Slight Break

Due to lack of available staff (everyone is dealing with midterms or vacation) our manga releases will be down to three a week until further notice. 

Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you wish to help, we are still recruiting Japanese translators, and cleaners. Please email us if you wish to apply.


22 thoughts on “Slight Break

  1. Pls don’t be sorry the thing that matters is we don’t want u guys to feel stressed when releasing those fantastic translations!!💗💝💘💘💖💞💕💓💖💘💗

  2. I seriously need to learn to read Japanese and Chinese so I can volunteer to help you guys. Until that time, I can be patient….after all I am a fan of Skip Beat, which has one of the slowest romances of all time. I know all about patience.
    Good luck for everyone taking exams. And for those on vacation, have a wonderful time!

  3. Three chapters a week is still very impressive! Thank you all so much for all the work you do. Good luck to those taking their midterms and to those on vacation I hope you all have a wonderful time.

  4. Three chapters a week is still waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay above the average speed of any other groups. And it should not be noted that we get them for free! We should be grateful. No complaint here.

    Good luck with your exams and please have a safe trips to anyone who is on vacation.

  5. Still feelin’ grateful you’re willing to release some chap’s for us, readers ♥
    Hope everyone will, at least, enjoy some rest -with or without midterms- (>w<)

  6. It’s okay! I and surely all of us appreciate your hard work.You all deserve a break or two for a while!

    Goodluck with your exams!

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