The First Emperor Said He Likes Me 

The First Emperor Said He Likes Me

The First Emperor Said He Likes Me 

by 路归途 (The Way Back)

Genre: BL, M-preg, modern, fantasy

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 25 Chapters

Translator: Addis

Editor: Sulo

~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~



Wen Yu has a secret.

He is a hermaphrodite.

Wen Yu soon fell in love with the man who was domineering and cared for him. However, he never thought that the other side only thought that he was a son and was gentle to him, but didn’t belong to him.


No blood relationship [not father and son say three times]

This is the story that he fell in love with his son in the early stage of the attack.

If you sprinkle dog blood irregularly, readers may lose it.


Official LMW release!

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