My Dragon

My Dragon

by Butterfly Mage

我的龙 by 蝴蝶法师

Genre: BL, m-preg, modernesque, entertainment, actors, babies, fluff,

Novel Status in Country of Origin: Finished,  79 Chapters

Translator: Addis

Editor: Lhachril

~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~


Nan HuaiLin is a small time actor, but he’s a professional. After suffering a series of blows in one day, he was “blackened”. In order to continue acting, he sneaks into the Big Boss’s house to work as a cleaning boy, but in a mysterious way, he spends a wild night with the Big Boss’s brother, Fei Cheng. 

Six months later, Nan HuaiLin lays a.nest.of.eggs! Only then did he realize that Fei Cheng was not a human being at all! He realized that Fei Cheng was not human, but a big-tailed dragon that was born before the founding of the country. 


This text has a light tone, witty writing, three-dimensional characters, delicate feelings, slice of life of one person and one dragon, showbiz, love, raising children, no dog blood, a smooth smooth smooth career, a sweet sweet sweet love relationship, the gong spoils the shou to the sky, the whole thing is sweet with no abuse, sweet novel lovers absolutely can not miss this!


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