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Seriously guys, please respect our no sharing for 12 hours rule.

It’s so easy, I even add the time and time zone so you know exactly when you’re able to share it.

If this rule is not followed, I will extend the time, create passwords, etc. All I want is for fans to have the decency to respect our rules. Those of you who are not following our rules are showing us utter disrespect and that you do not care about us as a group. All you care about is the chapters we release.

So, please, if this happens for a third time, I will make the passwords a where’s waldo hunt, and not care about it because others out there don’t seem to care about us.

Edit: Don’t share means:

DO NOT SHARE THE DOWN LOAD LINK ANYWHERE. DO NOT SHARE PICTURES OF THE SCANS, DO NOT SHARE ANYTHING (but link to original post) UNTIL 12 HOURS HAS PAST. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Mangago, Myreadingmanga, Tumblr, etc.

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We are a group of Fujoshi that translates Japanese Yaoi manga and translates Chinese BL novels. We strive to do our best while still having a fun time.

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Ganbatte! Hwaiting!

I’m sorry, I don’t know either chinese or english of those word 😅

Some of us truly need to learn! We’ll try our best to obey the rule. Sorry 😫


I’m sorry that some people aren’t obeying such a simple rule and thank you for continuing to share with us. I hope they learn and obey from now on.


It seems like new members who don’t know what “no sharing” completely means are responsible. I wish I can say it won’t happen again but I can’t control other people’s actions and as long as new people who aren’t familiar with your policy are joining then I predict it will happen again. Seems like us older members who have been following the rules will be affected by them. 😫 Oh well, sorry you guys have to deal with this mess again.


oh man 🙁
Feel sorry for you guys to deal with it again.
I always follow the rules but it seemed that some people don’t want to.
I hope that they take the rules seriously.
I don’t know why is it difficult to follow… sigh


Hmm… I believe I am following one of these people (who love to share so much) on FB. Someone needs a good beating!!!

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