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Pheromone Addiction by Limit


Genre: BL, omegaverse, oneshot, short

Translator: Addis

Editor: UA

~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~


Short novel about an omega that has an addiction for his alpha’s pheromones. 


Chapter 1: Pheromone Addiction

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA


Qiu Yue’s pheromones are quite peculiar; it’s like a combination of the forest after rain and a handful of snow, which is a rare pheromone that can’t be visualized. Fortunately, since the interstellar age has been equalized for a long time, both Alphas and Omegas are required to have basic protection to avoid public disturbance caused by pheromone leakage, and few people know about his scent.

Qiu Yue is already thirty-four years old, which is an age at which marriage can be promoted even in the interstellar age when life expectancy is greatly prolonged and sexual maturity is delayed to nineteen years old. Qiu Yue doesn’t care about that, but his two dads are more concerned, especially his Omega father. When he went back to see them last month, his father took him by the hand and said to him, “Baby, do you feel lonely by yourself? If yes, dad will give you a brother to accompany you.”

Qiu Yue firmly refused in his father’s tender and loving eyes.

Qiu Yue is very satisfied with his life now. As a university teacher, his work is quite relaxed. After class, he drove along to buy vegetables and went home. On the way home, he went into a flower shop, which he often visited.

There are not many places with flower shops in the interstellar era. Compared with ornamental plants, the Academy of Sciences has made more genetic improvements for edible plants. Many flowers are not easy to feed here. When decorating rooms, simulated flowers are now obviously a better choice.

What Qiu Yue often bought was a kind of flower with small stems and dense petals. Its fragrance was very light. When he got close to it, he could smell a bitter scent similar to wild berries, called deiro.

When Qiu Yue was young, he was often described as a young man with a strong sense of youth. Now, because of professional reasons, his temperament is more gentle and restrained, which makes him harder to ignore.

Fu Lin’s first impression of Qiu Yue was very deep. When he received his smile whilst handing over the packaged flowers to the other party, he felt like he was back in his childhood, because he had done a trivial thing and was rewarded with the sweetest sugar.

Because he is next to the University, it is not necessary to guess Qiu Yue’s identity. One day, Fu Lin asked unintentionally, “Is Mr. Qiu a teacher?” So they became a little acquainted. 

Fu Lin admitted that he was fond of Qiu Yue and this was also a deliberate temptation. However, if he didn’t start to buy flowers in the shop, they would only have this unfair relationship and only say two words to each other when packing flowers.

Fu Lin, who had been struggling with how to break the stalemate, received a phone call from Qiu Yue that night, saying that he wanted to order a bunch of flowers. Because of too many things going on, he only just remembered that he needed it in the morning, so had to call to inquire about the order.

Fu Lin first left his private number for Qiu Yue, and has been wanting to acquire the other party’s number. Now he was very happy to agree.

The next day, they both got up early, dressed up and met in the rainy morning.

After putting the flowers in the back seat of Qiu Yue’s car, they decided to have breakfast together. The moisture of the rain mixed with the bitter scent of the berries, and was extremely harmonious in the early morning before the sun had come out.

After that day, it became natural for them to have dinner together occasionally and go out for a stroll.

Qiu Yue went to the flower market with Fu Lin during the holidays. Listening to Fu Lin tell him about the life habits of various flowers and the stories behind them, perhaps because he talked about the things he liked, Qiu Yue felt that Fu Lin’s tone was full of pride that could not be concealed. He was very much like a child seeking praise.

After returning from the flower market, Qiu Yue also invited Fu Lin to visit the campus. Qiu Yue worked in his alma mater. When he introduced the campus to Fu Lin, he unconsciously brought in his previous affairs. He was afraid that Fu Lin would be embarrassed if he didn’t understand, however, he was very focused. So Qiu Yue took this opportunity to clear his little emotions about the unreasonable rules and regulations of his alma mater.

Fu Lin’s temperament is too harmless. Qiu Yue instinctively equates him with the cleverest students in his class. Psychologically, he also took the initiative to determine his gender as a beta. However, Qiu Yue didn’t know that his own heat this year had advanced by two months.

After going to the doctor, he found out that this was due to an excessive intake of alpha pheromones causing his early heat. Qiu Yue’s pheromone suppressor had not failed but the doctor concluded that the pheromone matching value of the pair was too high, and so negated his suppressor.

Qiu Yue was told that after taking the inhibitor injection in the hospital, he had begun to develop mild pheromone addiction, and suggested that he should mate with the alpha affecting him as soon as possible.

Qiu Yue almost received the desired answer in his heart after hearing the news, but he still wasn’t sure. When he went to see his Omega father that night, he brought a bunch of deiro and was told mercilessly, “The flowers are very beautiful, but they don’t have any fragrance.” 

Finally, he was sure that the scent was actually Fu Lin’s pheromones.

On that night, Qiu Yue did not stay at his father’s home. Instead, he returned to the room next to his university. He curled up on the sofa in the living room with a bunch of flowers from yesterday. Fu Lin’s pheromones remained on the sofa. At that moment, he suddenly felt small and sad.

Qiu Yue finally chooses to confess his pheromone addiction to Fu Lin. Afterwards, he didn’t know if it was an illusion or not but Qiu Yue felt that Fu Lin was not responding to him at first and seemed a bit slow, but then even behaved a little happy at times?

Qiu Yue finally proposed that he wanted some of Fu Lin’s gland cells for a tissue culture, which would then create a specific injection to inhibit his pheromone addiction.

Qiu Yue knew he was very abrupt, and was too offensive to Fu Lin’s privacy, even if he chose to refuse.

However, Fu Lin said it was not Qiu Yue’s fault, he was also responsible for this and willing to cooperate.

The two met immediately. The former was relieved and the latter sighed silently in his heart.

However, both of them did not expect that the treatment would have no effect, and even made the addiction symptoms more serious.

Both of them had pheromones that couldn’t be visualized since their characteristics were different from other pheromones. In addition, the matching value was too high, and therefore, Qiu Yue always faced the risk of treatment failure; “just in case” does not happen here.

Qiu Yue didn’t mention that he wanted to try with Fu Lin because of his strong sense of purpose. Fortunately, Fu Lin chose the latter without hesitation to comfort him as well as take advantage of this opportunity to pursue him.

In love, two people are not as sweet as Fu Ling thought. He even pretended to be too mature/cool for fear of exposing his childish nature.

Qiu Yue didn’t have time to notice Fu Lin’s stiffness. Because the two people were getting along more and more, his addiction symptoms also became more and more serious.

Finally, in the first year and two months of their acquaintance, Qiu Yue couldn’t help but take a sip of his wine and act, but it was Fu Lin who overpowered him. He was very fierce but not threatening, and said, “You bit me.”

Qiu Yue had actually been feeling that his desire for Fu Lin pheromone was a little morbid. It was like an addiction, when Fu Lin was not around, he couldn’t help looking for it. When he was around, he couldn’t help getting closer. Even though he was hugged, he wanted to get around his glands and smell the bitter taste of the berry.

The first temporary marking of the two was initiated by Qiu Yue. He drank half a cup of liquid courage, although the wine did not fill him with unconsciousness, it at least let him put down 90% of his reserve. Fu Lin was caught off guard by the bursting of his pent up desire.

Fu Lin is a few years younger than Qiu Yue. In addition, he still has a bit of instinctive awe for his teachers when he leaves the campus. Most of the time when he visits Qiu Yue, he has no guts. What’s more, he pretends to be gentle and mature. So at this time, he is at a loss when facing his active lover.

Fortunately, an Alpha’s instincts have always been very strong. When Qiu Yue rubbed around his gland and put out his tongue to lick it, Fu Lin finally reacted out of his stupidity and took initiative. Fu Lin and Qiu Yue bit each other’s glands with their teeth as they wanted, creating the first temporary mark between them.

Qiu Yue usually has many appropriate adjectives in class to describe those theoretical words, but now he couldn’t find a suitable word to describe this feeling.

Fu Lin’s pheromone passed along his teeth to his glands, and then to every blood vessel. The scent that could only be smelled when he was close to Fu Lin wrapped him in a cocoon. The pheromone suppressors between them gradually failed with the fusion of their pheromones, and the smell of Fu Lin almost became too strong. Qiu Yue’s hand, which was originally placed on his shoulder and back, was unable to fall down. Too many pheromones flooded him, ushering in countless intracranial climaxes from this long pheromone injection.

“Fu Lin… That’s enough… ” Qiu Yue’s voice trembled.

Fu Lin’s pheromone was like the rain in summer when one was caught off guard, or like drowning in the sea. He felt the pleasure of being submerged and completely lost himself in the suffocation.

Fu Lin made a temporary mark on his sweetheart for the first time. Fortunately, his own rut was not induced, and his remaining reason made him hear Qiu Yue’s voice.

Holding his lover who matched him in body and mind, his Alpha’s bad possessiveness was greatly satisfied. The man who had just been bewildered by Qiu Yue’s initiative was now holding his lover in his arms, and couldn’t help thinking about his back with his hands. In the present position with Fu Lin still pressed against Qiu Yue, he stuck out his tongue deep in his neck and licked the unhealed bite mark of Qiu Yue’s gland like an animal.

Qiu Yue, who was surrounded, became even more irrational. They are embracing each other. An Omega, who has just been marked, is extremely attached to their alpha, not to mention he, who is extremely eager for Fu Lin’s pheromones. Qiu Yue can’t think about any problems in his mind, the only thing he could think about was the pheromone which wrapped him in extreme pleasure and provided him peace of mind. Even if he wanted to have sex with him right now, Fu Lin would not hesitate to open his legs. He can even forcibly open his reproductive cavity to let Fu Lin in regardless of the pain this would cause during his heat.

But Fu Lin did not. He just held his lover and met his needs.


The marked pleasure was something Qiu Yue had not experienced in 35 years. The dramatic mood changes caused by pheromones consumed most of his energy. Even when Fu Lin led him to the bath, he was already drowsy and didn’t resist.

They haven’t lived together yet, and there are not many traces of Qiu Yue in Fu Lin’s home. Occasionally, Fu Lin will invite Qiu Yue as a guest in his house, and any intimate behavior will stop. Therefore, Qiu Yue has not experienced what it is like to wake up in the bed of a male friend.

Fu Lin’s home is far away from the flower shop, even farther than Qiu Yue’s. People in the interstellar age pay great attention to privacy, most of them choose to live alone. They don’t have to worry about being woken up by the noise of their neighbors, and people like Fu Ling who avoided busy areas are more quiet in general.

“It’s perfect for sleeping over.” Qiu Yue thought so in Fu Lin’s arms.

Outside, the sky was overcast, the air was cold and humid, the temperature in the quilt was just in the “warm” range, and the bitter-berry breath filled every inch of the air he breathed.

“I’ll become lazy,” Qiu Yue couldn’t help feeling before falling into a dream again, “fortunately, there’s no class today.”

When Qiu Yue woke up again, it was almost noon. Fu Lin had been up for a while and sat on the edge of the bed, carving his figure with his eyes.

When the sun broke through the clouds and scattered the first ray of light, Qiu Yue and Fu Lin shared a kiss. The lip to lip fit was like a floating cloud, soft and fluffy.

Qiu Yue sat on the sofa in the living room, which is the closest position to the kitchen. As an Omega, who has been marked, he is extremely dependent on his alpha. Qiu Yue feels that this feeling was not too bad.

The beef and potato stew in the kitchen bubbled, which had been dinner from the day before, but had been delayed by the temporary marking.

Yesterday’s dinner was instead tomato and egg noodles. The taste was sour and sweet, very delicious, the noodles were cooked just right, soft and moderately hard and very chewy. Qiu Yue slowly recalled. Unfortunately, he didn’t eat much because of the hormonal changes in his body.

“I’m so hungry.” Qiu Yue thought of the emptiness of his abdomen. “Fu Lin, I want to eat noodles.” Qiu Yue went to the kitchen door and leaned against the door frame. He thought about it and added, “The noodles last night were delicious.”

“Ah. Oh,” Fu Lin said with a smile after a second or two. “Let’s use the beef and potato to make noodles. Well, it’ll be delicious, too.”

Qiu Yue nodded, then sat back on the sofa and waited.

While Fu Lin was boiling water in the kitchen, the corners of his mouth rose uncontrollably, and his heart was full of sweetness. Qiu Yue has always shown great restraint in his love. It’s really hard for him to ask for something like this.

Fu Lin was not a mature man in love, he wanted to play with his lover. Occasionally he imagined that they were two cats and could rub and lick each other. However, because he liked Qiu Yue, he was willing to respect and accept the way he loved him, and learn the mature, restrained and courteous way Qiu Yue communicated. But now it was his lover, as he expected, who put down those rules which were too harsh in Fu Lin’s eyes, and made the small request.

Finally, Qiu Yue got his wish and ate noodles as delicious as last night’s memory.

In the afternoon, they sat on the sofa and watched a movie. In the middle of the day, Qiu Yue fell asleep again, it wasn’t a long nap, because when he woke up, the movie was still playing. He had already placed his pillow on Fu Ling’s lap, maybe this was too comfortable, even though he was awake, Qiu Yue didn’t move from his nest.

Near the evening, Fu Lin sent Qiu Yue to the door and gave him a key before he opened the door.

Qiu Yue didn’t know what to do, he hovered in mid air whilst deciding whether to accept or reject.

Fu Lin held his hand and said, “I know that we may not have reached the cohabitation stage. It’s just the keys to the house. You can choose to come or not, or even just accompany me when it’s convenient. After we do live together, we can input fingerprints?”

Qiu Yue had no reason to refuse, and he thinks he doesn’t want to refuse very much anyways.

Fu Lin opened the door for him with a smile and kissed him on the forehead. His voice was joyful, “Be careful on the way. Please be safe when you get home.”

In a cloud of fire, Fu Lin watched him drive away.


(Please note that this next part is some time in the future and Fu Lin is back in school/ on trip with a professor of his. The names have NOT been switched around. This is the author that changed this, not us.)


“Today? No- no-no inconvenience. ” Qiu Yue walked out of the school gates and said to the person on the other side of the phone.

“Well, I’ll be back at about five o’clock. Would you like me to bring something along?” The person on the opposite side didn’t know what he mentioned. Qiu Yue’s expression softened for a while. “He’s on business these days. Next time.”

Qiu Yue hung up the phone, opened the door of his car and sat down. After fastening his seat belt, he could not help touching his neck. Although he had made several temporary marks, he was still a bit unaccustomed to it.

Fu Lin has been out for seven days, and he hasn’t explained anything to Qiu Yue. There are professional clerks in charge of purchasing goods in the store. Fu Lin had a lot of documents in his luggage, and seems to be doing some academic research.

It was his Omega father who communicated with Qiu Yue on the phone. Not long after the first mark, Qiu Yue was sniffed out by his father when he came home. Today, Qiu Yue still remembers his father’s shocked and fragile expression as if he had been betrayed. Fortunately, his alpha father is still reliable, and has researched Fu Lin’s gender, age, occupation, family status, acquaintance experience and many other issues. Qiu Yue covered up the addiction and other things that were too realistic.

It seems that people’s ability to accept circumstances is infinite. Before long, his father proposed to see Fu Lin, but he was put off by Qiu Yue with different excuses every time. However, this time, it was not a joke, this time the reason was true.

Qiu Yue’s father naturally knew that Qiu Yue was procrastinating, but there’s nothing he could do. He told Qiu Yue that he wanted to see Fu Lin’s photos, and the more silent Qiu is, the more his Omega father rubbed his hand and pleaded with him. Sure enough, it was not a good thing that human life expectancy had been greatly prolonged in this interstellar age.

Qiu Yue finally had no choice but to fulfill his father’s wish. The photo was secretly taken by Qiu Yue not long ago. That night, they were watching a documentary. Fu Lin was sitting on the sofa holding a pillow. From Qiu Yue’s point of view, it was like Fu Lin hiding behind the pillow, like he was coquettish, so he just pressed the shutter.

Fu Lin has been on a business trip for nearly half a month. Although the two people talk on the phone every day, it still couldn’t relieve Fu Lin’s yearning for Qiu Yue. Not only that, but the parting also removed his desire to be coquettish with Qiu Yue. As the time of their separation grows longer and longer, they become more and more uncontrollable.

In fact, Qiu Yue was not doing much better. Although he was still indifferent, it was the first time that they had separated for such a long time. Fortunately, the two people had established a loving relationship and said that they did not want each other to be false. In addition, Qiu Yue had not been exposed to Fu Lin’s pheromones for a long time, and the effect of the temporary marking was fading away. Qiu Yue doubted whether he would want to hold him when he saw Fu Lin again.

Fu Lin didn’t expect such a long business trip. After talking with his teacher over ten days ago, he thought it would be so simple to return to the laboratory and hand over the data. But now he has been in the laboratory for 17 days because of special problems.

Fu Lin could feel his mood change from missing to thinking, and it became more and more intense. His whole person seemed to be floating in air, suffocating without landing. Not only that, he could also vaguely feel that Qiu Yue’s emotional state was not very good, which made him even more agitated. Fu Lin knew that Qiu Yue must have been greatly influenced by his pheromones, but twenty days had passed since the temporary mark. He hated himself for not biting Qiu Yue again on the day he left. At least then, he could be more relaxed.

In the evening, the two talked on the phone as usual. They were in a bad mood and did not communicate much. However, neither of them was willing to hang up first. Silence spread.

Gradually, his heartache for Qiu Yue gradually drowned those anxieties. Fu Lin cleared his throat and comforted his lover with the gentlest voice, “Yue Yue, can you wait for me at home? I’ll be back soon. I promise you.”

Qiu Yue clenched his hand on the phone and listened to Fu Lin saying, “I want to see you at the first sight when I get home, okay?”



Fingerprint and key unlocking are two sets of interlinked lock cylinder programs. When Qiu Yue hears the sound of the gears turning, the door opens. For Qiu Yue, opening the door with a key is also a novel experience.

The room has been deserted for a long time, filled with a cold smell, and mixed with the smell of Fu Lin pheromones. Qiu Yue thought he would be induced by the pheromones in the room, but in fact he did not. He seems to have broken into the room of a single alpha who is a stranger, and the air is filled with a sense of vigilance, against anyone who enters it by mistake.

This is quite different from Qiu Yue’s previous experience, but what is comforting is that the part that is the restless factor in his body which belongs to the two people’s combination feels like it’s covered with a blanket. 

They were resisted by their own kind, Qiu Yue wanted to have fun. The struggle between psychology and physiology made Qiu Yue wonder whether his desire for pheromones was inseparable to his psychology or physiology.

Qiu Yue has been alone in Fu Lin’s house for three days, and every place in the house is more or less stained with his smell. He added fresh fruits and vegetables to his home like Fu Lin did, but because he was still not good at cooking, the consumption rate of the vegetables was still far behind that of fruits.

This coincided with the time of the final exam, and Qiu Yue didn’t want to take his work home. Staying in Fu Lin’s living room was enough to make him tired and unable to separate other energies to work. When he got home, it was already past eight o’clock in the evening. Qiu Yue turned on the TV in the living room to take a bath. On the TV was the recently popular love drama, the protagonists quarreled and played their memoirs, and the emotional background music did not stop.

Qiu Yue sat on the sofa and wanted to order a takeaway with his phone, but he remembered that he had put his phone in the bedroom when he took off his clothes. It was only ten steps away, but now it was like a natural moat. Qiu Yue thought in his heart he would wait a moment and then go, but he was really waiting to fall asleep to the sad background music.

When Fu Lin got home, he saw Qiu Yue lying on the sofa with a pillow in his arms. He was sleeping with a slight blush on both sides of his face.

Although Qiu Yue was sleeping deeply, he was nervous because he was not sleeping in bed. When Fu Lin opened the door, he could slightly sense someone. Now Fu Lin came closer, and he could really feel the heat of the man’s breath. After inhaling the scent of berries slowly, Qiu Yue finally woke up from his strange dream.

What he saw was a familiar face. The organs that had become dull from sleep began to work again. Qiu Yue almost subconsciously wrapped his hand around Fu Lin’s neck.

The word ‘missing’ has not been uttered yet. Compared with the inhuman pheromone in the room, it seemed too gentle and boring. Qiu Yue, the pheromone addicted patient, is attracted by every breath of Fu Lin, who is crying for love and wrapping him up in his arms.

Qiu Yue leads Fu Lin to approach him and takes off his overcoat, which is covered with the first snow of the winter night. The whole person is half-pressed on Qiu Yue’s body, and the clothes inside are untied. Qiu Yue approaches to smell his glands.

Although Fu Lin guessed that Qiu Yue would not feel well, he did not expect his reaction to be so great, it’s not easy to get close to him. Qiu Yue uses a little force, and Fu Lin changes his position along with him.

Qiu Yue took off his clothes, he buried his whole head in Fu Lin’s neck and sniffed deeply. It was a scent that could not be reproduced, it teased every inch of Qiu Yue’s nerves, the smell alone could make him lose all restraint on his desire. Qiu Yue’s reason and instinct separated and drew him closer to the source of his passions.

Qiu Yue stuck out his tongue and licked the skin of Fu Lin’s gland, where he carried his desire and his soul climaxed. Qiu Yue could not resist, and like an alpha, he bit down on the gland.

Fu Lin was not sober now. His Omega’s pheromone in the air has become so strong, showing Qiu Yue that this Omega, his lover, was longing for him.


The blended pheromone made Qiu Yue sober up. He felt the rusty smell from the tip of his teeth to the root of his tongue, and felt the alpha pheromone go out of control within him.

Qiu Yue can’t describe this situation. His body still dominated his greedy breath and the smell of Fu Lin’s body still dominated. His instincts called for mating, however, his brain had another strange appearance. His excessively turbulent desires bring him to the tranquility before the storm.

The pheromone wrapping his whole body caused him to be in the ambiguous state between desire and satisfaction, and Fu Lin’s hand was still gently comforting his back, which was simultaneously a kind of temptation of color. If this was the usual circumstance, Qiu Yue would have thought it was the former. In his opinion, Fu Lin always had a sense of propriety. Even if there were some occasional childish actions, it was still in line with his age. He seemed to do it well.

Qiu Yue’s mouth was so weak that Fu Lin was relieved. Unlike an Omega’s glands, an Alpha’s glands were more sensitive and pain intolerant. Fortunately, Fu Lin’s self-control was fair, and he was bitten by this Omega.

Qiu Yue didn’t know what his alpha was thinking. The next wave of emotion began to fight back. His precarious sense of reason made him constantly ask for it from Fu Lin.

Qiu Yue stretched out the tip of his tongue and licked the blood in the gland. Leaving aside the little pheromone, the taste was not good, so he quickly changed his position. That wet water mark, from the gland to the lip, appeared in extreme color.

The mandible itself is the Fu Lin’s most sensitive place. Qiu Yue’s light, wet and soft tongue licked his desire to stand up for a long time. Fortunately, Qiu Yue was more attached to his pheromones, so his soft tongue rubbed his lips. After licking his lips, he slid into Fu Lin’s mouth through the already opened door, and entwined with him and swallowed him up.

This was not the same as their previous kisses. Qiu Yue and Fu Lin cooperated with each other and restrained themselves. Usually, the kisses are gentle and contain love, the lips and tongues that reveal their true desire only appeared in Fu Lin’s dream. Now they not only kissed each other intimately, but also took each other’s breath away. Qiu Yue could almost unconsciously graze the desire of the person under him. In the interval of exchanging breaths, he could occasionally hear a few small groans from the other’s throat.

Fu Lin’s hands had already passed through the hem of his clothes, pondering over Qiu’s tight skin, especially his thin waist. He longed to be naked with Qiu Yue, but his hand was reluctant to part from the body.

They are eager for each other, but greedy for themselves.

“Fu Lin. Mark me, mmn… ” The hem of Qiu Yue’s clothes was rubbed by Fu Lin, and he slipped from his belly to his chest. After Fu Lin reached through the back of his clothes, he also wiped Qiu Yue’s chest with his hem. The nipple, which was raised slightly, reacted so violently that it became swollen and hard in an instant. It was obvious after being scratched by Fu Lin, this became the last straw that crushed the camel’s back.

Even if he put aside his gender, Fu Lin still had a deep desire for Qiu Yue. He was not a saint, and couldn’t sit still and lose such a good opportunity.

On the sofa, Fu Lin pressed Qiu Yue, who had no strength to resist, and took off all the clothes that were in the way. As he wanted, they were finally facing each other naked.

Once the desire is honest, there is no need to hide it.

Fu Lin pressed one hand on Qiu Yue’s shoulder, and the other kept swimming on Qiu Yue’s body, from the nipple to the abdomen, and finally wandered to the perineum.

His upper body couldn’t move, but Qiu Yue still tried his best to stick his head up to see Fu Lin’s action. Fu Lin’s lips were so close to his glands, and his hot breath scattered around his neck. Qiu Yue suddenly felt that he was like a sacrifice on the altar, exposed naked on the high platform. However, his chopper or his gods did not give him the final judgment, and the unspeakable power rose violently, attacking his reason and desire.

Qiu Yue tried to offload the force trying to get close to him, but he was interrupted by a sudden lack of air.

Fu Lin was the first to open his mouth. He held Qiu Yue in his arms tightly. His breath became more and more rapid. His voice was already hoarse. “I can’t help it, I want you, I want to have sex with you, I want to go inside you. I want you… “

The disorderly hand was already feeling at the entrance under Qiu Yue’s body, as if for the next moment, he would forcibly enter regardless of the wishes of his servant.

Qiu Yue got close to Fu Lin’s ear and bit his earlobe. He said in a tone of anger, “I was afraid you weren’t going to bite me. Come.”

The pain of being bitten and being inserted by fingers came at the same time, Qiu Yue didn’t know which one was more miserable. Of course, when the body finally receives the pheromone that it has been craving for a long time, his Omega’s body ushers in its first climax, which differs  from the previous signs that only bring satisfaction. The sexual desire aroused by this mark brings a deeper desire.

Qiu Yue tightened his body and bit his mouth on Fu Lin’s shoulder. His upper body was injected with his alpha’s pheromone. His hands, which had no place, scratched red marks on Fu Lin’s back. His penis was secretive and persistent. The mouth of the acupoint was tightly wringing half of Fu Lin’s finger which had not entered the body during the climax. This was a silent climax.

By the end of the temporary mark, Qiu Yue was already paralyzed and powerless, and his body had been brought into heat by the excessive pheromones. After the point has secreted wave after waves of body fluid, the insertion of the fingers also emitted some sticky sounds.

“Mn. Don’t do that. Come in…” Qiu Yue lay down for two minutes. He regained a little strength, and his senses were restored. To tell you the truth, it’s just that the expansion didn’t hurt, but it’s still strange to have a foreign subject in the body.

“Wait a little longer, just a moment.” Fu Lin had endured for so long, and was already on the edge of his limit. However, his pity was greater than his desire. Even though his Omega’s body was strong enough to bear sex, Fu Lin wanted to make Qiu Yue more comfortable.

When he really entered, Qiu Yue realized why he had to do foreplay for such a long time. After all, the real sex organ was different from the finger in every respect.

The feeling of being stabbed through caused Qiu Yue’s eyes to instantly turn red. He pushed Fu Lin’s shoulder and tried to keep them a little further apart this way, but it was obviously of no use.

After a hundred years of madness, Fu Lin finally found his reason from the blinding desire, and his intimate relationship with his sweetheart was one of the things that could stimulate an alpha’s sex instinct. Fu Lin could feel the trembling of the person under him from the bliss, and the subtle cries of pain.

Fu Lin slowed down his thrusting and changed the angle to find the soft flesh hidden in Qiu Yue’s body. Fortunately, an alpha has amazing talent in this aspect, and of course, he also has some innate advantages. When his penis brushed that piece heavily, Fu Lin felt  an obvious difference in reaction from Qiu Yue’s, from the sudden tightening of the inner wall and the groans that could not be suppressed.

Qiu Yue can’t describe this feeling, it’s completely different from the mark and the straightforward pleasure. It forces himself to groan and to take.

To see Fu Lin endure such a long desire, and now finally feel Qiu’s tightly twisted inner wall and taste his sweet and helpless surrender; it’s almost enough to push him over the line.

Fortunately, the years of restraint paid off. Fu Lin got back on his feet again, and the interval between them was very short. After playing around on the sofa until midnight, Qiu Yue’s whole body was sore and soft, and their first time was finally over.


When Qiu Yue woke up on the sofa, there was a warm light in the bathroom. The orange light shone into the dark living room, making it look very warm. After the last ejaculation, the fatigue and satiety brought about by sex made Qiu Yue fall asleep. He started feeling more and more anxious, he could feel the essence of Fu Lin in his body, and his lips that bit around his glands.

The sound of Fu Jin wiping his body gently, the wind blowing on his blanket, the patter of slowing feet, the clatter of the bathroom lamp being switched on, and the melody of cold water falling on the floor made Qiu Yue feel more at ease. His soul seemed to be at sea, which had been exposed to the sun, and the sea water swayed and moved with him. Fu Lin’s pheromones covered every inch of his body, overflowing from his bones. He was so happy and relieved that when he saw the warm light reflected on the living room floor, he could not help thinking of becoming a cat on the sofa, rubbing his back against the warm nest. It’s a pity that for Qiu Yue now, this action is too waist-consuming, so he can only think about it in his mind and sleep with his eyes half closed.

While half asleep and half awake, Qiu Yue again heard those tiny, hypnotic voices. The rolling sound of the pulley when the door opens, the creaking sound of slippers with water on the floor, and the rubbing of dry towels on wet hair.

The footsteps are getting closer and closer, and finally the owner of the footsteps stop in front of Qiu Yue’s sofa.

Fu Lin squatted down and stopped wiping his hair, and got closer to see Qiu Yue.

Qiu Yue himself grew bookish, sleep making him look more quiet and harmless, and the wisp of unconventional hair also made him a little childish. Close observation of his lover’s sleeping face, coupled with Qiu Yue’s strong berry scent, made the alpha’s possessiveness greatly satisfied.

Fu Lin originally came to bring Qiu Yue for a bath. Now he squats on the ground, and the more he looks, the more satisfied he gets. The more he looks, the more itchy he feels. So he can’t help but kiss Qiu Yue’s lips. The first time they had sex, he wanted to kiss too many places. Qiu Yue’s eyes, chin, clavicle, chest and wrist were not close enough. Now he is not satisfied with stealing incense.

Fu Lin didn’t want to wake him up. He held Qiu Yue in his arms to clean up.


The next morning, when Qiu Yue woke up, Fu Lin was still asleep. He felt the movement of the man in his arms and woke up dazzled. Fu Lin reached out his hand and gently hugged the man who was half in his arms. He rubbed Qiu Yue’s hair with his face, as if it were natural and they had lived together for a long time.

“Do you have any classes today?” Fu Lin asked, not very clear from the sound.

It was very warm in the quilt. Fu Lin’s hand was on his stomach a litte, and his waist was still a little soft. This scene was so warm and beautiful that Qiu Yue finally felt his stomach was empty.

“There is no class in the morning,” Qiu Yue pauses for a moment, and then says, “I’m hungry.”

Yesterday afternoon, he ate some biscuits at school. After he came back, he took a bath and then slept on the sofa. After that, he couldn’t describe it for a long time, now it had been more than ten hours. Naturally, he was hungry.

When Fu Lin heard this, he felt a little aggrieved and sobered up. Then he could not help but move to Qiu Yue’s ear and smile. He buried himself in Qiu Yue’s face and took a very exaggerated breath, as if he was kissing his own peerless little cutie.

“Then I’ll make breakfast and you’ll go to sleep again?”

Qiu Yue wanted to shake his head, but he didn’t know why, maybe the quilt was too warm and felt too good inside, so he didn’t move.

Fu Lin tucked in his quilt and went to wash. The long, rhythmic sound of cleaning up began to ring again. After that, the smell of fireworks rose.

When Qiu Yue regained consciousness, he had already got up and arrived at the kitchen door. The heating was on, so it was not cold.

When Fu Lin heard his footsteps, he looked back and saw that his lover was leaning against the door to look at him. He was completely unconscious and stupefied.

“Here’s the hot water. Drink some first.” Fu Lin poured a glass of water and handed it to him sideways.

Qiu Yue stepped forward and approached. His body moved before his dull brain and pasted his warm, dry lips; Fu Lin, who was unprepared, was kissed.

It was a very light kiss, as light as a flower petal gently touching the lips, which was over by the time the nose could smell the aroma.

When Fu Lin came back to his senses, Qiu Yue had already received his cup of water.


When summer came again, they spent the heat together. There is no final mark, just blurred long days, with sweat in the eyes of each other.

In the tail of autumn, the two officially registered to get married. In addition to contacting each other’s parents more, there was not much difference between them.

Fu Lin was not born with a love of learning materials, but he very easily sank into things he was interested in. When he was a master’s student, his teacher always wanted to induce him to his own laboratory. After graduation, he could choose a flower shop to earn a living from and die.

The teacher’s persuasion was fruitless. He lied that the laboratory was short of manpower and asked Fu Lin to help with the data collation. Out of gratitude, Fu Lin agreed. Last time he was on a business trip, he also went to do the handover and summary of the data.

Studying the plants in the earth age itself is boring and grand long-term work. Fu Lin did not devote himself to the construction of the interstellar age, otherwise he would not have refused the invitation of the teacher…

If it was to enjoy a free and leisurely life, but now it is to accompany his lover as much as possible, who was over dependent on their pheromones.

When Fu Lin’s parents mentioned this, they were casual. Their parents were successful in their careers, so that their children could be more relaxed and do what they wanted to do. It’s easy for Qiu Lin to stay away from the city because he wanted to stay away from his major.

Qiu Yue thought for two days in a gloomy mood. Finally, he talked with Fu Lin. Fu Lin’s face was obviously aggrieved to the naked eye. He liked plant research very much, but then there won’t be a place where he could sleep in the bed every morning and rub his sweetheart for a good morning kiss.

Qiu Yue said that university teachers can work in another place. If Fu Lin wants to do what he likes, he doesn’t have to worry about the two being separated.

Fu Lin didn’t say yes or no, only that he was not in a hurry, and then blocked Qiu Yue’s remaining words with a kiss.

To their surprise, Qiu Yue’s pheromone addiction disappeared after the final marking, followed by Fu Lin’s rut period.

Just as Qiu Yue has been away from Fu Lin for a long time, Fu Lin will start to have violent mood swings, low spirits, dissatisfaction and other reactions after leaving Qiu Yue for more than three days.

After several years, the doctors who tested Qiu Yue for addiction were still impressed by the two men. This time, Fu Lin was tested, and the conclusion was that their pheromone matching degree was extremely high and special, but the impact would not last long.

As a result, Fu Lin put aside the affairs concerning the laboratory for very proper reasons.

The rut period was a natural opportunity for Fu Lin. In the end, it was just and reasonable to act as a coquettish and cuddly girl, being so indulgent for almost a year was wonderful, but Fu Lin still wasn’t satisfied. Fortunately, he was thick skinned and his acting skills were passable. After half a year’s performance, he finally reappeared in the annual physical examination for the laboratory work.

Fu Lin, who had been haunted by Qiu Yue for a long time in love, finally accepted the idea of trying hard to save money to support his family.

Unfortunately, Fu Lin’s teacher had been waiting for so many years, he could only scold Fu Lin as a lazy man with no ambition, and said to the public that he was a good student and finally decided to devote himself to his career.


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