed to him that general did not feel comfortable with his omega and wanted to watch from the sidelines. He nodded knowingly, then remembered something and said, “General, I tried for you, Count Baylor should not know your identity yet.”

Ewan froze, withdrew his gaze, and fell on Weifield.

Weifield continued, “But for some reason, it looks like he’s not in a good mood.” At the very least, there was a distinctly lower air pressure than when he had gone to pick up the other man yesterday.

Ewan’s lips pursed as he thought about Baylor’s reaction in the morning. But it wasn’t a bad mood, getting up like a bomb in the morning and having a temper tantrum about not wanting to join the military. Was it because he’d asked Dragon Hunter to wake him up today? Or was it because he was offended yesterday?

Ewan thought about it and asked, “Do you have anything else planned for this afternoon?”

Weifield lowered his head to check Ewan’s schedule and said, “There’s no meeting this afternoon, but you said you wanted to follow up on the latest batch of mecha this afternoon at the tech department.”

“Postponed, I have something this afternoon.”


“Where are you taking me?” Baylor sat in the passenger seat and asked Ewan next to him in a not very patient tone.

Ewan was putting his mask on again, and it looked like he was trying to cheat him again.

Ewan said indifferently, “Aren’t you going to take the military test next week? You have to go for the qualification test first.” 

Baylor frowned, confused, “Didn’t I just do it last month?” That feeling of being flooded with testing fluid was not something he liked very much, although it could restore muscle damage.

“It needs to be done again.” Ewan did not explain more, his eyes slanted, his eyes fell on Baylor’s neck blocker, because that blocker, the teen’s pheromones were gone, even the smell he left on him was also hidden. He asked, pretending to be casual, “Why are you still wearing a blocker?” 

He remembered he was wearing the blocker on the ship because TL7 wanted to avoid having an alpha mark Baylor, but now that the ‘handover’ had been successful, there should be no reason for Baylor to continue wearing the blocker.

Between them was the fluffy dog head of Super Wolf, who had never been in a hover car before and was excitedly trying to reach forward. Baylor’s fingers touched the body-warmed barrier, which he had put on voluntarily to protect his glands, but he didn’t say the real reason, just replied perfunctorily, “I like it.”

Since finding out Ewan had lied to him, even that pheromone smell he liked was now not so pleasant. He turned his head away and looked out the window at the bright blue sky and the brilliantly colored but not incongruous buildings. Although he had been in the imperial capital of the Ya’an Empire for a few days, he hadn’t had a chance to go out and see it yet, not just this city, but even on planet TL7 as well.

This identity of his was too troublesome, and he still had to hurry up and have a new one. Sure enough, he was in a bad mood.

Ewan’s thin lips pursed tightly, then he looked ahead, and a moment later, his clear, magnetic voice rang out in the car, “When the qualification test is over, I’ll take you for a walk.”

Super Wolf’s eyes lit up and his ears twitched as he stared sideways at Ewan.

Baylor raised his eyebrows slightly and also finally looked at Ewan, “A walk?”

Super Wolf gave a high bark.

A walk!

Ewan watched Baylor’s reaction, his eyebrows slightly relaxed, the corners of his mouth inexorably rose slightly, only the mask was blocked from view.

He said, “Mn, but first we have to finish the qualification test.”


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December 17, 2022 6:27 pm

Ewan should’ve confessed his identity sooner; Baylor’s now playing him and is pissed.
Wonder what the qualification test results will be this time.
Thanks for translating and editing.

December 18, 2022 2:38 pm

Oooh, I can’t wait for the next update. Really, this is giving me hints that ML could fall in love first. Haha

December 18, 2022 8:47 pm

The high and mighty General postponing this and that and putting off all of his other duties to support his Omega! Oh wait! the mighty General says that Baylor is “not” his Omega 🙂 ahahah!

March 7, 2023 6:07 pm

Baylor was planning to redecorate the general’s house? He’s one of a kind.

March 31, 2023 11:13 pm

So Baylor has found out, this is fun! Lol Super Wolf when told that it can go on a walk

Thank you for the chapter!

November 20, 2023 12:47 pm

Oh. My. Lord. And here comes the cliche misunderstanding that is always in stories, no matter big or small, it got impacts on the relationship…. It’s at times like this that I miss a gullible mc that would tell ml everything at the start of the story cuz its just so much easier without the pressure of breaking their relationship when they cultivate their feelings later in the story, like if you bottle it up for too long you will regret it…

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