Gaze at the Scenes of Debauchery


Nǐ kàn nà dēng hóng jiǔ lǜ

你看那灯红酒绿 by 裤衩

Nǐ kàn nà dēng hóng jiǔ lǜ by Ku Cha

Genres: Tragedy, Angst, BL

Novel status:  53 Chapters + Extras

Translation status: Complete

Translator: RuiHun

Editors: Yuu

~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~


They’ve been entangled together for 12 years. A gong (seme) whose affairs had become second nature, and a shou (uke) who was depressed and liked to torment himself. Cracks cannot be mended, one can only intentionally choose to either ignore or endure it.


The ending can be interpreted as either BE or HE.


Official LMW release!

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