Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard 2

by Blocking the Monk (KaBiqiu)

日落大道 by 卡比丘

Year: 2019

Genre: BL, ABO, omegaverse, HE, Secret love, childbirth, NSFW, modern

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 51 Chapters (Complete)

[Originally posted on Gongzip]

Translator: Zellyfish

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On the run from the government despite being one of the most successful and attractive alphas in the entire League, Chen Boqiao unexpectedly has to spend time with Zhang Jue, one of his admirers from middle school. As they get to know each other better, he realizes that Zhang Jue seems to still have feelings for him after all these years. However, was Zhang Jue really an alpha as he had always claimed?  

Chen Boqiao x Zhang Jue


From unrequited love to a happy ending


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