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總裁的一夜情情人 by 咖米米米

The President’s One-Night Stand by Coffee Mimimi

Summary: A handsome businessman with A-Level pheromones didn’t want to be a virgin for the rest of his life and decided to go to a bar to find a one night stand only to find a handsome, strong man with S-Level pheromones dressed as a pig only to be a tiger. 

An alpha with a higher pheromone than the omega can compress their pheromones. (If you do not like omegaverse, do not enter.)

Pig eating tiger alpha gong x iron handsome businessman alpha shou

Chapter 1: I Should Buy a Lottery Ticket

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo is excited at the prospect of an alpha x alpha pair

Jiao Xu, an alpha with A-level pheromones, who was a social animal type of president, inherited his company. Since then, he worked diligently and painstakingly, so he was still a virgin when he turned twenty-eight years old.

Jiao Xu thought that if he goes on like this, he would stay a virgin for a lifetime. This trouble is accompanied by his work, which makes him reluctant to work. He decided to go to a bar after work, find a good person to have a one night stand with, get rid of the title ‘virgin,’ and solve all his troubles.

Before he left work, he searched for nearby bars and found that there was only one bar for alphas called Centrifugal.

In this era where there were more alphas and less omegas, even though alphas outnumbered the omegas and it was normally an alpha who could calm down an omega’s pheromones, same sex bars were still very common. After a little thinking, Jiao Xu knew that as an alpha with A-level pheromones, no one would be able to calm down his own except someone with S-level pheromones. However, S-level pheromones were so rare, and even rarer in omegas, that he would have better luck if he bought lottery tickets, so he decided to go to this bar.

At Centrifugal bar, Jiao Xu looked at the sign in front of the bar door and resolutely walked in.

Inside the bar, purple lights were flashing, and a slow European and American music was playing in the background. The couples on the dance floor were wearing clothes that only covered key-parts of their body, and the air was filled with ambiguous scents.

Jiao Xu, dressed in a suit, was obviously out of tune with the ambiguous environment. People in the bar looked at Jiao Xu with strange eyes. Jiao Xu didn’t care much. He went up to the bar counter and ordered a whiskey from the bartender.

While drinking, Jiao Xu did not forget his purpose of coming here today. He looked around until he was attracted to a person. Although the light was dim in the place where the man stood, it could not hide his beauty. He looked very young in a loose black T-shirt and washed out jeans.

The man seemed to notice Jiao Xu’s gaze and smiled at him. Jiao Xu was so fascinated by his beautiful smile that he didn’t even notice when the man walked over to him.

Seeing that he was still staring, the man laughed. Jiao Xu, who heard the laughter, slowly woke up. His face was slightly red and a little disgraced.

“Why is this beautiful brother staring at me?” The man said to him in a sweet voice.

Obviously, Jiao Xu was severely hit by the man’s beautiful face under the light. He didn’t see the man’s teasing eyes and replied blankly, “Hello, staring…” The president was so confused.

When the man saw Jiao Xu in his suit, with a dull look in his eyes, he couldn’t help laughing and ask in a sweet voice, “Is this brother free tonight?”

Jiao Xu, who was wondering about how to ask out this beautiful man thought, is it so easy to say this? “Yes…”

So the two went to the hotel, the beauty picked up the hotel bathrobe, and said he would go wash up first.

In the process of waiting, Jiao Xu slowly recovered from his ignorance. Jiao Xu remembered that he had not asked the beauty’s name..

The beauty came out in his bathrobe. Jiao Xu watched the water dripping from his brown hair and roll down into a more hidden part under his long white neck. He swallowed his saliva in silence and asked, “My name is Jiao Xu. What’s your name?”

“My name is Gu Qian. I’ll hang out in this room. Brother Jiao should take a bath first.” Gu Qian said sweetly like he was talking to his first love.

“Okay…” Jiao Xu, who was being sweet talked to, answered and took the bathrobe and went to the bathroom.

On the way to take a bath, Jiao Xu gradually calmed down. How could this name be so familiar? I can’t remember. After washing, Jiao Xu also put on his bathrobe and walked out of the bathroom.

Gu Qian was sitting by the bed, looking at the lubricant on the bedside table, before looking at Jiao Xu when he heard the sound of him coming out.

It’s a bit hard for Jia Xu to be stared at by the beauty. He also sat by the bed and was about to touch the beauty. Suddenly, there was a strong pheromone in the air, which made Jiao Xu weak and paralyzed on the bed.

This is an S-class pheromone! Jiao Xu did not think that it was very good. He looked at Gu Qian and found that there was a wolf in his eyes.

“I didn’t expect it. I’m an S-class.” Gu Qian’s sweet voice was gone, replaced by a low, husky and soft voice.

I think I can buy a lottery ticket tomorrow. Jiao Xu thought helplessly.

Chapter 2: You will be my Omega

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo is looking on with interest

Jiao Xu’s eyes slowly changed from surprise to helplessness, as if he had given up struggling. Gu Qian leaned over to his ear, chuckled and said in a sweet voice, “Brother Jiao, you’re going to give up like this?”

You take back your pheromone and speak with that voice! Jiao Xu looked at Gu Qian in silence.

Jiao Xu didn’t plan to respond to him so Gu Qian continued, “Yes, brother is so soft. How can you resist?” After that, he took off the bathrobe and felt the soft texture of Jiao Xu’s lips. He tried to make Jiao Xu relax with the gentle touch of their lips coming together.

At the moment of Jiao Xu’s relaxation, the tip of Gu Qian’s tongue forced Jiao Xu’s teeth open and he delved into the soft mouth. He hooked Jiao Xu’s tongue with his own, as if to invite him to dance with him. Obviously, the invitee was not very skilled, and Gu Qian could only teach him step by step.

While teaching him, Gu Qian would also give his student rewards. He rubbed the tip of his tongue along Jiao Xu’s jaw, and the strong pleasure made the man beneath him tremble.

Gu Qian felt the lovely little movements of the man under him, and his eyes went a bit dark. Gu Qian temporarily let go of the other man’s lips. After looking up, he saw a scene that made the beast in him awaken.

Jiao Xu’s eyes were slightly red, and seemed filled with a faint color. His cheeks were flushed, and his pale lips had turned red and swollen from Gu Qian’s teasing.

The normally calm president was now aroused by him, making Gu Qian’s cock even harder.

Gu Qian turned over the paralytic Jiao Xu and asked him to kneel down. Gu Qian spread Jiao Xu’s plump buttocks with both hands and looked at his asshole that was clenching like it was breathing. Gu Qian almost couldn’t restrain his urge to thrust right in. He stepped up his speed to get the lubricant he had put on the bedside table, squeezed a little into his hand, and gently inserted a finger into the hole.

Jiao Xu felt a strange feeling and couldn’t help tightening his muscles. Gu Qian felt the flesh tighten around his fingers. He stroked Jiao Xu’s butt with one hand and kept kissing Jiao Xu’s waist, trying to make him relax. It turns out that this method was really useful to make Jiao Xu relax.

At this time, Gu Qian inserted his second finger. His finger turned several times in the hole, and then thrust in and out multiple times. Jiao Xu felt a strange pleasure slowly spreading behind him. He could not help biting his lips and humming.

After Gu Qian inserted his third finger, Jiao Xu, who was a little upset, turned his head and gasped, “Ah… Hurry…”

Gu Qian, who couldn’t help but feel confused by Jiao Xu’s provocation, grabbed Jiao Xu’s hand and lured him with his bass voice full of lust, “Touch me. Baby, touch me first.”

When Jiao Xu touched Gu Qian’s huge cock, his hand shrank and he looked at the striking contrast between the beautiful face and the huge cock near his body. Jiao Xu felt a hot sensation under his abdomen. His hand still went back to touch the huge cock.

At this time, Gu Qian had already inserted his fourth finger to expand him. He held his huge cock and slowly inserted it into the stretched hole. He felt his cock being slowly wrapped by the moist walls. Gu Qian felt great pleasure and groaned.

However, Jiao Xu only felt that the cock was slowly entering him. There was a strange and cold liquid that was also coming out. Gu Qian thrusted deeply, in and out of the hole, and looked for the sensitive points inside. When he suddenly thrust into a certain spot, the flesh around him abruptly clenched. Jiao Xu moaned, and Gu Qian knew that this was Jiao Xu’s sensitive spot.

Gu Qian tried his best to attack that sensitive spot over and over. When Gu Qian pulled out, the walls around him sucked in as if he was not allowed to leave. Gu Qian felt very comfortable and his waist moved quickly and forcefully.

Jiao Xu didn’t understand where this pleasure came from. He couldn’t bear it. He gradually let go and, bit by bit, let out a low, hoarse groan.

Gu Qian could not help kissing the glands on Jiao Xu’s neck when he heard his boss calling out. He smelled a delicious fragrance, which was the scent of Jiao Xu’s pheromone. He was weak and helpless in front of Gu Qian’s S-level pheromones. Gu Qian could only smell it when he was close to him.

After smelling Jiao Xu’s pheromone, Gu Qian’s sexual desire became more vigorous. On biting Jiao Xu’s gland, his lower body’s pulling and thrusting movement turned more fierce and faster.

Jiao Xu, who‘s gland was bitten, felt dizzy, and his asshole became very sensitive. He felt a rush of pleasure from bottom to top, which made him feel like he had become an omega.

With Gu Qian’s continuous pumping and inserting, Jiao Xu, who had become an omega, was on the verge of climax, “Ah. Oh, no, stop. Stop.” 

Jiao Xu’s semen dripped onto the bedsheet, and his asshole shrinked tightly, making Gu Qian also shoot his semen inside.

When they woke up from the climax, Gu Qian hugged the sleepy Jiao Xu. Before Jiao Xu goes to sleep, he vaguely hears what Gu Qian says, and then he falls asleep.

“After this, you will be my Omega.”

Chapter 3: Brother, I need it

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo finds this chapter kinda cute

When Jiao Xu woke up, he found that Gu Qian was no longer in the hotel. When he wanted to sit up, he also found that his waist was very sore and there seemed to be something foreign in his ass hole. Resisting the discomfort, Jiao Xu got up and sat up. 

He saw a note on the bedside table, saying:

Baby, look at how hard you played yesterday. I want you to sleep more, because I need to go to work first since there is an emergency, I will be responsible for you. I love you so much!

—Love, your Gu Qian

Looking at such a dumb note, Jiao Xu’s goosebumps covered his entire body. Although his eyes revealed this slow dislike, he was somewhat happy. Jiao Xu stood up using his limp feet and supporting his sore waist. He planned to take a bath before going to work. This was his habit all the time.

When Jiao Xu was going to clean his asshole, he found that there was a thick layer of ointment there. I don’t know where this guy came from, Jiao Xu thought, but he didn’t care. He cleaned up casually, put on the suit that was placed in the closet yesterday and took a taxi to work.

As he went to work, Jiao Xu’s attention was distracted by his buttocks and waist. When he was going to ask his assistant to bring a sofa pillow to cushion him, someone knocked at the door.

Thinking it was something important, Jiao Xu put his posture right and replied, “Come in.” 

As a result, when the door opened, Jiao Xu saw the peerless beauty who had pressed him down last night, with a pink heart-shaped pillow in his hand.

This surprised Jiao Xu. Why is he here?

Gu Qian saw that Jiao Xu was surprised and opened his mouth slightly with his red and tender tongue showing. Gu Qian thought of the smooth and tender taste he savoured when he pressed him down last night, and felt that his mouth was a little dry and he needed something to quench his thirst.

Gu Qian couldn’t help but release his pheromone slightly, walk up to Jiao Xu, put his hand on the armrest of the chair, and forcibly pull Jiao Xu into his arms.

Jiao Xu smelled the slight pheromone in the air, and felt inexplicably relieved. However, seeing Gu Qian’s beautiful face getting closer and closer to him, Jiao Xu’s heart rate gradually accelerated.

When Gu Qian was a finger’s width from him, he suddenly asked the question, “Why are you here?”

Gu Qian, who wanted to kiss him, laughed at this. As expected, the boss didn’t remember him. He pretended to be hurt and said, “Honey, I’m the Technical Director of your company. You don’t know me? I’m so sad.”

When Jiao Xu heard this, he suddenly remembered where he had heard the name Gu Qian. Just yesterday morning, the assistants were taking a break and chatting. Jiao Xu overheard how handsome and capable Director Gu Qian was.

Gu Qian suddenly went into a daze when he saw the man under him. He planned to put the pillow down first.

He gently held Jiao Xu in his arms and pushed the pillow in his hand onto the chair. Looking down, he saw the tooth marks on the glands beneath the suit, and his throat bobbed up and down. He leaned down to the gland and nuzzled it with his nose. He could not help kissing it because he smelled the faint fragrance from the stimulation.

Jiao Xu immediately responded. He put his hands on Gu Qian’s shoulder, pushed him away and said, “What are you doing?”

Gu Qian saw his reaction was so fierce that he stepped back and said, “Honey, didn’t you see the note I left for you? It says I’ll be responsible for you.”

“Yes, but I don’t need it!” Jiao Xu immediately said seriously. Yes, he didn’t need anyone to be responsible for him. He just needed a lover who really loves him.

“But I need it.” Gu Qian replied slowly.

When he saw such a cheeky Gu Qian, his words stopped.

“Brother, I need it.” Gu Qian said this seriously in a sweet voice, “I have been in love with you for a long time. Now you like me and slept with me. You spoiled me. You should be responsible.”

Jiao Xu heard Gu Qian’s fallacies and found his blind spot. He secretly loves me? When did this happen? Jiao Xu followed his heart and asked.

Gu Qian confessed in his normal voice, “Before, baby, when you gave a speech in my school, I fell in love with you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have left my family and ignored my own company. Why else would I be here?” 

Gu Qian looked at Jiao Xu with serious eyes and said solemnly, “Jiao Xu, would you like to be with me?”

“Okay…” Jiao Xu said weakly to his serious eyes.

When Gu Qian heard the reply, he couldn’t help kissing the lips that he had been peeping at since he entered the door. Jiao Xu also accepted Gu Qian’s kiss very meekly. Gu Qian started to lead Jiao Xu’s tongue to dance with his. They kissed each other and forgot that they were still in the office.

Suddenly someone began to knock on the door, “Mr. Jiao, here is a piece of information for you to check.”

When Jiao Xu heard the knock on the door, he pushed Gu Qian away and said to him in a hoarse voice, “You go to work first.”

Gu Qian didn’t want to go but when he heard the voice, he knew he had to. He gave Jiao Xu a kiss to relieve his craving, helped him tidy up his clothes with one hand, and said in the same hoarse voice, “Okay, I’ll see you after work.” After leaving this sentence, he walked out of the door and the person outside came in.

When the secretary came in, he smelled the mixed pheromones. Seeing the red and swollen mouth of Mr. Jiao, he immediately knew what happened here. He was very eager to leave and didn’t say it.

Chapter 4: Enema Play

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

After work, Jiao Xu followed Gu Qian back to his home. As soon as he entered the door, Gu Qian pressed Jiao Xu onto the door to kiss him. Jiao Xu wanted to cooperate and communicate with him, but Gu Qian kissed so strongly that Jiao Xu could hardly breathe. His face turned super red and he accepted this strong kiss obediently.

Gu Qian kissed intensely. He unbuttoned Jiao Xu’s suit coat, pulled out his shirt tucked in his pants, slipped a hand under the shirt, and touched Jiao Xu’s thin waist.

Jiao Xu pat Gu Qian on the back and Gu Qian felt his husband’s resistance, and let him go. Looking at his eyes, Gu Qian kissed Jiao Xu’s mouth and asked with a smile, “Boss, why are you so cute?”

After that, he put his arm around Jiao Xu’s waist and hauled his husband up on his shoulder. Jiao Xu was so scared that he put his arm around his neck.

Why can he hold me up? Did he eat spinach? Jiao Xu had no choice but to think of it. 1

On Gu Qian’s shoulder, Jiao Xu did not dare to move. He was afraid that if both of them fell down, the company would not be able to run. 

Touching Jiao Xu’s hip, Gu Qian felt the muscles beneath his hand gradually tense.  Gu Qian raised his hand and patted Jiao Xu’s buttocks and said, “Relax, I won’t throw you down.”

Then he got to the bathroom and Gu Qian gently placed Jiao Xu on the bathtub. As if thinking of something, he said, “Honey, I’ll help you wash.”

Jiao Xu, who was seduced by the beauty and his lust, didn’t see Gu Qian’s malicious eyes, nodded, and then said, “You can take it off for me.”

Hearing the words of his sweetheart’s active seduction, Gu Qian felt the surge of Qi and blood. He couldn’t help biting Jiao Xu’s ear. When he heard him take a breath in pain, he licked at the tooth marks left by himself. Then he said hoarsely in his ear, “Honey, you can’t tease me again. I can’t guarantee that you won’t die in bed later.”

After hearing this sentence, Jiao Xu felt very innocent. Where did he tease him?

Gu Qian, who didn’t hear Jiao Xu’s response, felt a little hyper. He began to unfasten the buttons of his suit shirt one by one. Jiao Xu’s white and full chest muscles were gradually revealed and the little red spots that had been created last night were clearly visible. It was like playing hide and seek with Gu Qian. Gu Qian looked at Jiao Xu who had been well-dressed when he was at work. Now his clothes were not neat, and Gu Qian felt a little itchy.

Gu Qian quickly stripped off his upper body clothes, reached up to Jiao Xu’s chest and held Jiao Xu’s red and swollen nipple in one mouthful. Then Gu Qian smelled the scent of sweat on Jiao Xu’s body, and Gu Qian felt his own lower body become more firm.

Gu Qian let go of his nipple, untied Jiao Xu’s waistband, and said to Jiao Xu, whose eyes were lusty, “Baby, lift your feet up.”

Jiao Xu obediently followed Gu Qian’s instructions. Gu Qian took off Jiao Xu’s trousers and underpants, revealing his hardened cock and slightly swollen hole.

Gu Qian quickly took off his clothes and turned Jiao Xu over. He removed the shower head, slightly expanded Jiao Xu’s back hole with his fingers, adjusted the water temperature, and then inserted it into Jiao Xu.

“Huh?” Jiao Xu tried to escape and crawled forward. Gu Qian grabbed his waist and kissed Jiao Xu’s gland. He released a strong pheromone, which made Jiao Xu’s feet weak and said, “It’s OK, baby, just bear with it, just bear with it.”

Until Jiao Xu began to have a stomachache, Gu Qian picked up Jiao Xu, pointed his asshole at the toilet, and whispered in his ear, “Dear husband, pull it out.”

Jiao Xu was aroused by Gu Qian calling him husband, and the water in the asshole was stimulated and spewed out. Before Jiao Xu could react, Gu Qian inserted the water head again. After two or three times, Jiao Xu’s face was full of tears, and his asshole was washed clean.

Then Gu Qian ran out, took Jiao Xu with him and threw him on the bed. He knelt on the bed. Gu Qian stared at Jiao Xu’s half opened asshole with red eyes. Seeing the red hole, Gu Qian felt his blood boil and flow to his cock.

Maybe Gu Qian wanted to taste Jiao Xu. He drew closer to Jiao Xu’s hole and licked him.

“Ah!” Jiao Xu, who didn’t cry during the enema, couldn’t help shouting now. He didn’t expect Gu Qian to lick him.

As if encouraged, Gu Qian stuck his tongue into Jiao Xu’s asshole and licked the swollen flesh. As he licked, Gu Qian felt liquid gushing out. He tasted Jiao Xu’s pheromone.

“Brother, you’re leaking.” Gu Qian’s sweet voice said obscene words, “It’s sweet, try it.” After that, Gu Qian tilted Jiao Xu’s head slightly and kissed him affectionately.

Jiao Xu didn’t taste anything, but he thought that Gu Qian’s tongue was sweet. Instead, he played with the tip of his tongue. Gu Qian’s sense was weakened by the active Jiao Xu, and he put his hand into the asshole to expand it while kissing him.

Almost after the expansion, Gu Qian pushed his entire cock into the asshole. He felt the soft and tight flesh of the cave sucking his huge cock. Gu Qian began to thrust.

He won’t be able to work tomorrow, Gu Qian thought.

He was able to achieve his idea. Their sex session lasted the whole night, and Jiao Xu didn’t attend work the next day.

But it also had consequences. Jiao Xu banned Gu Qian from his bed for an entire month. 

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Translator Notes:

  1. Popeye eats a bunch of spinach to get strong so Jiao Xu is wondering if he eats spinach to get strong.


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