66 thoughts on “Please Respect Our Rules

  1. I’m always a bit baffled that people think they have a right to share other people’s work at all. I’m happy and grateful for the work the groups do in translating, decensoring, and the like, and I’m cool with whatever rules any given group wants people to abide by…. but then taking that work and posting it without permission…? Feels like going in to someone’s home and taking their stuff… who does that?? 12 hour rule or not, just don’t post to aggregators, let the group publish it if they wish to.


    Not that this will stop any of it, but Addis et al, hang on in there… you have the support of the readers who aren’t selfish idiots for what you feel you need to do,

  2. This always surprises me for any group…. I mean its 12 hours here….. People are really weird its not like they are being asked to not do it period…..

  3. I’m very sorry to hear this happened. It’s such a simple rule too. I have a question. What’s an aggregator site? I see a lot of people mention that in the comments. I hope with this measure whoever it was that broke the rule will see that you are serious and won’t allow rule breaking.

  4. What is so hard about following such a simple rule as 12 hours? I am sorry to hear that people are such jerks, sadly not surprised since there is so much toxic and negativity almost everywhere. There is always someone that ruin it for others. BL manga is supposed to be enjoyable and relaxing, and not a cause of anxiety and anger.

  5. I’m so sad to hear that and I’m so sorry for what had happen :((((
    There’s always always this one a**h*le who will ruin everything for everyone :((
    I hope you guys wont be disheartened by this :((
    Whatever happens I’ll always stand by you 🙂

  6. Some people cant just shut up follow the rule. Someone always feeling ‘proud’ to be the one who uploaded it first.. 😑😑 you morron!!!
    I’m so sorry that it happens again to you guys.. and thank you for everything you gave us!

  7. Sorry to hear this! Some people are just so rude and ungrateful… Please don’t be disheartened by this. You have tons of fans who will stand by you. Thank you for all your hard work!!

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