The Pervert and the Yandere

The Pervert and the Yandere

by Heng Heng

变态与病娇 (主攻) by 哼哼


Year: 2016 (Dan Wenku)


Genre: BL, twisted, transmig, 


Novel Status in Country of Origin: 13 Chapters (Complete)


Translator: Addis


Editor: KarateChopMonkey


~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~



Murder. Death. 


Lin HaoMiao fell in love with Wen Wen at first sight after seeing him on the street. Knowing full well that the other party already had a boyfriend, he still couldn’t help himself from wanting him.

In order to get closer to Wen Wen, Lin HaoMiao stalks him, spies on him, goes through the garbage; he does everything. Until one day, they became trapped in a game world, and although Wen Wen’s boyfriend was there, at least they had something more in common, so Lin HaoMiao felt twistedly happy.

Then he saw it with his own eyes – Wen Wen stabbed his boyfriend to a bloody pulp.


A perverted and demented gong versus a neurotic and yandere shou. Both have twisted personalities and their three views are not very positive. 


Ps: Please call the police if you find such people in real life, thank you. ___ (:3″ ∠)___



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