Blue Moon, Blue

"Here as well as here, here and here ... Are there all mine?" Ichise is a hotel president has begun to overflow with too sweet words of love for his partner Takafumi. In contrast to the high-tech Ichise, Takafumi has a high difference in values. But what happens when Takafumi's boss asks him to hire his younger brother? Filled with husband-ly complaints and sweet talk, follow this sweet love until the end! 

Porno of Yankees

Always-surrounded-by-friends Ryuunosuke and lone wolf Kagetora are leaders of opposing teams and they have a cat-and-dog relationship. One day, they ended up doing erotic things– “This can’t be. I’m sharing a secret with this guy.” There are also plans to move far away, and things get complicated. As these two who cannot seem to grow up consider their friends, hometown, family and their feelings for each other, they take their first clumsy steps into love.