I know how hard it is to follow our rules. I mean, we have a total of ONE.

Please wait 12 hours after the chapter is released before uploading to any other site.

We provide the time it is posted in PST. Don’t know how to tell time?

Here is a converter:

Don’t know how to read English? Then why the fuck are you here.

If our ONE rule continues to be broken, then we will only release to friends and those who support us on patreon.

Is it really that hard? I can make it hard to access our stuff. Do you even remember my hard passwords? They can easily come back.

Please just follow our rule. Anyone who thinks we are asshoes to implement our rule can please delete their account and get off our site.

Do you realise for a single chapter we pay over $6 USD if it’s still running in the magazines? For a full volume that’s over $36. Do most of you even buy the manga ka works by supporting them? Do you think supporting us by saying thank you makes us disregard the rule breakers? No. It really doesn’t.

I’m not trying to ruin anything for those who follow the rules, but for those that don’t, you’re the ones that make scanlators distrust everyone.

Thanks for ruining my day anon. You’re the best for breaking the rules. Congrats on not being able to read, tell time or be a decent person.

Zombies Wanted
GDC Donghua (Anime)

33 thoughts on “Rules

  1. So sorry to hear that this happens AGAIN and AGAIN T_T it breaks my heart whenever hearing this breaking rules things, why people can’t follow a very simple rule?!!! Please just abide the rules!!!

  2. I can hardly believe that some people can’t follow one VERY SIMPLE rule. I never upload any chapters anywhere ever! I leave that to the scanlator if that is what they want. Frankly, I prefer to read chapters off my own device’s memory. Manga reader sites always make my anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti-phising, anti-adware, anti-ransomware, anti-anything bad for my computer software go fricking haywire. That and sometimes, oftentimes really, pop-up windows of very crude and very obscene porn suddenly open up, like even cp! Like quickly press the X button!!!! Hate those reading sites! But there are some scanlators that only post their releases on those sites. Still, I stay away from them as much as possible. Additionally, I know that it is expensive to buy manga. So, I am very appreciative and respectful of scanlators. And I DO buy all of the manga that I’ve read from scanlations as soon as it is released in English. If I can get the physical copy, I prefer to get that. I have so many that my husband thinks I need intervention for my obsession/addiction. Heheh. That said, I agree that we should purchase the manga that we’ve read scanlated if we can. I actually have budgeted my manga purchasing into my expenses to make sure that I can do that. It’s the right thing to do. But, back to the rule, I fully believe in following the rules and wishes of scanlators, out of respect for both their and the mangaka’s hard work and personal expense and sacrifice. I hope that the culprit will be more respectful and considerate in the future. I hated the hard passwords, but I respect your choice in using them to “encourage” the following of your rule.

  3. I really don’t understand the people who can’t follow your simple rule. It’s not even like you’re forbidding them from uploading, you’re just asking them to wait a few hours. Is that really so hard?

    Anyway, if this happens again in the future, whatever your group decides is best to deal with it is fine. I’ll be sad if you limit your projects but you’re the ones doing all the work so it’s your choice! As always, thank you for everything.

  4. Oh my god… its the same all over again… its really hatefull!! I mean why can’t you wait for that dam 12 hour??? Half a day is not gonna kill you!!! 😠
    For those who cannot following the rules, i think all your life is so fuck up. You cant just wait and follow SIMPLE rules!! Cant you see, that SO MANY scanlation is going dark??? Thay just stop scanlating or just choosing some quite and private space!! I dont understand why people wont just come to the scanlation and read it there. I prefer come to scanlation and download or read it there. Because you will know them better there. Im not really active person in forum. But at least you can say a simple ‘thank you! Not that its enough. They work their ass hard and put their money and love for release ONE single chapter! Can you imagine it if its more than 1 volume??
    I love reading, but i prefer having one piece in my hand and savor it over and over again. I collect manga since like 15 years ago. For the manga you can buy, its still cost you money, space, and energy to keep them in good condition. Not to mantion, not all manga is publise in every country!!! Even if they release in your country, u need to wait until they can be bought in your book store. So just why cant you just wait that fucking 12 hours?? Its not 12 days or 12 weeks!! Just 12 HOURS!!! 😠😠😠

  5. Thing is I don’t think they care; they are not here for reading manga but to grab it and be first to upload on aggregators.
    So when/if you close/limit releases they’ll just move to next one and then next one…
    I’m sure there’s a diagnose for this in psychology since this is not normal behavior, and you can’t reason with somebody who is not right in their head?

  6. Uwahhh!!!!! Please let me be the one in inner circle! I can’t support patreon in my country. I dare swear I’ve never reposted somebody else’s work for monetary gain. I mean, I don’t even know how. How do you get money by posting stuff? And I’ve never broke a single rule of ExR (didn’t even know how many there is, haha. I simply come here to read and leave.)

    1. My suspicion is that the “thieves” are administrators in some aggregator sites who get paid from click-pay ads and the likes. So they make profit from somebody eles’s hard works, without breaking any sweats πŸ™

  7. So, it’s not a surprise that people are assholes online. I think this is gonna happen again and you’re going to be forced to release only to your Patreons, which I’m not gonna complain about. It’s completely within your right.

    I’m more of a lurker instead of a commenter, but since this’ll probably be the last time I see anything of you guys, I figured I might as well say something.

    A huge thank you to your entire team for your work! Not just for translating/editing/everything, but for choosing to share it despite how terrible your work and you yourselves have been treated. Thank you.

    When I first discovered EXR, I was a little taken aback by those little messages you left at the beginning/end of a chapter. I didn’t like them at first, but somehow you’ve managed to charm me and I’ve actually come to look forward to them. Whenever I see the EXR credit page, I’m always excited to get to the end of a chapter to read your messages. They’re not always there, unfortunately. πŸ˜›

    tl;dr This is a farewell message, because the internet is predictably an asshole. But you’ll be missed! And, always, thank you for sharing your work with us <3

  8. Oh my, there is still this people around! How is it so hard to follow a simple rule? I’m not commenting as much as I’d like (by the truth I’ve not even the time to read as much as I’d like, lately) but I really appreciate your work even if I’m reading only LMW and GDG here. But it’s said they are quite hard to translate with difficult words and phrasing, still, you’re doing an amazing work! I don’t know what to say to this people that don’t follow the rule to make them understand how they ruin everyone enjoyment…

  9. Sorry for whatever the anon said and did. The rule is not hard…people just like to be assholes to others because they can be. Sadly i doubt the person cares how much effort and money y’all put in to these works because if they did they would just obey the damn rule. It’s twelve hours for Christ sakes. You guys are entitled to at least that much traffic to your site for the work you put out to everyone.
    Once again sorry for the dipshit out there who do dipshit things.

  10. Do what you have to do. Dicks will be dicks sadly and all it takes is one. Thank you guys for all your hard work so far and in the future.

  11. Thanks for all the hard work! It is truly appreciated!! If only we could fix stupid … it’s not hard to follow a simple rule. Please do what you must. Rules are made for a reason. If they don’t like them, they should go somewhere else. I’m not much of a commentor but the ones who make it difficult for the rest just plain suck.

  12. Why won’t some people follow your rule? I mean yours is already very lenient, only 1 rule and it is to wait 12H before uploading to manga aggregator sites. Some other scanlations even forbid uploading their releases to manga aggregator sites, some only allow uploading after some days have passed (usually 5 or 7 days), some even gone ‘underground’ or hiding and only release the chapters among their member or people that they’ve acknowlege

  13. *sighs* I’d ask why assholes gotta be assholes, but. Yeah. Going and ruining things for those of us that actually follow the rules. (-_-)

    You all are amazing and don’t deserve this bullshit over a rule so very simple to follow.

  14. I just back here after a long time because so busy and so sad with how someone can’t even wait for 12 hours.. Are this people just do this for pissed the scanlation and make other people can’t even trusted by the scanlation? 😑
    I hope there is a way to know who do that and block that person.. 😒

    For ExR thank you for all your hardwork, and sorry for that stupid someone that can’t wait 12 hours.. 😭

    I hope you the one who keep the break the rules is stop doing that!

  15. uuuhhhh…… it was an easy one rule yet some people can’t even follow that. what is so hard about waiting 12 hours….. haaaa…
    and you guys are the most with frequent releases…. so sad….

  16. Just follow the rule, what’s so hard to wait a goddamn 12 hour????? To the person who broke the rule well congratulation you ruined all of our day and get yourself tons of curses and shitposting about you, how’s that sound? Really i was having a great nice day, saw that GDC finally up (yes i’m a bit late for that i know) and then EXR posted this warning.

    I’m not blaming them to limit the readers, they can do what they want with their AMAZING hardwork (can’t even know any scanslation group that did such an amazing translation easy and pleasant to read but keeping with the original wording) seriously, if one day any of the rule breaker did it again and EXR finally shuts their door close imma hire a hacker and hunt your ass down. Good day to you all. Thankyou EXR for your wonderful job, i love all of you and bless you all to have an amazing days to go ❀

  17. Once in a while there is someone to ruin everyone’s mood!!!!
    Come on… What will they give you if you upload the manga???
    And To EXR group…your work is the best, sorry about these things!
    Sorry the only thing that I’m able to do is to say thank you, i know it doesn’t help anything!! Just hope you guys stay forever…
    You guys are amazing… Wish you happiness…πŸ’•

  18. Sorry to hear this is happening yet again! It’s very sad that there is someone who can’t follow the one rule you have. It’s a very simple rule and i hate that someone could be so disrespectful to the group and disregard your wishes.

    Thank you for all the hard work and wonderful releases. I really hope going forward the one rule you have will be followed.

  19. Sorry to hear that your rule was broken again. Thank you for all the work you guys are doing for us. (sorry that all I can do for now is say Thank you)

  20. I’m not a very good commenter and usually just a silent reader, sorry i can just say thank you for all you guys have translated. I hope i can still read your guys TLed novel and manga but if it’s still going on like this i can just say thank you for the rules breaker to kill of everyone’s joy.

    For ExR, you just do what you wanna do ’cause it’s totally your site. Thank you for everything, i guess if it’s come to worst i just have to start using patreon….. have a nice day πŸ€—

  21. Even though I’m not an English native speaker I can understand the rules.
    Somethimes I don’t leave comments ’cause I’m shy but I obey the rules, too bad other can’t do it. I can’t support patreon but if you star using it, don’t worry, I respect and appreciate you hard work. Thank you πŸ˜€

  22. Oh come on itΒ΄s just ONE rule!! Damn, just follow the fricking rule!!!!

    To EXR all I can say I love you and Thank you for all the hard you work that you do and the wonderful releases you bring!

    I really hope the one rule that you have will be followed.

  23. If necessary please bring back the passwords. It would be a shame if everyone misses your wonderful releases because of a few assholes.
    Unfortunately I can no longer support you on paetron because of my country current economic situation. But if I could, I would because I know that a lot of money, time and effort goes towards the releases we get for free and you are totally entitled to put as many rules as you want.

  24. Sorry to hear that people aren’t respecting such a simple rule (it baffles me why anyone would upload another person’s work without permission to begin with). I’m really grateful for all the hard work you do in translating everything so I sincerely hope it won’t be broken again. Whatever you decide in the future, I just wanted to say thanks!

  25. I’m sorry to hear someone break the rules again. Is there no solution to grasp them? It would be great to grab them, and give them away, so they will learn that it’s not normal to play with the others.

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