I Regard You As Enemies Yet You're All After My Heart


我把你们当敌人你们却想攻略我 by 糖心汤圆 

Wǒ bǎ nǐmen dāng dírén nǐmen què xiǎng gōnglüè wǒ by Táng xīn tāngyuán

Genre: Cultivation/Xuanhuan, BL, Rebirth

Novel status: Finished, 84 chapters + 1 extras

Translator: Jouissance, Ceti 

Editor: Addis, Marika

~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~


Rape, Pseudo-incest, Abusive Behavior, Pseudo-Multiple MLs, Skewed Morality, Psuedo-Underage


Chu WuQing was a small-time villainous boss in a web-novel targeted at male audiences. His beauty was otherworldly, yet shadowed by his arrogance and malice. In the end, the male lead stole his fiance from him and Chu WuQing suffered a cruel death.

After being reborn, he found out that he was actually just cannon fodder in a novel, fated to die… So he decided to give even less of a damn, bullying the weak, taking his revenge on his enemies, going absolutely wild and doing whatever the hell he wanted.

But what was scary was… he had been reborn into a BL fan-fiction! 

I regard you as my enemies, yet you all just want to top me!



Enemies Chapter 1: An enemy of a past life, kneeling in this one

Enemies Chapter 2: An enemy of a past life, kneeling in this one

Enemies Chapter 3: He was going to steal the protagonist’s helpers so that their talents would be his.

Enemies Chapter 4: Anything that WuQing didn’t like had to go immediately!

Enemies Chapter 5: With those words, shock spread throughout the crowd!

Enemies Chapter 6: Aura of a King

Enemies Chapter 7: Blood Ownership

Enemies Chapter 8: “Are You Here to Save Me?”

Enemies Chapter 9: Something that shouldn’t be there was growing wildly

Enemies Chapter 10: This was an Unconcealed Scheme

Enemies Chapter 11: Level Ten Qi Condensation

Enemies Chapter 12: He had never seen such a person in his past life

Enemies Chapter 13: Two Souls One Body

Enemies Chapter 14: I’m really so kind-hearted ah

Enemies Chapter 15: Greater Path Golden Core

Enemies Chapter 16: Whoever offends my XianLing Sect will be punished

Enemies Chapter 17: “WuQing really likes me?”

Enemies Chapter 18: “Stand up, I will take you along to exterminate an entire family!”

Enemies Chapter 19: The divine immortal touches my head

Enemies Chapter 20: There were even evil spirits circling around the mountain range.

Enemies Chapter 21: Lin Yi could feel his breathing speed up

Enemies Chapter 22: His whole world was no longer the same!

Enemies Chapter 23: As if feeling the presence of the heavens themselves

Enemies Chapter 24: “Are you willing?”

Enemies Chapter 24.2: “Are you willing?”

Enemies Chapter 24.3: “Are you willing?”

Enemies Chapter 25: Never Betray

Enemies Chapter 26: “Baa…”

Enemies Chapter 27: Rabbit

Enemies Chapter 28: The dust had settled.

Enemies Chapter 29: Foundation Establishment

Enemies Chapter 30: The shining stars in his generation would be eclipsed

Enemies Chapter 31: Why did such a cruel and malicious person exist?

Enemies Chapter 32: “Qingqing, Daddy will let you experience the real Sword Path of Slaughter.”

Enemies Chapter 33: Shocked by Beauty

Enemies Chapter 34: Countless People

Enemies Chapter 35: Only Chu WuQing, the son of the Head of the Chu Clan would have such influence and riches

Enemies Chapter 36: So much so that he could smell the faint fragrance from his hair.

Enemies Chapter 37: Shameless, Too Shameless!

Enemies Chapter 38: Worshipped as a God

Enemies Chapter 39: This Rabbit’s Nose Started Bleeding!


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November 7, 2020 10:26 am

Thank you for your hard work! I’m gonna camp~

December 31, 2020 11:18 am

i usually read the ones that are already complete but now im forced to wait cause its so good :p Thank u for ur hard work!

Lola Ashford
Lola Ashford
January 16, 2021 11:52 pm

can we get a character list please im so confused QAQ

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