The Intern Incubus’ Hunting Notes

The Intern Incubus’ Hunting Notes

 by Tofu Army

Chinese Information:见习魅魔的捕猎手记 by豆腐军团

Year: 2021

Genre: BL, demons, angels, intern, work, love, conspiracy

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 69 Chapters, Complete

Translator: Addis

~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~


Qiao Xi is a young demon in an internship. According to the rules of the Demon Academy, in order to pass the internship, you must successfully seduce a human and make him willingly give his soul to you.

Qiao Xi confidently created a false identity, came to the human world, and began to focus on entrapping his target– Han Tian. However, after many days of work, this naive, cute little demon didn’t know that his target was actually a high ranking angel charged with protecting the city they lived in. 

Without the power to ‘seduce’, Qiao Xi decides he will try to capture his target with money schemes or contracts but he, himself, ends up addicted to the sweet, intoxicating taste of Han Tian’s food and he ends up becoming the prey…



Chapter 1 (coming soon)

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