Please stop asking us to pick up Transmigrating into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain Plan. We are currently not picking up any other projects. Once we finish all of the novels we are currently translating will we think about the possibility of doing it. But, right now, no, we will not do it and are not even planning on doing it. So please, stop sending emails to us asking for us to do it. 

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9 thoughts on “TMCRVP

  1. You guys are already translating a lot. I support you guys finishing what is currently going on right now. Don’t take on too much, you guys are still humans and desire the right to do whatever you want with life too. Keep up the good work! ❤️

  2. That’s reasonable. You already have so many projects going on that adding another one doesn’t make much sense. It would just slow releases of your original projects and create more impatient/frustrated readers. You guys do have your own lives after all; who has the time to do such quick, consistent releases for so many series?!

  3. I can see why they ask, it’s a great story. I think making a post was a great idea because you all do such a fantastic job translating–you must get pestered about a lot of stories. As long as I get my LMW and GDC fix (plus all the amazing manga that you do such a freaking awesome job on), I’m happy.

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