One Year of LMW – Book 4

Happy one year LMW anniversary! We have officially been translating LMW for one entire year! So far we have translated and released 244 chapters in that single year! We are hoping to be able to do 365 chapters within the next year if everything goes well! We could even possibly do even more if anyone helps us find more translators for the series!

So, with our heart and souls into this, we have a gift for logged in users only.

LMW Chapter 421
LMW Chapter 422

84 thoughts on “One Year of LMW – Book 4

  1. Thank you and Congratulations to all of you.It have been a nice one year journey and hope we all can make it to the final line together with Ling Xiao & Xiao Momo

  2. Congratulations on ur achievement!!!

    Wow I can’t believe it’s been a year already!

    Thank you so much for all your hard works😍😍

    You bring me sooooo much joy every time I see a new chapter🙏🤤😘

  3. Maybe I’m just nit-picking but there are still two chapters missing, 271 and 272. Nontheless you guys just made my day!!! I was sooooo waiting for this. Thank You soooo much!!!!

  4. Hi! Me again! Would like to thank you ExiledRebels once again for your hard work and the great gift! Just 1 question…when i downloaded books 1&2 they ended up on my Google drive file, books 3&4 ended up in my Polaris file. Is this because the of Mediafire & non Mediafire? Either thank you again!

  5. Thank you for the book updated..just want to say that there’s no spaces between paragraph for pdf version..a bit annoying when I try to read it..

    Anyway, thanks b’coz another version are okay..😘😘

  6. Even though I rarely sent you a comment but you should know that I admire people whom worked hard to make other people happy and you one of them…thanks for your hard work

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