Fuyou Kareshi

フヨウ彼氏 Artist: Kasui Language: English Download: Summary: Suzuki, who works at a retail store for interior goods, is ordered to change stores. Suzuki was not successful at getting along with his boss at the new workplace, but he became familiar with the transport company's employee, Irie, who was always entering and leaving Suzuki's workplace. Often, … Continue reading Fuyou Kareshi


ハチ Artist: Kuju Siam Language: English Download: Summary: “We can’t be together anymore." During high school, Hachi met Kuma, a strong-built guy, and Hanabi, Kuma’s childhood friend. They become an inseparable trio. However, Kuma confesses to Hachi and Hanabi slowly stopped showing his face when they officially started dating. Later, when Hachi asked Hanabi why, … Continue reading Hachi

Usotsukitachi no Nagai Yoru

嘘つき達の長い夜 Long Night For The Liars Artist: Kureta Makine Language: English This is the sequel of Boku no Kawaii Yopparai. We suggest you read the prequel first. You can find the entire first volume HERE. Download: Summary: University student Hina is popular, but he is bad with romance and had not experienced “true love”... He … Continue reading Usotsukitachi no Nagai Yoru