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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


“Here are the results of Mr. Baylor’s qualification test.” Just like last time, the results of the qualification test came out quickly after an hour.

Ewan opened the result and looked at the letter result in the qualification column, his eyes sank slightly, but there was not much surprise. As expected, the results were different from the previous qualifications.

Ewan not only had the results of the qualification test sent by TL7, but he also used his authority to retrieve Baylor’s previous qualification test results from the qualification testing center on TL7.

As it turned out, Baylor’s qualifications had indeed changed dramatically recently, and he was making rapid progress at a rate that others couldn’t even dream of.

And, even the scent of his pheromone had also changed.

From the very first ‘Eve Sion Rose’, to the last detected ‘orange blossom’, to this time ‘green grass’.

This was almost impossible to happen, a person’s pheromone from differentiation would not change, at least according to the current knowledge, there could not be such a change.

Ewan put the results away without moving, then said to the director of the testing center in front of him, “I’ll have to trouble you to remove this file from the records.”

The director of the testing center was slightly stunned, he immediately frowned and said with a decisive wave of his hand, “The results of the qualification test are automatically entered into the interstellar citizenship file system, it is against the interstellar law to delete them without permission.”

Ewan didn’t take his refusal seriously, he said, “No, this result cannot appear in the file.” Then he pulled his first-class merit certificate from his terminal.

The director of the testing center looked at the merit certificate and froze his eyes, although he didn’t know exactly what the status of the other party was, someone with such a merit must be a high ranking officer in the military department, with a high position of authority. His attitude immediately changed dramatically, nodding and saying, “Yes, sir, please wait a moment.” Then he quickly opened his administrative privileges, found the record of the result, and deleted it.

Turning the screen over to Ewan to check, he said respectfully, “Look, it’s been deleted.”

Ewan confirmed, stood up and looked at the other party from above, the one eye under his mask did not reveal any emotion, even his tone was as plain as water, but the aura of his body was not angry, but people did not dare to ignore it, “If there is a leak in this result, I will find you first.”

The director of the testing center hurriedly stood up, “Yes, don’t worry, I will make all the relevant personnel keep their mouths shut!”


Sending Ewan away, the director of the testing center breathed a long sigh of relief, thinking about the test results he had just seen, he was also quite puzzled.

It was just an ordinary B grade test result, not an S grade, so why go to such great lengths? But he immediately contacted the people responsible for the test and analysis and asked them to clear the traces and keep the matter quiet.

Ewan left the director’s office and put the test results in his pocket as he walked quickly outside to wait for the reluctant young man to take the test. He should be done by now and would be out soon. He was unhappy when he went to do it, and if he didn’t see him right away when he came out, he would probably lose his temper.

Ewan counted just right, he just went to the hall and waited for a few minutes. A black haired and snow skinned young man slowly came out from inside, and the moment he came out, like starlight on earth, the people around immediately turned to look at him.

Ewan frowned slightly, then greeted, blocking the eyes of those people, he asked, “Well, where do you want to go?”

With Baylor’s hands in his pants pockets and Super Wolf already rushing down the hall to sniff a green plant and even open his mouth to bite off a leaf, Baylor said the answer he had thought of long ago, “… Supermarket.”

Ewan was surprised to hear this answer.

The corners of Baylor’s mouth dropped quickly, and he half narrowed his eyes, “What?” 

He was not going to backtrack, was he?

Of course Ewan wouldn’t backtrack, he led Baylor outside and then he said, “I just didn’t think you’d want to go to the supermarket… I thought you didn’t like crowded places.” And supermarkets, there should be very few people who would want to purposely go to a supermarket to hang out.

Baylor doesn’t like crowded places, because of his sentinel’s ability, his five senses were too sharp, and crowded places for him was like being in a rock concert, surrounded by deafening sound. Such a sound was easy to cause mental confusion.

So not only him, all sentinels would avoid crowded places. And their supplies would basically be distributed by the tower together, so there was little need to go to the supermarket.

But if there was a guide with a sentinel, then that was different, because there was a guide, there was a guide element at the sentinel’s side constantly calming the sentinel’s spiritual power. They would not easily go into mental chaos because of the surrounding noise.

Therefore, shopping at the supermarket was a privilege for a sentinel, and only the sentinel who had a guide could have it. Although Baylor was not very satisfied with his guide who lied and cheated him, he was eager to enjoy this privilege. And before he had not yet awakened into a sentinel when living was a problem, but also had no money to go to the supermarket.

After twenty-one years of living, he had never seen what a normal supermarket was like.

Ewan also did not often go to the supermarket, he was very busy, and there was no free time to go to the supermarket, what he needed to buy was directly ordered on the Internet.

Baylor suddenly said he wanted to go to the supermarket, he had checked some of the places to visit in the Imperial City beforehand, but he could not use it at once, and had to search for a nearby supermarket first.

Coincidentally, there was a supermarket chain nearby. It was even within walking distance.

“Let’s go.” Committing the route to memory, Ewan led Baylor toward the supermarket. After two steps, he turned back and frowned, “Where’s Dragon Hunter?”

Baylor saw it coming and walked forward, “It will follow on its own.” Although it was his spiritual body, Super Wolf had a stronger sense of autonomy and liked to play around, but it had always known the right measure and would not stray too far from Baylor.

Suddenly remembering something, Baylor again protested, “Its name is Super Wolf!” Why does he still keep calling it ‘Dragon Hunter’.

Ewan took a giant leap and easily followed Baylor, walking alongside him, his eyebrows raised in dismissal, “I think he likes the name Dragon Hunter too.” It’s a name he liked more than anything else. After a pause, Ewan asked curiously, “What does Super Wolf mean?”

Baylor looked at Ewan with contempt, “You don’t even know that?” He looked ahead and said ambitiously, “Super Wolf means he’s a super wolf, of course.”


“They always say Super Wolf looks like a wolf, but it’s not a wolf, it’s just a dog unfortunately.” Baylor hooked the corners of his mouth disdainfully, “I want those people to know that it’s not a wolf, but it’s stronger than a wolf.”

Ewan looked sideways at Baylor’s persistence and unconsciously hooked the corners of his mouth slightly.

He had long found that Baylor was actually very childish, competitive, vindictive, impulsive and reckless, but also would have a matter of seriousness towards things others seem to find unimportant.

It was just, kinda funny. But he also caught a key message in the other’s words.

He asked, “Others? There are other people who can see Dragon Hunter?”

Baylor then realized that he had omitted to say, he pursed his lips, and was very remorseful.

Gee, I can’t believe I let it slip.

In a trance, Baylor had a feeling of the old man in the tower, facing the old man who lived like a sperm, indeed the leaders under the sky were the same.

“Of course there is, isn’t the former owner of Super Wolf a human being?” Dropping a perfunctory sentence, Baylor shut his mouth and stopped talking.

This was what he has learned after suffering many losses, less talk was less wrong, no talk was better!

Ewan looked at Baylor’s sudden silence, only to think that Baylor was angry again, he was surprised to raise his eyebrows, not very understanding. Just now he was quite excited, why was he angry again?

Although online shopping was now very convenient, this could not replace the existence of supermarkets. Of course, for people nowadays, shopping in supermarkets was not a need, but more like an attitude towards life.

Outside the crystal clear wall of windows was a huge screen with an advertisement of a man with a tear mole at the corner of his eye, adding a point of charm to his handsome face. He said in a voice like red wine, “My heart is only for you.”

Baylor took a look at the huge screen and then walked into the supermarket. Because it was after work hours, there were still a lot of people in the supermarket, and all of a sudden those miscellaneous sounds quickly hit Baylor’s eardrums.

Baylor hesitated for a second, but stopped and waited for Ewan behind him, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Waiting for Ewan to follow, Baylor continued to walk forward.

In a place like this, it was better to stay close to the guide. At this time, Super Wolf also followed as Baylor said, and it even took the first step into the supermarket, Baylor had never been to a supermarket, and it had never been either.

A wide range of goods were neatly displayed, Baylor stood in front of these shelves, surprisingly showing some confusion. He casually picked up a commodity, was wondering how these people should pay, after all, did not see the tag so did that mean it was free to take away?

Then he noticed that the packaging of the item was the same face he saw on the big screen just now. He subconsciously said, “Ah, you are the only one in my heart.”

That line was so corny that his first reaction when he saw the man was that line.

What the heck?

Next to him, Ewan watched Baylor stare intently at the man on the package, and then make a love speech. He raised an eyebrow and reached out to take the item from Baylor’s hand, “You’re a fan?”

Baylor was a little confused, “What fan?”

Ewan lowered his eyes, although he did not pay much attention to the entertainment industry, but this man he still knew, mainly because Wellin always recited, this was now the Ya’an Empire’s most popular star, the movie star… His name was Aynor or something.

Raising his eyes again, he looked at Baylor’s puzzled look, “You don’t know him? Then what were you talking about?”

“I saw him outside on the big screen, he was saying that line, tsk, that line is really brainwashing, seeing his face, it immediately jumped out.”

Ewan didn’t know why, but felt slightly relieved, so he put that merchandise down and quickly walked forward with the young man, “What do you want to buy?”

At this time, not far away, a five or six-year-old child was playing with his toys, next to his nanny disapprovingly said, “Baby, the ball should be held, do not hold the toy swing, careful of throwing it.”

However, as soon as the words left his mouth, the ball in the child’s hand was not fixed properly from his toy and flew out at once, “My ball!”

Super Wolf saw the ball flying out and immediately darted out after it, its strong and powerful legs stomping, athletic leap into the air, and then agilely gripped the ball in the air, but it forgot about the shelves in front of it and rammed directly towards them.

So, Baylor watched as something on the shelf in front of him suddenly smashed down, followed by the shelf coming towards him.

Fuck?! What the hell?!

He was too close to the shelf, obviously too late to dodge, he simply blocked it with his arm. But at that very moment, a hand wrapped powerfully around his waist, and then the next second, he was wrapped in an embrace and fell to the ground –

The shelf fell, but not completely, because the young man fell, he was half sitting on the ground, Ewan had one hand around Baylor’s waist to hold him in his arms, and the other to support the heavy shelves that fell. The goods on the shelves had fallen, hit the ground, almost drowning the two.

Super Wolf landed on the ground, holding the ball in his mouth and shaking his fur, then he looked at the shelves that had fallen halfway down and blinked blankly.

Oops, I think I’m in trouble.

At this point Baylor was lying almost directly on top of Ewan, shaking his head, he propped his body up with his hands. Due to the space problem, he could only half support his upper body, especially with an arm around his waist, so that he was almost close to the other.

“Hey,” he raised his head and met the goose’s gray eyes, not very comfortable frowning, “let go.”

Then he didn’t know if it was his illusion, the arms that were like shackles were actually a few points tighter.


The author has something to say: Quick, look! They are hugging! Another male match is coming out! (Sitting nicely)

Some readers have been concerned about Super Wolf’s two names, but I want to tell you, don’t worry, Super Wolf has given himself another one, so he actually has three names! (hehe)


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December 18, 2022 9:17 pm

ahhhh! naughty Super Wolf/Dragon Hunter!!

But at least that gave the mighty General an excuse to hold his “not” Omega in his arms!! *eyes twinkling*

There should be a warning at the start of this chapter, which is “very short chapter ahead”


December 19, 2022 2:12 am

Yeah, that’s why dogs or ‘wolves’ are not allowed in food stores😂🤣. Seems Baylor is getting all his power back. Ewan on the other hand is in trouble with Baylor. Love this❤️ thank you!!

December 19, 2022 9:08 am

Ah, beautiful Translation!
Ewan is getting there. Hehe. Their interactions are just so cute and its teasing me so much.
The chapter was short! I wanted MOARR. T0T I cant wait for the next chapter!
But thank you for your hardwork! XD

December 19, 2022 9:19 am

“…..facing the old nan who lived like a sperm….” what does that even mean?!!!
Do you think Super Wolf was paid in food to bring about this result? 😉😏
Wow… Baylor’s test result has gone from F to E and now B abd his pheromone fragrance has changed again! Ewan will definitely want to get to the bottom of this.
Ewan’s summary of Baylor’s personality was very amusing.
Thanks for translating and editing.

March 9, 2023 3:56 pm

Nice to see Ewan be jealous – of a photo on a food package!

August 30, 2023 10:52 pm

I can’t believe it,,, the last time i read it, i really didn’t say any comment??😅

November 20, 2023 1:00 pm

fufufu why does this feel like a Xiao Li situation? Sherlock?? Moriarty??? Hercules???? And now super wolf~ aiya I wonder if he will have a bad naming sense like his owners~~

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