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I must be a fake alpha! by: Tomatoes Don’t Eat Lemons

(omega top alpha bottom)

Two Chapters, Complete

The alpha has grown up well since childhood, the youngest one at home. So he is a child king.

Then there is an omega who is beautiful and was brought into their home by his father. In private, he thought that this little omega was his wife. All the toys and desserts were given to him and he had to cover his omega status when he went to school. After growing up, he joined the army, and was charming with broad shoulders and thin legs. 

The alpha conceals his identity and becomes a military doctor. Even if it’s as a beta, there’s a lot of alphas waiting in line.

I feel very uncomfortable. I don’t think the cabbage I raised from childhood is not for others!

It turns out that Omega is bigger than him?

Alpha: Brother, don’t do such a dangerous task. Wuwu, I love you. QAQ

Omega: It’s me who is in pain. Why are you crying??

In bed, the omega fucks the alpha, and the alpha bites through the glands, marking the Omega, and cries bitterly, but the drier it gets, the harder it gets.

Alpha: My brother, your pheromone, is a lot, so fierce. I love you. QAQ

Omega: …You can slow down, don’t do that!

Other colleagues at work: Why do you smell like an omega?

Chapter 1

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo finds the summary hilarious

When he wakes up, Ran Cheng discovers a very tragic fact.

He’s in love with his brother.

They’re not biological brothers.

When he was eight years old, his father brought his brother back.

The little one, hiding behind the adults, only had half of his face visible.

“Ran Cheng, this is Zhong Lin, who will be your brother from now on.” His father pushed Zhong Lin in front of him. “You should get along well.”

At this time, Ran Cheng was still playing mecha games with a group of kids, and his face was covered with dust and mud. By contrast, Zhong Lin’s face was white and tender, and his big eyes were boring into his heart.

He quickly wiped his face, grabbed the lollipop from the hands of a child nearby, and gave it to Zhong Lin. He patted his chest and said, “Lin Lin, brother will cover for you later.”

The quilt behind him moved and a tender and flexible arm stretched out to clasp around his waist. The young man’s voice was still hoarse from waking up, “Won’t you sleep for a while?”

Ran Cheng rubbed his temple, took a deep breath. He turned around, and said seriously, “Lin Lin, what happened last night…”

“What does brother want to say?” Without waiting for Ran Cheng to finish, Zhong Lin sat up and the quilt slipped off his shoulder, revealing the wide expanse of his chest. It was no longer white. His chest was covered with crimson kisses and blue-purple finger marks, and even a few teeth marks. All these showed signs of the madness from the previous night.

Ran Cheng, struggling to move his gaze away, looked at the dark blue sheets, and said, “I was too impulsive last night, you…”

“Doesn’t brother want to be responsible for me?”

His arm was seized with excitement. Ran Cheng raised his head and turned to look at the pair of teary eyes. The owner of the eyes flashed his long eyelashes and began to cry, “What’s wrong with me? Brother didn’t have a good time?”


If it wasn’t for the pain from his asshole, he would have believed Zhong Lin’s lie.

An omega is soft and tender and easy to push down?!

His brother must be a fake Omega!


Ran Cheng regained consciousness. He looked at his omega younger brother, sighed deeply, wiped away his tears, and said, “I’m afraid you can’t accept me.”

Zhong Lin was stunned for a moment. Then he cried more fiercely. The corners of his mouth were cocked up, and his eyes were still shining. It was like the sunshine that sneaked in from the gap of the curtain. “I, I can accept you, brother, I…” he said, throwing his head into Ran Cheng’s arms and hugging his waist, “I’m so happy, brother…”

Ran Cheng sighed again, touched the back of the man in his arms, and laid down with him in the quilt, “Go to bed, it’s still early.”

Having said this, for the third time, Ran Cheng took his hand off his waist, “Lin Lin, I can’t sleep like this.”

The rejected man reluctantly took back his hand, and in a moment, squeezed between his brother’s legs, and pulled them up to his shoulders.

“If brother can’t sleep, we might as well do something else.” Zhong Lin buried his face in Ran Cheng’s neck, kissing his glans. The scent of the sweet pheromone spread through the room, tasting like the fruit cake they had eaten together as children.

“Brother…” Kissing all the way down, Zhong Lin lingered on the protruding clavicle, as if waiting for the red flowers he had planted to bloom, “Don’t you want to mark me?”

Ran Cheng was so excited by this sentence that he felt his blood rush to his head. He gripped Zhong Lin’s hair and forced him to raise his head. His black eyes were deep like the sea, appearing as though he was trying to suck people into them. He said, “Lin Lin, don’t regret it. Because,” he put his finger into Zhong Lin’s mouth and made him press it down with his soft little tongue, “it’s too late to regret now.”

Ran Cheng graduated from high school and enrolled in the military academy. Now he was a major. More than once, Zhong Lin had seen him in his military uniform. With wide shoulders and a narrow and tight waist, the dark blue clothes perfectly outlined his body. His straight legs taking steps with the bright military boots made him look even more slender and charming.

Such a beautiful man now laid naked under Zhong Lin. Last night, Zhong Lin was in Ran Cheng’s slightly swollen small hole which was cleverly swallowing his finger.

“Brother, it’s already very soft.”

Having exercised all year round, it made Ran Cheng’s body well proportioned and muscular without exaggeration. Zhong Lin fondly kneaded his waist, and tried to push in another finger. When he noticed Ran Cheng’s stiffness, he leaned over to kiss his lips.

“It’s okay, brother. Relax. It’ll be okay soon.”


However, an alpha was not as good as an omega in the end, and the second finger only went in halfway. Zhong Lin paused, pulled out his finger, touched Ran Cheng’s erection, and began to stroke it skillfully.

Poor Ran Cheng has been single for more than twenty years, and there was only a group of boring alphas in the army. He had not even masturbated. So, being rubbed by Zhong Lin, he almost came on the spot.

Anyway, he gritted his teeth to avoid humiliation. His younger brother’s teasing voice rang out in his ear, “Brother is very excited.”

Ran Cheng closed his eyes in shame and indignation.

“Brother, are you that shy?” Zhong Lin’s movements quickened, and his thumb ran through the slit of his penis intentionally or unintentionally, “Isn’t brother very comfortable? Then don’t hold it in.”

“Lin Lin!” The next second, Ran Cheng suddenly arched up and shot into Zhong Lin’s hand.

Zhong Lin looked at the white liquid in his hand, licked it in front of Ran Cheng’s face, and finally said, “It’s sweet.”

Ran Cheng’s face suddenly flushed, and he stared at Zhong Lin for a long time.

What’s wrong with his cute little brother?!

“Relax, brother.”

The finger poked into the hole covered with semen again. This time, with the lubrication of the semen, it was easier to move. Zhong Lin opened Ran Cheng up carefully for a while to make sure that he would not be hurt later. Then, he pulled out his finger and held the stiff sexual organ against Ran Cheng’s hole.

“Brother, say hello to him, he’s going to fuck you again. Big brother?” He called out.

Hearing the lusty words from his brother’s mouth, Ran Cheng seemed to be on fire. But he had to admit that Zhong Lin was really very thick, and unlike the size of a normal omega; almost breaking him last night. However, he pretended to sulk, “Where did you learn this — Ah!”

His intestinal tract is slightly pushed open, and the pain of the swelling spread upward along the spine. Ran Cheng tightly clenched the sheet under his fingers. Even though he accepted it in his heart, his instincts as an alpha still resisted the invasion, and his brother’s ferocious cock could barely thrust into him.

Zhong Lin also found it unbearable. His cock hurt because of the tender and clenching hole. Their pheromones were pouring out of control. The original sweet smell of the room was mixed with the fresh fragrance of grass and trees — the smell of sun after rain. Their breaths were entangled together, creating intense lust like a beautiful poison, tempting people to bite.

Zhong Lin bit the tip of his tongue and resisted the impulse to bite him in the end. He kissed Ran Cheng’s ear and soothed him in a soft voice, “Brother, it’s okay. Give in to me. Relax. Let me in slowly. Yes, that’s it. Brother is great.”

Ran Cheng tried to relax. His brother’s sweet and grassy pheromone lingered in his nose, and the invasion behind him was slow and firm. He gasped and inhaled more of the pheromone. For a moment, his alpha’s instincts screamed, and he was about to break through his reason at any time; the hand holding his waist gradually tightened.

Feeling Ran Cheng’s strangeness, Zhong Lin stopped, kissed his lips, and asked, “What’s wrong, brother? Are you okay?”

“I’m okay,” Ran Cheng frowned, his voice low. “Come in quickly.”

God knows how much he just wanted to push Zhong Lin under his body!

Zhong Lin breathed unsteadily. Finally, he placed a kiss on Ran Cheng’s lips, “Hold on, brother.”

“Mn, you slow down, ah!” The penis was inserted all the way in. Ran Cheng’s eyes shot open, his mouth gaping like he was a fish out of water as he gasped violently. His whole body convulsed and was covered with sweat.

Zhong Lin’s cock was too big. He had the illusion that his belly had been pierced. Before he could get used to it, the cock began to twitch and grind against the inner wall. Every time it bumped into the deepest part, the omega would pull out his cock completely, and fully thrust it back in. The force was so great that it seemed to tear his tight hole.

“Lin Lin, you, ah!” He wanted to ask Zhong Lin to go slower and lighter, but his words were broken up by the heavy thrusts from behind him. He could only bend his legs, tighten his grip on the sheets, and groan with every thrust.

“Brother…” Zhong Lin lowered and buried his head in Ran Cheng’s chest. He caught a nipple with his teeth and ground it. The groaning in his ear became louder. Zhong Lin immediately picked him up, locked him against his chest, and brushed his sweaty, wet hair off his forehead. He asked in a soft voice, “Are you feeling better?”

Ran Cheng nodded. Although an alpha was not suitable for being a bottom, they were extremely adaptable; not to mention having already done it once last night.

“That’s good.” With a smile on his face, Zhong Lin moved Ran Cheng’s mouth close to his long white neck, just near his glands, “Mark me, brother.”

Ran Cheng’s heartbeat was sluggish. When he was young, he felt that his younger brother was good-looking and especially suitable for smiling. Even the roses planted by his father in the garden were eclipsed by his smiles.

“Lin Lin.”

At the moment, the beautiful younger brother leaned gently on his shoulder, and the glands on his neck exuded attractive sweetness. Ran Cheng hugged Zhong Lin, his lips pressed against the omega’s glands, revealing his sharp canines and slowly grinding them against his skin. He felt Zhong Lin’s involuntary shudder and said in a slow voice, “Do you think this is a good idea?”

The response to him was more and more violent thrusts.

The strong pheromone, which belonged to an alpha, burst out in an instant and overwhelmed the sweet smell. Ran Cheng bit his brother’s gland, and the fresh fragrance of grass and trees seeped into Zhong Lin’s body, sweeping every corner like a wave.

Zhong Lin’s fingers dug into Ran Cheng’s waist, and his brother’s pheromone was surging in his body. His nerves felt like they were being held by an invisible hand. The two strands of pheromones gradually intertwined and fused.

“Brother…” He placed his chin on Ran Cheng’s shoulder, and his tears rolled down like a broken thread. “Brother has a lot of pheromones, ooh, I’m in pain, brother is fierce…”

The marking lasted for more than ten minutes. Ran Cheng let go of his brother’s glands and licked away the tiny beads of blood. The feeling of marking felt so good that the pores all over his body felt like they were stretching. My brother’s sweetness has been branded with my own mark, and mixed with the fragrance of plants and forests.

“Brother, wuu…”

Then, Ran Cheng noticed that his brother was crying. He cupped his face and licked his tearful eyes with heartache, “Don’t cry. It’s brother who is bad.”

“Wuu, good pain, wuwu…” But another deep thrust and his sweet spot was hit hard.

Ran Cheng’s waist was soft, and he was hanging on Zhong Lin’s body. Just as he tried to comfort him, he let out a sweet moan, “No, Lin Lin, slow down, ah! Don’t…don’t do that…”

“Brother,” said Zhong Lin, pressing him down on the bed and thrusting fiercely, “I belong to you, brother.”

On hearing this, Ran Cheng exchanged a long kiss with Zhong Lin under the constant impact of his younger brother’s maniacal thrusts.

Chapter 2

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo likes this pair lol

A love affair ended just before work time. Zhong Lin reluctantly withdrew from Ran Cheng’s body and lovingly rubbed the blue and purple finger marks on Ran Cheng’s waist. “Does it hurt, brother?”

Ran Cheng, who regained his sanity, brushed off Zhong Lin’s hand without any expression. He washed quickly and put on his clothes.

As a result, before leaving, he could not bear to see Zhong Lin’s pathetic blinking eyes. Ran Cheng simply held him in his arms and breathed in the sweet smell of grass wood incense, and said, “I’m going to go to work first. The driver will pick you up later. Then, you can go to sleep.” 

Zhong Lin worked later than he did.

“Remember to take inhibitors,” he said.

“I know, brother,” Zhong Lin nodded smartly and gave Ran Cheng a kiss. “I love you.”

Ran Cheng burst into a smile. He had not seen the lively look on Zhong Lin’s face for a long time. He gave him a kiss, “I love you too.”

“Are you in heat?”

As Ran Cheng stepped into the office, Jiang Xun, a colleague, came up to him and sniffed with exaggeration, “There’s a smell of an omega on your body.”

Ran Cheng sat down without changing his face

“Hiss, you don’t know how to restrain yourself. You’ve been eaten all the way?” Jiang Xun immediately made a show of disgust.

Ran Cheng looked at Jiang Xun, “No.”

Jiang Xun was silent for a long time and said, “Which omega are you with? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Ran Cheng picked up the file on the desk and began to read it. He said casually, “I’ve known them since childhood.”

“Oh,” Jiang Xun whistled, “childhood sweetheart? You can do it. Is it a boy?”

Seeing the man speak more and more, Ran Cheng threw a file at him, “Do your job.”

The document hit Jiang Xun’s head in an impartial way. With a sigh, Jiang Xun took the document and muttered, “How old are you to still be using this paper file…”

After a while, Ran Cheng’s smart brain received private information and he opened it to check. It was actually sent by Zhong Lin.

Seeing that he was leaving, Jiang Xun called out, “Where are you going?” 

“Dr. Zhong asked me to come.”

“Dr. Zhong?” Hearing the name, Jiang Xun couldn’t sit still, “Is it that beauty?” He looked at him up and down again, “Tsk, Ran Cheng, you’re lucky. You know, people who pursue Zhong Lin can line up from the military building to the central square.”

Ran Cheng didn’t know that when he thought about this, the veins at his temple started to show. If it wasn’t because of these little bunnies, wouldn’t he have been sleeping with his brother now?

Or the one below!

Thinking about this, Ran Cheng picked up the only potted plant in his office and smashed it at Jiang Xun, “Shut up.”

Zhong Lin’s office was on the tenth floor. All departments were in the same building. As soon as Ran Cheng arrived, the door opened automatically, and Zhong Lin’s voice said, “Come in.”

Ran Cheng walked through the door and was bowled over.


Ran Cheng touched the hairy head in his arms. “What’s the matter?”

Zhong Lin pulled him to sit down, took out a can of cream from his pocket, and said, “Brother, are you still in pain? Brother, take off your trousers. I’ll put the medicine on for you.”

Looking at his younger brother’s pure face, Ran Cheng pressed on his pants for some reason. “No, an alpha’s self-healing ability is very strong.”

“But,” said Zhong Lin, his head drooping and his brows lowered. He stared at the cream in his hand while biting his lips, “Brother is so kind to me, but I hurt brother. I don’t know if there are any tears in brother’s hole. I’m…”

His voice dropped as he spoke, with a faint whimper in his tone. Ran Cheng’s heart trembled as Zhong Lin’s face ran with his tears. Ran Cheng yelled at him. “Don’t cry, you can apply medicine for your brother.”

“Mn!” Zhong Lin stopped crying.

“……” What’s wrong?? But he couldn’t refuse anymore. Ran Cheng had to face down on the bed in the office and let his brother apply the medicine.

“Does it hurt here, brother?” Zhong Lin dug out a blob of cream, carefully poked his finger into the back hole and gently pressed on the inner wall. It was clearly the most normal medicine but Ran Cheng was touched by this itchy feeling, his face became hot. Behind him, Zhong Lin still asked, “Where is this?”

The finger inside his body rolled in a circle. Suddenly, it ground a certain point, causing Ran Cheng to groan, and stretch his legs unnaturally. 

“Does it hurt brother?”

Ran Cheng closed his eyes and said, “No, you should hurry up.”

The fingers suddenly withdrew and quickly squeezed in two more blobs of cream in the corridor, stirring the cream with a slight sticky sound. Ran Cheng grabbed the white medical sheet and heard Zhong Lin say, “Brother, your pheromones are leaking.”

“Ah,” he said, taking a deep breath, trying to restrain his pheromones, “I’m sorry.”

Zhong Lin smiled and his fingers stopped somewhere. The fragrance of grass and trees spread in the room. It was mixed with a little sweetness, just like a dessert that was shared between two people in the garden one day.

“No, don’t do it, eh!” Ran Cheng breathed heavily and tried to suppress his instinctive resistance. However, a feeling of crispy numbness penetrated into his tailbone, and instantly extended to his whole body, turning his refusal into a low hum.

Zhong Lin looked at the trembling man and kneaded Ran Cheng’s buttocks with his free hand. His right hand is not as soft as an omega, and his two long legs are full of explosive force. He felt his brother want to push him away.

“Brother…” His hands were full of Ran Cheng’s hip and he hit down, leaving behind a pink palm print. “You’re very sensitive here, and even when you were doing exercises this morning,” he said, digging and teasing at that place, “you kept shouting very loudly.”

The finger pulled out, and Zhong Lin’s body leaned lower and lower. Seeing that he was about to press down completely, Ran Cheng suddenly turned over, clasped Zhong Lin’s neck, and clamped him to the bed. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The inside of this thigh was pinched. Somehow he didn’t mark Zhong Lin again.

“Lin Lin,” he said in a deliberately deep voice, “don’t do this next time.”

In his arms, Zhong Lin grabbed him and rested his chin on his shoulder. Intentionally or unintentionally, he showed his white neck and glands, and obediently said, “I know, brother.”

Ran Cheng sighed from the bottom of his heart. His palm covered his brother’s gland, and he held it quietly for a while before asking, “Do you want to go on a date during the weekend?”

There is an entertainment city on the planet Reims, which is a must-go place for almost every young person. It includes all kinds of entertainment places. Romance and passion meet here and grow infinite vitality. Ran Cheng bought a good drink for him, and as he passed a robot game place, Zhong Lin grabbed him.

“Want to play?” Ran Cheng looked at the game hall. It was just a simple simulated battle. There was no danger.

But Zhong Lin shook his head, pointed to the most conspicuous prize on the top and said, “I want that one.”

It was a blue gem. If Ran Cheng was right, it was a rare “enchantress” found only with starfish.

“Brother,” said Zhong Lin, holding his hand and lowering his long, thick eyelashes, “win it for me, OK?”


Between immorally bullying children or pleasing his younger brother, Ran Cheng did not hesitate to choose, “Okay.”

A mecha battle ended in a fiasco.

The player rubbed his aching waist and complained loudly, “Fuck me! It’s the same operation as opening and hanging up. It’s not the officer who comes on leave and has nothing to do with bullying when he’s full!”

Someone who is full and has nothing to do…

He coughed twice, looked at the laughing Zhong Lin, and said, “What are you laughing at?”

“Laughing at you,” Zhong Lin’s eyebrows and eyes were more curved. “Brother sets the highest record when he is not careful.”

Ran Cheng was silent for a moment and said, “This is just the simplest training mode.”

I didn’t expect that when Zhong Lin laughed, even tears hung on his eyelashes. 

“Brother, if you let others hear this, it will be time to report you.”

Ran Cheng touched his nose and decided to cut the subject. He handed the trophy he had just received to Zhong Lin, “Your gift.”

Zhong Lin, who got the jewel, gave Ran Cheng a quick kiss on his face and jokingly said, “Thank you, brother.”

Looking at his joy, Ran Cheng also laughed. He looked for a secluded place, bowed his head, and put his younger brother’s fragrant soft lips into his mouth to suck. Just as he was about to go further, his brain heard the bell of the military emergency order.


“Lin Lin…” Ran Cheng looked at Zhong Lin, pursed his lips, and didn’t know how to open his mouth.

At this time, Zhong Lin hooked his neck, and his hot and humid tongue got into his mouth. Before Ran Cheng could recover, he retreated and ended the short kiss. “Go, brother. I’ll go back by myself.”


“It’s okay,” said Zhong Lin, holding up his hand. “I’ll wait for you all the time.”

Ran Cheng was again on the bed in his younger brother’s bedroom. As soon as he opened his eyes, pain surged all over his body. Ran Cheng was strong in spirit. When he was a little sober, he met Zhong Lin’s red and terrible eyes.

“Lin Lin?” Ran Cheng struggled to his feet. “What’s the matter with you?”

“Do you know how many days you’ve been sleeping?” He asked.

This made Ran Cheng’s heart suddenly lurch. He lifted the quilt, hugged his sad brother, and gently comforted him, “I’m okay, don’t cry.”

Zhong Lin shook his head and pushed away from his arms for the first time. “I don’t forgive you.”

Now, Ran Cheng’s heart hurt even more. He took his brother’s hand and placed it against his chest, making him feel his heartbeats. “I’m okay, Lin Lin, it’s okay.”

“I don’t forgive you.” Again, Zhong Lin pulled his hand away and left without turning back.

It took three days for Ran Cheng’s injury to heal, but Zhong Lin still ignored him.

Until one day before going to bed, the door was pushed open.

Zhong Lin walked to the bed, in his pajamas, without saying a word and looked down at Ran Cheng.

“Lin Lin?”

Zhong Lin started to undress.

“Lin Lin!” Ran Cheng took his wrist. “What are you doing?”

“Fucking you.”

“Huh? Wai — ! ” With his wrist clasped, Zhong Lin pressed down on him, giving him no chance to resist. Zhong Lin kissed him eagerly and taking a rope from the lattice at the head of the bed, he skillfully tied Ran Cheng’s hands to the headrest.

“Lin Lin!” After a kiss, Ran Cheng couldn’t breathe. He twisted his hands over his head, trying to break free from the shackles, “Untie me!”

Zhong Lin didn’t care. He undid the button and pushed Ran Cheng’s pajamas up. The pajamas were stuck at Ran Cheng’s elbows and covered his eyes. His body was bound, his sight was deprived, and he couldn’t see Zhong Lin, which made him feel flustered. His heart was beating uneasily, “Lin Lin, untie it. Let me see you.”

“The harder you struggle, the tighter the knot will become.”

Ran Cheng’s pants were also stripped off, along with his underwear. A warm hand stroked his front end, kneaded twice and then roughly separated his legs. His legs were pulled apart to the extreme, and pressed on either side of Zhong Lin’s body.

“Brother, I’m going to fuck you.”

Zhong Lin’s huge fiery glans squeezed into the cracks, seeking for the hidden depths of the chrysanthemum, as if to foretell the coming of his ravaging.

“No, Lin Lin, don’t do this. Let me go, ah!”

The glans pushed in without any sign. Ran Cheng suddenly arched his waist. Zhong Lin’s action was too rough. There was a tearing pain at the mouth of his cave. He took a big breath and swallowed hard. His alpha instinct of resistance was wildly shouting in his brain, “Lin Lin, please, let me go. I’m afraid I won’t be able to control myself and will hurt you.”

The movement on his behind went slack for a moment, but in the next second, he was more ruthlessly stabbed into, plugged to the end.

“Ah!” The cry broke through his throat as the pain passed through his back. Ran Cheng’s legs twitched and tried to close. He was pressed harder by Zhong Lin and the blue and purple finger marks started to show on his skin.

His chest heaved and his abdominal muscles were tugged at like waves. He only felt like a fire stick had been stabbed into his back acupoint, which made his nerves ache like they were being burned. But Zhong Lin didn’t feel pity at all. He made Ran Cheng’s legs encircle his waist, pressed down, and began to thrust.

“Ah, Lin Lin!” At the moment, his body is full of semen, and his body is full of a sweet smell. He twisted his waist, and the pain in the back acupoint was as mild as that of a knife cut. His chest was wet, and there was a different kind of crisp itching when exposed to the air.

“Brother, can’t help but wriggle for pleasure?” Zhong Lin gradually kissed him, and his teeth bit the protruding larynx of his man. His hands grabbed Ran Cheng’s waist, and Ran Cheng bumped into his crotch.

It was like Ran Cheng’s own initiative to ask for help. He couldn’t yell because his neck was being choked, and he could only make a cry of unknown meaning.

Zhong Lin’s sex organ was huge. Every time he manipulated his cock, he made Ran Cheng swallow it deeper. It almost seemed like he could pierce Ran Cheng’s internal organs. The fingers of the hands that were tied to the head of the bed desperately clung to the rope, and the knuckles turned a ferocious white because of excessive force. After more than a dozen times, he finally couldn’t help but take advantage of Zhong Lin’s dedication and hit him on the lower leg.

“Ah, um…” With the kick that used fifty-percent of force, Zhong Lin felt pain and released his hold on Ran Cheng’s neck. “Still angry?” He said in a hoarse voice.


Ran Cheng couldn’t see what was in front of his face as his sight had been blocked. Anxiously, he moved his head to rub against Zhong Lin, “Don’t cry, good boy. I’m not good. I scared you.”

Then, a smooth, wet, and soft face was buried deep in his neck. Zhong Lin cried till he was out of breath, “Brother, after you, mn…Don’t do such dangerous things again. Ooh, how about the task? Seeing you injured, I feel so distressed. I couldn’t wake you up. I was so scared, wuwu…”

Ran Cheng rubbed his jaw against Zhong Lin’s head and said, “Okay, I promise you, don’t cry. I’ll love you too.”

“Wuu,” Zhong Lin sniffed and raised his head before pushing up between Ran Cheng’s hips, “I’m going to punish you, brother. Next time, I will punish you with pain. “

Ran Cheng was forced to groan. After a while of adapting to it, he gradually became interested. His legs actively clamped around Zhong Lin’s waist and even hooked him down. He asked silently, “Are you done?”

The final question almost caught Zhong Lin’s heart. He accelerated his thrusts even more fiercely. He was like a hungry beast who wanted to swallow the sweet food in one gulp.

Ran Cheng was like a snake in hot water, writhing wildly. He was very happy to cater to Zhong Lin, and he couldn’t resist. Two naked bodies intertwined, neck to neck, and finally reached the peak of crazy music.

After venting, Zhong Lin untied Ran Cheng’s shackles, pouted and gently rubbed the red mark. Ran Cheng looked at him funny and gave his lip a kiss, “It doesn’t hurt.” Then he said, “You come out first. Take a bath, it’s time to go to bed.”

Zhong Lin looked at him, turned him around and inserted into him.

“You…” Feeling the object in his body begin to slowly bulge and harden again, Ran Cheng quickly pedalled his legs and climbed forward, “You can’t come in again, Lin Lin!”

But before moving two steps, Zhong Lin grabbed his ankle and dragged him back to his body suggestively. He licked his lips and said with a smile, “Brother, I forgot to tell you that I’m in heat.”


I must be a fake alpha!

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🙈🙈🙈a reverse ABO role

January 31, 2023 7:19 am

All the fake alpha wonderings made me think if they’re really alpha and omega. If mc would switch because of an accident or that ml’s real gender is hidden. Mc is convincing with his ‘I must be a fake alpha’ 😭 Their reversible is good (retained their AO traits, personalities & papapa ways). Somtimes funny and crying that mc had to cater in ml’s whims and have to mind his strength (e.g. that handcuff punishment + the kick to ml and then comfort ml). Thank you for the story! 💖

Official LMW release!

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