Pink Robed Mage

Pink Robed Mage

Pink Robed Mage

Pink Robed Mage by matthia


Genre: Shounen-ai, BL, fantasy, ML falls in love first, stalker, magic

Novel Status in Country of Origin: Finished, 45 chapters, 2 Extras

Translation Status: Finished

Translator: Addis

Editor: Sulo

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The pink robed mage, who studies the magic of xxoo and runs an adult products store, meets his shy druid stalker. Imagine if the flowers, trees, and small animals around you, who had been stalking you for nine years, turned into a handsome male druid… It’s too astonishing…

Taking the line of fantasy love and a family idol soap opera, this novel will have no seriousness, such as saving the world, or ascending to the heavens, or falling down to the abyss. It’s a simple forest, village, stalker, little bureaucrat rural fantasy novel.



PRM Prologue: Magic Goods Merchant

PRM Chapter 1: Playing the Evil Mage

PRM Chapter 2: His Basement and Big Black Things

PRM Chapter 3: Evil Black Dragon

PRM Chapter 4: I Know What You Did Many Years Ago

PRM Chapter 5: The Druid’s Letter

PRM Chapter 6: Eyes of the Small Animals

PRM Chapter 7: Someone is Looking for a Pink Robed Mage

PRM Chapter 8: King Hollis

PRM Chapter 9: If You Think Too Much, You Will Dream

PRM Chapter 10: It’s Not Romance, It’s Lovesickness

PRM Chapter 11: The Battle of Lansuo Valley

PRM Chapter 12: Peaceful Forest

PRM Chapter 13: The Druid is Honest

PRM Chapter 14: Habitual Love and the First Night

PRM Chapter 15: To the Place that is Neither Dangerous Nor Safe

PRM Chapter 16: Discussion of Body Parts

PRM Chapter 17: Immoral Magic

PRM Chapter 18: When Beasts Meet and Don’t Know Each Other

PRM Chapter 19: Everyone Lies, But Don’t Lie About Everything

PRM Chapter 20: There is No Proper Magic at Critical Moments

PRM Chapter 21: Jailer

PRM Chapter 22: Another Rumor

PRM Chapter 23: The Prison is Quiet at Night

PRM Chapter 24: Beast Man and the Silver Wolf

PRM Chapter 25: Monster in the Dungeon

PRM Chapter 26: Monster or Animal

PRM Chapter 27: Shameless

PRM Chapter 28: Wall of Roses and Falling Lightning

PRM Chapter 29: Cure for Therianthropy

PRM Chapter 29.5: The Legendary Pink Mages

PRM Chapter 30: Mr. Atan is Thoughtful

PRM Chapter 31: It’s Been a Long Time Since the Plan was Created

PRM Chapter 32: Silence

PRM Chapter 33: The Unseen are the Most Terrible

PRM Chapter 34: Another Visit to Lansuo Valley

PRM Chapter 35: Hunting

PRM Chapter 36: The Forest After Rain

PRM Chapter 37: Sylar’s Gift

PRM Chapter 38: Confused

PRM Chapter 39: A normal mind may be more important than a good heart

PRM Chapter 40: Vines and medicinal powder

PRM Chapter 41: Appropriate and forced spells

PRM Chapter 42: Rainbows

PRM Chapter 43: Familiar roads and unfamiliar changes

PRM Chapter 44: Trouble is always unsolicited

PRM Chapter 45: Dream Journey

PRM Chapter 46: Extra One; Hard Time for Two

PRM Chapter 47: END

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