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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


“That’s all for today.”

“General, you’re going back?” Admiral Von, who was discussing things with Ewan, looked at Ewan who was preparing to leave and raised his eyebrows in an exaggerated manner.

Ewan was a workaholic, often staying at the military headquarters until eleven or twelve o’clock, sometimes even in the early morning, or simply staying at the military headquarters endlessly. But the last few days, Ewan finished work very early, today was even earlier than Admiral Von.

Admiral Von looked at the clock, it was only 8:30.

Something was wrong.

The man’s expression moved slightly, and then Ewan lightly hooked up his lips and said, “Isn’t this for fear that teacher Sean says I’m uninteresting??”

The man’s eyes showed a suspicious look, although he had only just returned from leave, but he had heard that Ewan was often absent from the military recently.

This was to use himself as an excuse.

But Admiral Von did not poke holes in it, he nodded and said, “I will inform Sean of the general’s good intentions.”

Ewan looked up at the time and frowned, “It’s getting late, let’s go.”


At the entrance of the military building, the two parted ways, and Admiral Von immediately opened his wrist terminal, communicating with his lover. His voice still sounded ancient, but it was a little more volatile than usual, “Sean, you can stop worrying. The general should not keep that broken oath for long.”

Driving the hover car, Ewan could immediately see the lights of his mansion lit up in the dark night. He did not even notice his pair of goose gray eyes were tinged with a tenderness , he accelerated driving speed, the hover car was like a shooting star.

He heard the sound of the TV and the excited barking of the dog as he rode up the elevator and approached the living room.

As soon as the elevator door opened, Super Wolf, who had heard the commotion and was guarding the elevator door, barked excitedly at Ewan and then started to nuzzle his snout into Ewan.

Ewan looked at the large TV in the living room that was playing the latest work from actor Aynor, he went to the sofa, and saw Baylor sitting cross-legged on the sofa. He had his face propped up, his upper body twisted slightly with a look of concentration. Because of his movements, his top was pulled up, revealing a patch of snow-white skin and a thought-provoking waistline. 

Ewan’s throat went slightly dry and he looked away from the TV. He asked, “Do you think he looks good?” 

Seeing the face on the big screen, Ewan’s brow furrowed slightly. Why was it this person again?

Baylor found it interesting, the subject matter of this world’s movies was new to him, and it was perfect to pass the time. But he was not in the mood to talk to Ewan about these things.

He stood up, his buttocks did not turn, and then without looking back to hand a piece of paper to Ewan.

Ewan took the paper and raised an eyebrow, it was the hospital’s diagnosis.

Immediately after, he heard Baylor say, “I’m ready to take the military test next week.”

Ewan looked at the diagnosis, the first line was fine, but the last line was scratched out with black pen, he said in a quiet voice, “Are you sure?”

Baylor responded lazily, “Of course.”

Ewan lost his smile, this black pen was really dark and left no room for him to read it.

The next moment he opened his terminal and logged into the hospital system.

Baylor looked back and saw the hospital system page projected in the void and frowned, “What are you doing?”

Ewan said lightly, “Did you know that diagnoses are backed up in the medical system?” Just type in the diagnosis number and he would be able to find out.

He had transmigrated, so how would he have known?  These damn intelligent systems.

Thinking about how he hadn’t been able to get that last sentence removed even after bullying the doctor this afternoon, Baylor gritted his teeth fiercely as he clasped his hands together and took the lead, “I’m almost well enough to take the military examination next week.” He half-smiled his eyes, “Don’t you meddle, it’s my own business.”

At that moment, Ewan had managed to pull up the backup of the diagnosis and found that the original line that had been crossed out was ‘not suitable for strenuous exercise’.

Ewan frowned slightly, “With your injury, you can get reinjured quickly, since it is not completely healed, you’ll need to participate the next time.”

Baylor had just made a strong statement in the afternoon, how could he withdraw temporarily? What if this made people think he’s afraid and make them laugh at him? And…

It was up to him whether he went or not, and he was already doing Ewan a favor by being willing to get a diagnosis. So Baylor said in a strong tone, “I’m responsible for my own body, and I think I can go like this.”

Ewan raised an eyebrow, “You think? If you think so, what do you need a doctor for?” He made the final decision, “You wait until you are completely healed.”

This man was so abrasive. He asked inexplicably and annoyingly, “What does my injury have to do with you?”

That sentence was like a heavy hammer to Ewan’s heart, and Ewan was stunned, but then laughed. He took the altered diagnosis, the screen of the terminal went off, and his voice was low, his tone long, “Nothing to do with me?”

Baylor didn’t see the problem with his words. His current relationship with Ewan was a bit complicated. Ewan was the Empire’s general, and he was given to him as a gift, but didn’t Ewan refuse him? Ewan told him to join the military, after that, they would have no relationship between them. And from his point of view, Ewan had a precious guide element that was indispensable to him. He had thought about making the other man his partner, but Ewan had rejected him when he was on the ship, and not only that, he had deceived him.

Ewan cheated him and if he were someone else, Baylor would have torn his face up, but because Ewan was a guide, he was willing to suppress his temper. But this didn’t mean that Baylor did not care, in fact Baylor did not like liars.

And he asked Wellin today whether others needed to do a qualification test to participate in the military examination, and a physical examination. These were all Ewan’s own decisions.

Baylor didn’t like those tests, but he went ahead and did it, which was already his concession to Ewan, the guide. Even Ewan asked him to stay quiet and not to cause trouble before, he also obeyed and did as he was told.

But that was as far as it went.

What did his body have to do with the other man?

Ewan was Ewan, he was him.

Even though his identity was still concealed, he did not trust him and the micro management of the matter was quite a lot.

The more Baylor thought about it, the more annoyed he felt, and he rightfully asked, “Does it matter?”

He looked on as the man’s eyes suddenly sank, the deep three-dimensional features of his face covered with a layer of shadow, his jaw tense, revealing a very cold expression. Anyone else would be afraid to see such an Ewan, but not Baylor. He had never been afraid of anything in his life.

Baylor turned his head, the light on that screen reflected in his eyes, and he gave a cloying smile, “But of course, you can remove my name from the test list.” Anyway, he was able to participate in this military examination thanks to the back door that this general opened for him, so Ewan could have the right to remove him from the examination list this time. But at that time, he would completely give up the military examination method and find another way to obtain a new identity.

Or even, he would consider leaving the place entirely.

As for Ewan…

Tsk, it seemed that there was only one guide in this world. This was a little difficult since Ewan was still the Empire’s general and he could not arbitrarily take him and shut him into a small black room. But he felt that Ewan’s guide element, so maybe there were others in this world who had a guide element as well, but he had not met them.

Maybe he should go out and try to find them.

Baylor’s mind was spinning fast, and at that moment, Ewan’s low, dark voice sounded behind him, “No, you’re right, it’s okay.” He said, “Then I wish you well in advance.”

Ewan turned around and went straight upstairs to his room. Once the door to the room was closed, Ewan took off his jacket and threw it on the bed, then he sat down on the bed and it let out a ‘creak’. His eyes closed, and the emotions in his eyes were collected.

And then, suddenly there was a movement in the room, he opened his eyes. It was Super Wolf. It walked in through the wall with a towel in its mouth, in front of Ewan, it dropped the towel.

Ewan recognized the towel, it was his usual favorite toy. He hooked his mouth, bent down and reached out to skillfully pet Super Wolf’s head. His low voice rang out in the darkness, “You’re much better than your master who’s a little heartless.”


It was the first time Toynbee had seen Ewan since he had disembarked, and he looked slightly rushed as he sat in Ewan’s office. After all, he had already unknowingly called out Ewan. Now that he thought about it, he had really eaten his heart out.

“I’ve read the military protection agreement you submitted,” Ewan said, without exchanging pleasantries, “and there are a few things that need to be adjusted.”

Toynbee nodded and took out his notes, “Go ahead.”

The meeting was extremely concise, not a word of nonsense. Toynbee struggled to keep up with Ewan’s pace, while inwardly muttering, This General Ewan, why does he feel like he is not in a good mood…? I didn’t think he was so single-minded on the ship before.

Toynbee felt that something was not quite right, so at the end, when he finally had a chance to catch his breath, he asked speculatively, “General… Have you and Baylor been, uh, okay lately?”

Then he saw the light in Ewan’s narrow, sharp eyes sink for a moment. Ewan replied, “Not bad.” 

“…” The corner of Toynbee’s mouth twitched. It was obvious that something was wrong! He hurriedly said, “Baylor’s temper is not very good. If there is something that has offended the general you, please forgive him.”

Ewan hooked up the corner of his mouth, gave a cold smile, twirled the pen in his hand. This was not just a bad temper, this was simply capricious to the extreme.

Toynbee looked at Ewan’s reaction, the guess in his heart was completely implemented. Baylor must have offended him. He sighed, but at the same time, he gave a strange mutter, “But I think Baylor is quite good in front of the general.”

When he met Ewan’s silent gaze, he realized that he had said something strange, and he laughed a few times and said, “General, you may not have seen Baylor’s attitude towards others, but he is very good in front of you. In front of other people, Baylor directly uses his hands, and they will not hear a word, but, in front of you, he usually just moves his mouth. He will listen to all your words. When I did not know your identity, I was quite worried about it.” I was worried that Baylor would run away with him.

Ewan clasped his hands under his jaw. He frowned slightly, so, when on the ship, that seemed to be the case, but lately, it seemed to be different. Recently Baylor liked to mess with him, and always liked to stab him with words. When he said east, Baylor was inclined to go west.

At first, he suggested Baylor to take part in the military examination in two months, but he insisted on taking part in the one next week. In this way, Baylor’s attitude seemed a bit strange lately.

He was almost like a hedgehog… Ewan lowered his brow and recalled it carefully. This has been what happened since Baylor stayed at his house.

Toynbee watched Ewan’s face change slightly as he stood there, not knowing for a moment whether he should leave. At that moment, Ewan suddenly raised his eyes to him and said, “You are welcome to stay in the capital for a while.”

If it wasn’t for Toynbee, he would have remained in a state of confusion.

Toynbee was confused by this sudden enthusiasm, and he subconsciously replied, “Ah, thank you very much.”

The general looked like there was nothing wrong with him?


The author has something to say: 

By the way, you all think my cover is ugly! It’s my own design! (Yes, the author again), I have design ideas, look at the open text, colorful, plus Baylor’s character is particularly flamboyant, right? It must be fancy ah, and then in the bottom right corner there is a flower vase! Because he is a flower vase omega!

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Thank you for translation! So far absolutely in with love this novel.

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Has Ewan worked out that Baylor knows he’s the General?
I like Toynbee; it’d be nice if he stayed permanently as part of the story.
Thanks for translating and editing.

March 9, 2023 4:28 pm

Baylor is such an independent spirit since it sounds like he raised himself. Honestly, Ewan doesn’t have the right to try to tell him what to do.

April 1, 2023 11:00 am

Author’s cover is quite nice! Lol the way that Baylor scratched out the part that he didn’t like

Thank you for the chapter!

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…. I’m gonna be honest the current cover is about at least 10,000 time better…

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