I know how hard it is to follow our rules. I mean, we have a total of ONE.

Please wait 12 hours after the chapter is released before uploading to any other site.

We provide the time it is posted in PST. Don’t know how to tell time?

Here is a converter:

Don’t know how to read English? Then why the fuck are you here.

If our ONE rule continues to be broken, then we will only release to friends and those who support us on patreon.

Is it really that hard? I can make it hard to access our stuff. Do you even remember my hard passwords? They can easily come back.

Please just follow our rule. Anyone who thinks we are asshoes to implement our rule can please delete their account and get off our site.

Do you realise for a single chapter we pay over $6 USD if it’s still running in the magazines? For a full volume that’s over $36. Do most of you even buy the manga ka works by supporting them? Do you think supporting us by saying thank you makes us disregard the rule breakers? No. It really doesn’t.

I’m not trying to ruin anything for those who follow the rules, but for those that don’t, you’re the ones that make scanlators distrust everyone.

Thanks for ruining my day anon. You’re the best for breaking the rules. Congrats on not being able to read, tell time or be a decent person.

Zombies Wanted
GDC Donghua (Anime)

33 thoughts on “Rules

  1. Oh come on it´s just ONE rule!! Damn, just follow the fricking rule!!!!

    To EXR all I can say I love you and Thank you for all the hard you work that you do and the wonderful releases you bring!

    I really hope the one rule that you have will be followed.

  2. If necessary please bring back the passwords. It would be a shame if everyone misses your wonderful releases because of a few assholes.
    Unfortunately I can no longer support you on paetron because of my country current economic situation. But if I could, I would because I know that a lot of money, time and effort goes towards the releases we get for free and you are totally entitled to put as many rules as you want.

  3. Sorry to hear that people aren’t respecting such a simple rule (it baffles me why anyone would upload another person’s work without permission to begin with). I’m really grateful for all the hard work you do in translating everything so I sincerely hope it won’t be broken again. Whatever you decide in the future, I just wanted to say thanks!

  4. I’m sorry to hear someone break the rules again. Is there no solution to grasp them? It would be great to grab them, and give them away, so they will learn that it’s not normal to play with the others.

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