One Year of LMW – Book 4

Happy one year LMW anniversary! We have officially been translating LMW for one entire year! So far we have translated and released 244 chapters in that single year! We are hoping to be able to do 365 chapters within the next year if everything goes well! We could even possibly do even more if anyone helps us find more translators for the series!

So, with our heart and souls into this, we have a gift for logged in users only.

LMW Chapter 421
LMW Chapter 422

91 thoughts on “One Year of LMW – Book 4

  1. Hello, i wanted to ask if it’s still possible to DL vol 1 & 2? I tried two browsers and using the search bar and it always redirects to either home page or login page (when i’m already logged in). Sorry to bother you but i’d love to read them ;<

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