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    1. I agree. What I can’t understand is why do they need to repost things? Can’t they just like post a link to this site so people can read them here, instead? xD

  1. How fucking annoying. Thanks asshole for ruining it for everyone! It’s not like it was a hard or unreasonable rule to follow. What on earth was so urgent that you couldn’t wait the 12 hrs. Just to be a troll no doubt and piss us all off. Grr…! Sorry Exile Rebel gang I love your scantalations so I pray idiots like this don’t put you off sharing your magic with us in future.

  2. Heeehhhh…..sometimes I just wonder who are these ruler breakers anyway, whether they’re just you casual readers (if it’s even true then why you’re doing something that will definitely troublesome for yourself and others like that), or these are some kind of internet trolls/troublemakers and had a beef with ExR specifically.

    Considering what happen with the tumblr long ago, I’m not gonna easily dismiss these people who probably want to get revenge with ExR and always try to cause some problems here.

    Anyway…..what’s done is done, I totally understood and support your decision ExR teams, hopefully there’ll be no problems or drama in the future. Sigh, I just want to enjoy reading BL privately and in peace on my room, but it looks like there’s always some kind of drama/terrible stuff happening in the scanlations world nowadays compare to maybe 10-20 years ago.

  3. I’m sorry that there are so many people that can’t or won’t respect rules.
    I don’t mind passwords. I hope it will teach those people some lessons!

  4. ok I don’t get it. Can someone please explain to me why some people feel the need to “share” so badly that they break the rules? I mean, do they get some kind of prestige? “Oh hey look…there’s Joe! He’s so awesome. He shared this manga translation on this site that I read. Isn’t he the best? I wish I could be like him” Really? Or is it just that today’s society has instilled a need for instant gratification, so some people don’t understand the concept of patience? All I can say to whomever keeps doing this is…karma dude. Karma. May it hit you when you least want it.
    EXR, keep up the good work. And I’ll second the question regarding passwords being just on the manga or on the novels as well? And how do we go about getting these passwords? Do we use the one we created when we registered?

    1. I know right?! I was thinking the same!! Their reader wouldnt care tho whether you share it in a matter of minutes or 12 hours!! So bloody annoying!! Those people 😡😡

    2. I have learned from some users that aside from bots, there are people who run aggregator sites that follow scanlation teams in order to keep track of updates. They might be members of the website themselves. It’s really hard to ward off these kinds of people or trolls or people who enjoy reporting scanlation groups. One group who mainly translates Korean comics ended up creating a private site for one project because they got reported and wanted to continue translating it for readers. Members had to answer several questions and email the group the answers to get approval to enter. However, the group was quickly reported and eventually shut the project down for good. So I’m thinking that even passwords won’t stop people from uploading ExR’s work.

  5. You can neve have everyone listen to rules.. well, I hope it isn’t that hard to figure out the password bc you guys said you’d make it kinda hard.. hopefully I/we can figure it out..

  6. How do the passwords work? Also thank you for all your hard work. I hope the passwords work and no one breaks the rules again.

  7. I’m sorry to hear that this has happened however true fans are happy to respect the rules and use passwords and anything else you wish to have/decide so we definitely don’t mind! Thank you for your hard work, you guys translate all my favourite manga…especially sachimo! thank you!

  8. I’m so sorry to hear that someone broke the super simple rules again. It always sucks when there are those people that have to ruin the fun for everyone and disturbs the peace.

  9. Any rules is fine esp the password thing, as long as this rules can prevent all of your team’s hard work protected from some thieves. I hope this password can save the manga update from illegal stealing ^^

  10. I’m going to throw out a “dumb blonde” questions here: Is the PW only in effect for the 12 hours after the new scanlation posts, or is it going to be a permanent all the time thing now with every release, no matter the time that has passed?

  11. I’m so sorry for everything. Us readers should feel responsible. The password system is a good thing, but I don’t know how it’ll work. Please inform us, thank you

  12. Damn – I still hope that people can learn… That is why it hurts even more to see it happening over and over again…

    Now I really hope the PW will be a good way to make them follow a simple rule.

  13. I don’t mind the password thing, but I hope this will not stop us from reading those wonderful novels and downloading the manga we love. I hope you will catch those who do these things and make us all the other problems. thank you for all the work you have done so far, you are wonderful.

  14. The rule breakers are most probably going for money. They might run aggregator sites/facebook/etc with advertisements, and make profit from ExR’s hard works for free! These f***ing a**holes are the worst. If only we can get the name/address of their sites to troll them….

  15. i’m so sorry to hear that some people broke the rules :((
    i’m a new member in here and i don’t mind for the passwords thing..
    thank you so much for the hard work!

  16. Those people really dont follow the rules…and now thanks to them they have to put a password on it which I don’t mind. It will prevent others from stealing the story. If they want money then they have to get it there self not stealing other people works….*sigh* anyway keep up the good work Exiledrebeltranslation team!!!

  17. Damn, it’s so frustrating that some people couldn’t obey to the only thing you requested…I’m sad you have to always fight such lack of respect.
    I hope the rest of us could still follow you.
    For now, thanks as always for all your hard work!

  18. I don’t mind the passwords…you even try to make them fun…
    but I really can’t understand why people can’t respect such a simple rule…

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