Vote for our Contest



Only three can claim the reserved spots for the month of December.

With just several clicks of your finger, you, too, can have a vote deciding which will rule over them all.

So please look through everyone’s hard work and pick which one you think should be the winner.

As a reminder, the top three will be posted in every one of our December releases as their own page, so pick wisely and choose the ones that you wouldn’t mind seeing everyday for 31 days.

Let the voting begin! May the dicks forever be in your favor!

LMW Contest
ExR Japanese SFX

6 thoughts on “Vote for our Contest

  1. Oh dang, wish I could have voted for top 3. Some really great entries there! Good job to all of you who sent in some art. It was hard to narrow it down to just 1. Hope the others I liked get some good votes, lol.

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