Under Clear Skies

by Gale is Not a Puppet

Genre: BL

Year: 2020

Novel Status in Country of Origin: Finished, 108 chapters

Chinese Information: 楚天以南 by 大风不是木偶 (dà fēng bú shì mù ǒu)

Original Publisher: Gongzicp (https://www.gongzicp.com/novel-211131.html)

Translator: Fefe

Editor: Addis

~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~


Tang Heng gets into trouble while playing in a band and meets Li Yuechi, who comes to his rescue. As they get to know each other, Tang Heng falls in love with Li Yuechi despite their polar opposite family backgrounds, but Li Yuechi is imprisoned for stabbing Tang Heng’s uncle. Six years later, Tang Heng is now a university teacher. He’s reunited with Li Yuechi again during a poverty alleviation project and the truth of what happened back then is revealed little by little…


Tang Heng witnesses the cruelty and reality of the world and the dark side of people. He suffers from the blow brought by the truth but never forgets the original heart and faces it bravely… Through the main character’s experience, the story makes us believe more firmly that as long as we have justice in mind and go forward, we can definitely see the light.


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