After Becoming a Mermaid, I Was Raised

After Becoming a Mermaid, I Was Raised

by Humble Servant Girl

Year: 2020

Genre: BL, mermaids, mpreg, children

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 99 chapters, 1 extra

Translator: Addis

Editor: Kiramekineko

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An Jin, who had a water ability, transmigrated to an interstellar world and became a mermaid who was being auctioned off.

The mermaids of Siao Planet are ferocious, but their songs can heal spiritual riots.

The people of Siao, who suffered from the pain of spiritual riots, dreamed of breeding and owning their own mermaid.

Even if mermaids had very low IQ and it would require a lot of effort to educate and nurture them, the Siaostani pampered the mermaids just to hear the mermaid’s song and not to be killed by a slap.

His Majesty Norman Leysin, who had been tortured by spiritual riots for many years, could no longer resist and bought An Jin, who had become a mermaid.

Initial plan: just spend some effort to raise him, get a good feeling to listen to songs, cure spiritual riots.

Later: search for all interstellar goodies as gifts. Darling, what else do you want?

One day, the Empire’s public channel was broadcasting His Majesty’s daily routine.

An Jin appeared on the screen and the entire network was paralyzed.

#His Majesty’s mermaid has a super high IQ!

#Soft mermaid, I want it!

#@Your Majesty, is the mermaid for sale? Name a price!

Soon after, His Majesty Norman hugged the beautiful mermaid teenager and announced in public, “Introducing formally, my mate, An Jin.”

An Jin stared round-eyed: ? Am I not your mermaid master? 


An Jin, who had an extinct water ability, transmigrates to an interstellar world and becomes a mermaid captured by His Majesty on the planet Sio. He is careful to play the role of a pet, but finds that the interstellar human is extremely obedient toward the mermaid, not like a pet, but more like a mermaid master. His Majesty also discovers something special about the little mermaid as he gets along, and An Jin’s water ability gradually shines through… This is a novel in which a mermaid and human are interdependent with each other, but are unable to communicate, resulting in a heartwarming cognitive difference. The overall story is light and warm, but not lacking in excitement, and the text is very smooth. It depicts a fairy-tale love story, sweet and warm.


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