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Hello all, Addis here.

As some of you may know, I’m going to Japan for two weeks here really soon (like I’m down to counting the hours ‘72 hours’). Since I release all of our manga chapters as well as LMW, you may find that they are released at different times than normal, or will be completely scattered. This will be because I will be releasing the chapters in my hotel rooms.

To be able to release at the time I normally do, this will mean I will need to post the chapters at 6am in Japan. Sometimes it may be later, or just when I get around to it depending on how tired I am. I will try to keep the schedule the same, but no guarantees. (Sorry, but my vacation and sleep come first.)

Now that you all know about that, if interested, I will be posting pictures from my adventure on my tumblr at Mydimensionalwonderland if you want to follow me. I’ll try to post a few pictures a day, and since I’m a chef, you know there will be plenty of food porn. XD

After my trip is finished, if enough people are interested, I’ll make a gallery post on here of some of the best pictures I take.

Peace out y’all, I got to finish packing.


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We are a group of Fujoshi that translates Japanese Yaoi manga and translates Chinese BL novels. We strive to do our best while still having a fun time.

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Have a great trip! 😀

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