Hey there everyone, this is just an update from Addis.

Chinese Translation side:

Our translators for LMW, Yuanyulin, is still fighting with her shitty internet and Rara is still fighting with her projects that she’s been putting on hold. So we will try to get out the next chapter within the next day or so.

So our translator of SH, Tracy, got super sick and has been unable to translate. We told her to stay in bed and not worry about us so that she will get better.

Our translator of ST, Rui, is currently on vacation. So she will be out.

Our translator for GDC, K, has a huge presentation she is worrying about so we told her to focus on that instead. The next chapter will be up as soon as possible.

Japanese Translation side:

All normal on this side, we’ve got two new manga coming up next week as well as the 2nd chapter of Goodbye Harlequin by Kusabi Keri.

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9 thoughts on “Update

  1. No rush~ just don’t drop your projects xD i live for LMW since the manga has been slow/standstill.

  2. haha… u said shitty Internet.. LMAO…(≧▽≦)

    just like me…

    wow… our dear traslator team being so busy., these days… good luck~~~!!!

    and… Rui… please bought some souvenier for us…ლ(´ڡ`ლ) foods is okay too.. lol

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