Addis @mydimensionalwonderland (Our beautiful master, she can do everything and is referred to as the Yaoi God, talented at making warm milk for chrysanthemum tea, fujo grannies united, Mother of all)
Yuanyulin (Ivana) @yuanyulin (Japanese and Chinese Translator, first person to join Exr after Addis, excels at lists, but don’t call her spicie, or chili, or Tarzan, but do call her Hentai-sensei, fujo grannies united)
RaRa @Rara0587 (Janitor lvl 35, Chinese Translator, really have no idea where she came from (one day just appeared and has stayed since), Golden medal spoiler, worst father-in-law, fairy that sprinkle dust everywhere, deserves a gang-bang for hard work, give her all the Kusabi, slave master)
Wagahai Fujoshi @WagahaiFujoshi (Japanese Translator, WordPress Webmaster, Editor and miscellaneous, also known as Squid-chan(sack-chan), fujo grannies united)

Manga Side

Tee92 @Tee92 (Japanese Translator, a.k.a. the beast, Bewds grandaddy, Lover of all Kusabi Keri)
Dani (Japanese Translator, lover of sadistic seme’s and crying ukes, fine with screwed up plots)
Jess @JesSkull20 (On Hiatus) A quicksilver Typesetter, Japanese Translator, currently a demon that appear per summon, loves making lemonade)
Ario (Dick redrawer, fujo grannies united, penis peddling pedo)
Tina @chibikarin (Cleaner, mafumafu lover, blushing crying faces summon her, fujo grannies united, Mom Squad, Rara scapegoat)
Kisaki @warawakisaki (Japanese Translator, ai feiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, only read fluff, don’t send her sad stuff or she cries, banished concubine)
Cinnamon (Typesetter/Cleaner)
Jyoujimi (Japanese Translator, fujo grannies united, summon through the call of 4p)
Katie (Lady of the Memes, Dick redrawer and proofreader, a proud Treebeard and Bean Daddy)
Sei-chan (Japanese Translator)
Javii (Japanese Translator, prefers hedgehog sex with hooman eyes, prefer beastiality in general)
Aresk@Arrested (Typesetter, Tracy 2.0, got a full ton of rap sheet, arrested multiple times, serial offender )
EmmiIsHere (Cleaner)
Meg (Japanese Translator)
Butterfly (Typesetter)
Shinya (Japanese Translator)

Novel Side

K @keixxxsan (Chinese Translator, Ω, ghost mafia, makes us all jelly with her literary skills, K-oniichan)
Tracy (Chinese Translator, Furen is mine, pun master)
Rui (Chinese Translator, Iceberg, ultimate uke, makes us take Chinese SM test while at the restaurant, OMEGA4LIFE, do-M, 反攻不成反被攻, tsundere, love K-oniichan)
Yuu (The ninja boy able to read and edit Rui’s novel, with soul staring eyes that could purge any impure souls)
Rikko (Chinese Translator)
Feiii (Chinese Translator, fujo grannies united)
Ceti (Chinese Translator, takes too many vacations (take me with you T.T), fail as slave, ultimate betrayal, arms dealer)
Jouissance (Chinese Translator, don’t let her translate when she’s drunk, drunkgasm, fail as slave, no more cocktail shaker for you, alcohol dealer )
MengHu (Chinese Translator)
Avon (Chinese Translator)
Crystal (Chinese Translator, meth dealer, the great drug lord Walter White, fail as slave)
Rachel (Chinese Translator, fail as slave, Loan Shark )
Andrew (Chinese Translator)
Kiki (Chinese Translator)