I Regard You As Enemies Yet You're All After My Heart


我把你们当敌人你们却想攻略我 by 糖心汤圆 

Wǒ bǎ nǐmen dāng dírén nǐmen què xiǎng gōnglüè wǒ by Táng xīn tāngyuán

Genre: Cultivation/Xuanhuan, BL, Rebirth

Novel status: Finished, 84 chapters + 1 extras

Translator: Jouissance, Ceti 

Editor: Addis, Marika

~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~


Rape, Pseudo-incest, Abusive Behavior, Pseudo-Multiple MLs, Skewed Morality, Psuedo-Underage


Chu WuQing was a small-time villainous boss in a web-novel targeted at male audiences. His beauty was otherworldly, yet shadowed by his arrogance and malice. In the end, the male lead stole his fiance from him and Chu WuQing suffered a cruel death.

After being reborn, he found out that he was actually just cannon fodder in a novel, fated to die… So he decided to give even less of a damn, bullying the weak, taking his revenge on his enemies, going absolutely wild and doing whatever the hell he wanted.

But what was scary was… he had been reborn into a BL fan-fiction! 

I regard you as my enemies, yet you all just want to top me!




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